Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 569: Evil Will Not Prevail

Chapter 569: Evil Will Not Prevail

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"But, what can a photo prove? It doesn't explain, out of the two women, who lied. Plus, Yang Xi has been suppressed by Hai Rui the entire time!"

"Exactly! Even after she returned to China, she was held captive by Hai Rui. Don't tell me that's fake."

Held captive!

Hearing these two ridiculous words, Han Xiner's smile increased in mockery, "Come on now, can eat more food, but you can't talk more nonsense. I know that Miss Yang complained to everyone that Hai Rui held her captive, complaining enough to prove anything? I'm also standing here complaining to you that Hai Rui has been wronged..."

"But, Yang Xi said that there were two men guarding her hotel room door!"

"I think, not only does Miss Yang have a problem with her character, she may also be delusional. With assistance from the police, I have with me, surveillance footage of the hallway to Miss Yang's hotel room. Before we watch the video captured by the Dutch plumber, let's first have a look at this surveillance footage." After speaking, Han Xiner crossed her arms and turned to look at the screen.

Due to the fact that Han Xiner had a record of revealing one shocking news after another, the reporters quickly lifted their cameras in anticipation, afraid that they may miss an important detail...

Her method of dealing with the public was slightly different to the path that Fang Yu would normally take.

She was as powerful as Fang Yu, but she possessed a craftiness that Fang Yu did not have...

A moment later, a video started playing on the screen. The video clearly displayed a time stamp and within the corridors clearly stood two burly bodyguards. They were tall and solid like an impenetrable wall. Everyone saw the surveillance that Yang Xi spoke of...

"There really were two people watching over her..."

"Aren't there clearly two bodyguards standing there? How is Hai Rui going to deny this?"

The reporters watched the video and began to express their anger, because two bodyguards clearly stood in the doorway guarding a hotel room door. But...

...just as everyone thought that Hai Rui were full of lies, the hotel room door opened and out walked a middle-aged man wearing sunglasses. The two bodyguards followed closely behind this man as he left the hotel.

A while later, the three men returned to the hotel. Just as they passed by the corridors, the door to the room next door opened slightly. Everyone could clearly see who the person behind the door was... was Yang Xi!

"I'm sorry to disappoint you all, but the two bodyguards weren't there to watch over Yang Xi. They were there to protect our hotel's VIP guest..."

As soon as Han Xiner finished talking, everyone realized what had happened. Yang Xi thought she was being held captive, when she wasn't.

But, why didn't anyone suspect that Hai Rui had tampered with the footage? Because the footage was provided by the police and a policeman was currently standing beside the stage waiting to retrieve the video after they were done.

This was practically the biggest attack that Hai Rui could have thrown at Yang Xi. Everyone knew that Master Ni was a gangster and the police would never side with him. So, the fact that Mo Ting got assistance from the police to deal with this incident, was an insult to Master Ni.

A complete insult...

With the police present, the reporters had no reason to doubt the authenticity of the video.

"This Yang Xi thinks too highly of herself. It was a complete misunderstanding. The bodyguards were there to protect someone else."

"Is Yang Xi delusional?"

"The truth is before us. Yang Xi's so-called 'being held captive' and 'being bullied' was all a figment of her own imagination. Or perhaps, she deliberately intended to frame Tangning, Hai Rui - and even President Mo!" Han Xiner's voice was firm and clear. It actually sounded quite believable that Yang Xi had scripted the entire thing.

"As we can see, for the sake of the Fei Tian Award, not only did Yang Xi utilize dirty methods to hurt Tangning, she confused right from wrong, distorted the facts and tried to manipulate the media to achieve her motive..."

The reporters wanted to rush on stage to document everything that was currently happening, but, even though Han Xiner explained the situation clearly, the truth was still swaying from side to side like the arms of a scale, because they were still missing one definitive piece of evidence.

The show seemed to have hit its climax, but, even though Hai Rui appeared to be holding the advantage, the final winner was yet to be determined.

Because no one knew, whether Yang Xi was still holding onto any form of stronger evidence.


All they wanted to see was evidence!

"Miss Han, stop dangling us by a thread. If you have anything else to show us, please show us right now. That way you can appear on the headlines sooner."

"Don't you still have a video in your hands? Quick, show us..."

The reporters were full of anticipation.

Han Xiner deliberately remained quiet and did not respond to them straight away. Because...

...the star of the show had not yet arrived.

Han Xiner planned for things to pan out this way because, firstly, she wanted to create a good show, and secondly, she wanted to wait for the protagonist to appear.

Of course, Yang Xi would never make an appearance...

...but, Master Ni was not the type of person to do nothing. Although he didn't care that Yang Xi was being treated this way, he hated that Hai Rui was stepping all over him. So, he sent his lawyers.


As soon as the four young lawyers entered the hall, everyone turned to look at them...

"Miss Han, we are here on behalf of Miss Yang. Your words today have seriously damaged the reputation of our client, so we have the right to request that you immediately end this press conference."

"Does she not know shame? Just two days ago, she caused someone else to be scolded," Han Xiner laughed. "Anyhow, why didn't Miss Yang turn to the police when she was being held captive and instead hire lawyers? If Miss Yang wants to act all righteous, she is welcome to bring the police to see us."

The lawyers were rendered speechless.

"Since Miss Yang refuses to show up in person, that's fine... The lawyers are here at the right time..."

"I hope the entire nation can remember the faces of these lawyers. From now on, if you have any legal matters, do not go looking for them..."

"Miss Han, I can sue you for defamation! Plus, your President is indeed a devil! Miss Yang believes in the law and will never allow evil to prevail..."

"You speak with such confidence. That's great...since you are here, let's enjoy the following video together," Han Xiner smiled as she looked at everyone.

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