Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 565: Hai Rui's Chances of Recovery?

Chapter 565: Hai Rui's Chances of Recovery?

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In this lifetime, Tangning was destined to succeed in front of millions of eyes.

And he...was destined to be the person to make it happen...

As for everything else, Fang Yu looked at Mo Ting with a deep expression. He didn't understand why, in the past, when he was the head of PR and fought multiple battles for Hai Rui, he had never felt excited or successful even though he was practically invincible. Yet, ever since Tangning appeared, a mix of emotions had finally been triggered!

Because, every single time that Tangning required PR, the situation would be like a rollercoaster ride...

Especially at this very moment, as he stared at this intelligent man. It was almost like he was setting a huge trap in a game of chess and everyone was anticipating his next move...


So, was Yang Xi living under the surveillance of Hai Rui? Of course, it was all just made up in her mind. Especially after looking into Mo Ting's eyes, it was impossible for her to forget the coldness that seemed to be emanating from his dark pupils.

So, after returning to China, she stayed at a hotel owned by Hai Rui and assumed that she was being watched over by them. She also believed that she was being held captive by them. But, in reality, she was just scaring herself.

She continuously tried to think of a way to 'escape' from Mo Ting's control and to fight back. In the end, she finally 'sneaked out' by climbing down the third floor pipes...

In reality, there had never been anyone guarding over her door. The hotel staff was merely accompanied by two bodyguards whenever he delivered her food, and that was enough to make Yang Xi assume that her every move was under surveillance.

This was all a mind-game deliberately created by Mo Ting.

So, as soon as Yang Xi 'escaped', she gave her man a phone call. Afterwards, she also gave the media a phone call. She cried as she claimed that she barely escaped with her life, that Hai Rui was a corrupt agency and that Mo Ting was a devil.

"I simply invited Miss Tang for a chat. I thought, since we were both so far away from home, she was bound to be a little scared. But, Mo Ting used this opportunity to threaten me into withdrawing from the Fei Tian Awards and forced me to hand the award over to Tangning."

"Because of this, he slapped me. And to satisfy his greed, he held me captive. But, I refused to buckle..."

"He locked me in a hotel room and got two bodyguards to watch over me. It wasn't easy for me to sneak out through the window while no one was looking..."

In front of the cameras, Yang Xi looked exhausted. Her eyes were swollen red, like she had suffered from serious mental abuse. Her appearance ignited the sympathy of the public.

"It wasn't really wasn't easy for me to escape!" after saying these words in between sobs, Yang Xi knelt on the ground and broke down in tears.

"Oh God, if this is the truth, then there's definitely something wrong with Hai Rui."

"Mo Ting should be punished for treating a woman like this."

"I never thought that Hai Rui was so dirty and immoral. What a surprise!"

"Seeing how pitiful Yang Xi is, she must be telling the truth..."

That night, multiple camera flashes were directed at Yang Xi. From the head of the street until the end, the mountain of black camera was a result of her pitiful cries.

After returning home, Yang Xi quickly transformed into her usual self. She was no longer the weak and pitiful woman that appeared in front of the cameras.

"Let's see how Tangning and Mo Ting deal with this issue. Does Mo Ting really think he's the Big Boss of the entertainment industry? Pfft!"


Tangning saw the news and saw the way that Yang Xi lied. But, her emotions did not fluctuate too much. She knew that Mo Ting already had a plan to fight back.

But, once the public began acting like they had been brainwashed and believed that Mo Ting bullied an actress over the Fei Tian Awards and that Hai Rui was corrupt, Tangning's eyes darkened a few shades.

She did not like it when the public insulted Mo Ting.

No one was allowed to insult him.

She expressed this thought to the child in her stomach, "Baby, from now on, we both need to treasure your father's reputation."

"Our child definitely will," Mo Ting resounded from behind.

Tangning turned and looked at her husband as a smile appeared on her face, "Someone's been busy..."

"Some people can live their lives in peace, while others are filled with battles. Regardless of which life you are leading, you have me by your side. There's no need to be afraid."

Tangning nodded, "From the moment that we got married, I already started on my pathway of battles. I like the feeling of glory and being worshipped. But, I knew, before I reached​ the pinnacle, I would have to defeat multiple enemies. So, I've never been afraid."

Because of this, Mo Ting felt blessed. It seemed, in this lifetime, no matter how much he doted on Tangning, it would never be enough. Because, in exchange, she was willing to put up with the ups and downs of the industry with him.

"I will announce your pregnancy tomorrow..."

"I understand," Tangning smiled. She already understood him well.


"Hai Rui is disgusting! They're doomed."

"I never thought Mo Ting would do something like this. What a scumbag!"

"If Hai Rui don't give us an explanation soon, we are going to start a protest."

"The couple should stop acting like the entire world is out to get Tangning."

"Yang Xi, you should report this to the police. For a man to abuse a woman like this, he deserves to be sentenced to life in jail!"

"We should tear them apart! This is all hype created by Hai Rui. They are disgusting, the couple are both disgusting!"

Faced with all the scolding and a comment count in the 6-figures, Fang Yu finally felt that the time was right. Because not only the netizens, but even the Fei Tian Awards was about to remove Tangning from the nominations list.

So, as instructed by Mo Ting, he released a statement on behalf of Hai Rui, "We have big news to announce tomorrow."

"Pfft, Hai Rui must be planning to use the scandal of another artist to cover up their humiliation."

"There's no use! I'm already an anti-fan."

As a result, Fang Yu had no choice but to add, "Tomorrow's announcement is related to Tangning and the incident in The Netherlands."

Of course, those that were used to observing Tangning, already expected that she was going to throw an attack at the end. So, the netizens complained that her tricks were getting old, but they were still filled with curiosity as to how she was going to pull herself out of the mess.

After all, every single incident that involved Tangning, would always end up being a good show

As soon as Yang Xi saw the statement released by Hai Rui, she walked over and sat on her man's lap, "Master Ni, does Hai Rui have a good chance of recovery?"

Master Ni was a 40-something-year-old man. He was leisurely sitting on the sofa as he smoked a cigar and squinted towards the television, "If Hai Rui doesn't suffer a huge blow this time. Then you won't be suffering abuse from Mo Ting, but from me..."

"As for the Fei Tian Award, precious...If you can't hold it in your hands...then you are useless. What other use will I have for you? Huh?"

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