Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 568: The Press Conference

Chapter 568: The Press Conference

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A moment later, the Chinese version of the plumber's police report was displayed on the screen. However, even though the translated version was made up of familiar Chinese characters, the report was all over the place and made no sense.

"How can this be used as evidence?"

"Is Hai Rui playing a joke and trying to make us laugh?"

"What game is Hai Rui trying to play? I really can't understand what they are thinking."

"Stop playing around. Hurry and tell us the truth!"

"Of course, this report doesn't really say much. Because of language barriers, the plumber had absolutely no idea what was actually happening," Han Xiner shrugged her shoulders and smiled, "So, that was just a little joke. Now for the real deal."

"The plumber witnessed the entire scene, but because he didn't understand a word they were saying, he couldn't tell what was actually happening, but..." Han Xiner paused for a moment before continuing, "Miss Yang shouldn't take this opportunity to cover up the entire incident by assuming that she had gotten away with it. Although the plumber couldn't understand a word, he made a very 'brave' decision. He pulled out his phone and recorded the entire incident."

"But, let's look at that video a little later."

Han Xiner looked around and kept the reporters hanging. She then lifted her chin and directly changed the subject, "Let's return to the topic of President Mo hitting someone. What if I told you that it was right for him to act this way?"

"How could hitting someone ever be right, especially when he hit a woman?!" a feminist reporter scoffed.

"What if he had a good reason to do so?"

"No matter what happened, there should never be any reason why President Mo would have to hit someone."

"Is it because Hai Rui can't find any solid evidence that they are taking us around in circles? Do you think a reporter's time isn't precious?"

One of the reporters started complaining and was quickly joined by others.

"Does Hai Rui's PR only know how to go around in circles?"

"I know right. Plus, why would they get someone totally unrelated to handle the PR? Han Xiner, have you handled your own matters yet? I bet Bei Chendong's days haven't gotten any better."

Bei Chendong was currently standing below the stage. It was bad enough that they were insulting Hai Rui, but the fact that they were insulting Han Xiner - his woman, the woman that he couldn't even bear to bully - how could he allow them to bully her? Thinking of this, Bei Chendong's blood began to boil. But, just as he was about to release his anger...Han Xiner surprisingly lifted her head and accurately pointed out the three reporters, "Could Ms Yu in the fourth row, Mr Zhang in the sixth row and Miss Liu in the seventh row leave immediately."

As soon as Han Xiner's words left her mouth, the entire hall was shocked...

No one had expected that Han Xiner would speak in such a bold manner.

"If you don't want to know Hai Rui's news, then leave. I can also guarantee that the agencies you belong to will never be notified of any news from Hai Rui in future. Most importantly, I'm sorry, but after you leave I will be immediately announcing a big piece of news related to Tangning. I'm afraid you won't get the chance to hear this first-hand information."

Han Xiner's words were loud and clear, directly displaying the power that Hai Rui had and stunning the entire venue. She did not lose to Fang Yu at all.

At this moment, the three reporters that had been pointed out, had no choice but to stand up and leave. They were so embarrassed that they desperately wanted to dig a hole to hide in...

After they left, the remaining reporters no longer underestimated Han Xiner as the atmosphere became serious.

Hai Rui was indeed Hai Rui...

Even when they were surrounded by scandals, they were still the leaders of the entertainment industry.

"The reason why President Mo had to slap Miss Yang was simple. After inviting Tangning to the Queen's Ballroom, Miss Yang threatened Tangning into handing over the Fei Tian Award. Otherwise, she was going to take some indecent photos of Tangning and destroy her reputation."

"But, after all that Tangning's been through, did you guys think a threat like this would scare her?"

Han Xiner paused for a moment as she calmed herself down a little, before she continued, "Yet, this wasn't the thing that defined Miss Yang's poisonous nature. The most ruthless thing about her is the fact that she has no humanity!"

"By that point, Tangning had already agreed to withdraw from the Fei Tian Awards and begged Yang Xi to let her go, but...Miss Yang responded by saying that she would not let her competitor off the hook easily."

"Of course, as reporters, you must have seen incidences like this before..."

"But, did you know that the real reason why Tangning begged Yang Xi to let her go...was because of the child in her stomach...?"

Child in her stomach...

Child in her stomach...


"What's happening?"

"Is Tangning pregnant?" everyone present was in shock.

"That's right...the Tangning that met with Yang Xi; the Tangning that was slandered by Yang Xi; that Tangning is currently 6 months pregnant! At that time, Tangning begged Miss Yang to let her and her child go. But, do you know how Miss Yang responded?"

"She instructed her bodyguards..."

" get rid of the baby."

"Tangning and Yang Xi had never met before this incident. If it wasn't because of the Fei Tian Awards, they wouldn't of had any involvement with each other. But, Yang Xi directly wanted to get rid of Tangning's child as soon as they met. That's a life we are talking about. Plus, what right does she have to do that?"

"If you were in that position, wouldn't you throw a slap across Miss Yang's face as well?"

As soon as Han Xiner was finished talking, the entire hall was in an uproar. The information she had revealed was much too big and shocking!

First of all, Tangning was pregnant!

Secondly, Yang Xi ruthlessly wanted to get rid of another person's child.

Didn't the story change too dramatically?

A moment later, Han Xiner revealed a recent photo of Tangning, obviously pregnant, on the screen. In an instant, the reporters couldn't control themselves as they stood up and snapped frantically at the photo on the screen.

"I think Miss Yang mustn't be human! For the sake of an award, not only did she use extreme measures, she also treated a pregnant woman in such a ruthless way. I would like everyone to consider for a moment, if your wife and/or child was treated in such a way, wouldn't you also want to respond violently?"

"I would like to ask the female reporter that said that there should never be a reason to hit someone, if you were pregnant and someone was forcing you to lose your child, would you simply wish for your husband to negotiate gently with them?"

Hearing this, the reporters all looked at each other.

Everyone already knew the answer...

If they were met with the same situation, they would have directly run up and torn Yang Xi apart, so giving her a slap was already showing her mercy!

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