Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 566: Name Removed

Chapter 566: Name Removed

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After hearing Master Ni's words, Yang Xi's body stiffened. Although she was the woman that had been around him the longest, she couldn't change the fact that she was merely a mistress.

Most importantly, apart from entering the entertainment industry and being an actress, there was no other way she could experience freedom.

Her freedom was forever lost!

After all, she already knew too much...

"But, if you manage to beat Tangning, then you have saved my pride. When that time comes, you can have whatever you want. Of course, you can't go overboard with your request..." Master Ni gently patted Yang Xi on the cheek and stood up, leaving Yang Xi all alone on the sofa as she held back her emotions.

Even an animal would go crazy under these torturous circumstances, let alone a woman made from flesh and blood.

So, when faced with Tangning, apart from the fact that she was competing with her for the Fei Tian Award, there was another thing that Yang Xi despised even more. She hated that a husband like Mo Ting existed. How could there be a relationship that was as solid and stable as the one between Mo Ting and Tangning? Why did the entire world have to be against her? Most importantly, Tangning had everything...she even had a child. And Mo Ting was determined to protect both of them. She, on the other hand...

Yang Xi looked down and rubbed her stomach. This stomach of hers had housed three different lives in the past. But, because Master Ni didn't want to upset his son, he had forced her to have three abortions. As a result, she could no longer be a mother.

Since Tangning already had everything, couldn't she lose just a little?

In reality, Yang Xi wasn't the only benefactor in this entire incident. Seeing Hai Rui being surrounded and seeing Mo Ting and Tangning being scolded, Ye Lan wasn't any less satisfied than Yang Xi.

For example, at this very moment, she was sitting on the sofa with her laptop in hand, chewing down on an apple as she burst into laughter. It had been a long time since she was this happy...

She felt complete satisfaction!

Xu Qingyan was dressed in a white set of home clothes as she walked downstairs. As she noticed Ye Lan laughing, her lips also curved upwards, "Why don't you share the good news?"

Seeing Xu Qingyan sit down opposite her, Ye Lan glared at her, "Tangning's over. Have you not heard?"

"I remember someone once said confidently that Tangning was definitely going to win the Fei Tian Award. But, from what I heard, her name is about to be removed from the nominations list."

"As soon as Tangning is destroyed, the Tang Family won't have time to worry about you. On top of that, it seems the old man will be returning to his island soon. Xu Qingyan, your good days will be over soon."

"Then, let me reward you with an extra piece of good news. Grandfather has decided to leave tomorrow afternoon," Xu Qingyan replied without a care...

"I know you're trying to act like you are unfazed. Don't worry, I will ask your father to be gentle on you. After all, if you become paralyzed...that's pushing things a bit too far." After speaking, Ye Lan stood up with her laptop. As she left the living room, she happily hummed a melody.

Xu Qingyan shook her head, "Tomorrow, when grandfather leaves, the two of you will also be leaving..."

Elder Xu had been standing behind a column near the doorway of the living room the entire time. After Ye Lan left, he stepped out and cleared his throat.

"Grandfather, you're back."

"Tomorrow, make that wench and animal disappear from my sight. Kick them out, once and for all!"

"Yes, grandfather," Xu Qingyan nodded.

"You have suffered over the years, little one. From now on, even when grandfather isn't by your side, you need to stay strong," Elder Xu said with extreme guilt. After all, Xu Qingyan had suffered years of domestic violence and torture, yet, she was his granddaughter.

"Grandfather, don't worry," Xu Qingyan nodded confidently.

This time, she was fighting for herself. After enduring so many years of pain, she was no longer going to step back and let them have their way.

After returning to her bedroom, Xu Qingyan was restless. She couldn't help thinking about what was to happen the next day. So, she decided to send Tang Jingxuan a message, "Are you asleep?"

"No, I'm studying. I need to quickly catch up so I can take over the business from my sister's hands."

"Tomorrow...can you gather a few people to help back me up? I'm worried that things will get dangerous on my own," Xu Qingyan was happy but also afraid of tomorrow.

"Little Monkey, you don't need to be so polite with me. Tomorrow, leave your safety in my hands," Tang Jingxuan assured. "I can't chat any more, my phone is being confiscated. Remember, women need to sleep early to be pretty."

Xu Qingyan looked at Tang Jingxuan's message and couldn't help but smile. In fact, she was so pleased with his response that she held onto her phone and rolled around the bed like a little girl.

In reality, even though Tang Jingxuan tried his best to focus on his studies, he subconsciously couldn't help worrying about Tangning and Xu Qingyan.

Because tomorrow was an important day for both of them...

More importantly, he was beginning to find that he couldn't help comparing Xu Qingyan with Song Yanshu. Song Yanshu was once gentle like an angel, but in the end, she couldn't get past her inner demons.

On the other hand, Xu Qingyan made other's feel relaxed and comfortable. Perhaps it was because she had suffered since she was small, she desired warmth from others. Even though she often pretended to be strong, everyone knew that she was like a paper tiger that would break apart with one tear...

Plus, whenever he thought about how she was during their school days...

...he couldn't help but laugh.

Perhaps Tang Jingxuan didn't realize it yet, but his heart was already leaning towards Xu Qingyan and he simply wanted to protect her.

However, every now and then a scary thought materialized in his head...

It was the thought of the one night that he spent with Song Yanshu...

Would his future wife mind that he had slept with another woman?


The night seemed peaceful, but underneath the calm skies, excitement was brewing.

Hai Rui was about to strike back!

This was a topic that the netizens discussed the most that night. Although they had already experienced Hai Rui's PR many times in the past, they couldn't help anticipating their flawless methods.

Of course, in the middle of the night, Lu Che gave Mo Ting a phone call, "I've received news that the Fei Tian Awards have already removed the Madam's name from the nomination list."

No one could confirm who the final recipient of the award was, of removing a name wasn't something that was hard to find out.

"Understood," Mo Ting remained calm as he responded.

"President...can the situation still be saved?"

"What do you think?" Mo Ting asked back, before he hung up the phone and returned to hugging the woman in his arms. His actions were gentle, like he was protecting the most precious treasure in the world within his arms.

If he had lost the ability to control public opinion, then he no longer deserved to be Tangning's husband.

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