Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 562: Make You Disgusted In Yourself

Chapter 562: Make You Disgusted In Yourself

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"Haven't you been telling everyone that you're a gangster's woman? I've decided to get revenge on you. If your man's heart aches for you, he should personally come and save you."

"Normally, even when Tangning coughs a little, my heart would hurt for half the day. Yet, you actually tried to threaten her?"

"Don't worry, there's no way I would actually shoot you, but..." Mo Ting put away the gun and paused for a few seconds before continuing, "I will make you suffer more than you would if you were shot."

Yang Xi fell to the ground, no longer having the option to worry whether she was embarrassing herself or not. All she could do at this moment was tremble...

Mo Ting no longer wasted any time on Yang Xi as he walked over to Tangning and helped her sit up. He then took off his jacket and covered her with it, speaking to her in a voice completely different to the lethal tone he had used just a moment ago, "Sorry, I'm a little late..."

Tangning felt her man's familiar warmth and held tightly to his hand as she shook her head, "I knew that you would definitely come, so I tried my best to buy some time. I did well, didn't I?"

Mo Ting knelt down to face Tangning. After a short moment of silence, he pulled Tangning into his embrace and hugged her tightly. He could not imagine what might have happened to Tangning and their child if he had arrived any later.

"You've never disappointed me," Mo Ting mumbled before he carried Tangning in his arms. "Let's go get you examined at the hospital."

"What about Yang Xi..."

"We can deal with her later. After all, I need time to get every detail out of her about who else she's working with and what other plans they may have," Mo Ting said before he carried Tangning out of the hotel.

Afterwards, the couple arrived at one of Netherlands most reputable hospitals. Only after the doctors confirmed that Tangning was fine, did Mo Ting finally let out a sigh of relief. In front of all the doctors, he grabbed Tangning's hand and placed it on his cheek, "I've never been afraid of anything, but you always manage to scare me."

Tangning looked at the surprised doctor and gave Mo Ting a comforting smile.

Mo Ting took a deep breath to relax himself, "Luckily nothing happened to you."

It was just 5 simple words, but Tangning could hear a complex mix of emotions, including uneasiness and guilt. These emotions had completely overcome Mo Ting.

"Hubby, I'm fine."

The obstetrician looked at the loving couple and gave them a pleased smile. He then said to Tangning in English, "Your husband really loves you. The two of you must be so in love."

"Yes, we love each other very much. We are inseparable," Tangning smiled before she held onto Mo Ting's hand, "Let's go back to the hotel. We still have a lot to deal with."

After all, this generation loved to ignore good news and spread the bad.


[Yang Xi and Tangning declare war overseas: Mo Ting holds enemy captive on behalf of wife!]

[Mo Ting ignores the law for the sake of his wife: Tangning ranked number one for doing whatever​ she likes!]

[Yang Xi slapped by Mo Ting: Awaiting hospital report]


"How does Tangning manage to get on the headlines even when she's overseas? How much has she paid to keep herself in the hottest searches?"

"The commenter above, have you not paid attention to the news? She is currently the first lady of Hai Rui. Did you think getting in the hottest searches would be difficult for her?"

"At first, I felt this couple was very loving and were an inspiration. But now, I feel like they've overused the reputation they built up."

"Why does everyone have to always hear about everything that happens to them? I don't want to know about it."

"What did Yang Xi do wrong? Why is she being treated like this?"

"I heard that Mo Ting personally hit her and she almost received a concussion from the force."

"Apparently, she's still being held captive by Mo Ting..."

Where did these one-sided discussions come from? Mo Ting had said that he was going to make the gangster backing Yang Xi feel his heart ache. That way he'd personally come to save Yang Xi. So, he did not prevent Yang Xi from contacting the outside world. As a result, Yang Xi made a phone call home as soon as she could to complain. The news that was currently flying around Beijing was a result of her complaining; she had to first stabilize her image as a victim.

After all, no one had seen the way that she had hurt Tangning; only her bodyguards witnessed it. As long as she insisted that she knew nothing about it, Mo Ting would not be able to hold anything against her.

Meanwhile, to ensure the safety of Tangning and their child, Mo Ting arranged for Tangning to stay one night at the hospital for further observation. As a result, he had not had the chance to clarify the entire situation. But, there was also another reason for his absence of PR.

Late at night...

Emperor Hotel.

Yang Xi was locked inside a hotel room as she saw Mo Ting enter with two strong foreign bodyguards.

Yang Xi was terrified of Mo Ting. The sense of fear emanated from the depths of her soul. As she looked at Mo Ting's cold expression, her originally stable body subconsciously retreated.

Mo Ting did not waste any time as he directly said to the bodyguards, "Make a move. I want to know everything related to this incident."

Yang Xi looked at the two mighty men as her face turned pale. She immediately waved her hands, "Please don't hurt me, I'll tell you everything you want to know."

Hearing this, Mo Ting sneered, "I've tried the trick you are trying to play when I was a child. Did you think that you can sneak past by giving me half-truths?"

"All I know is, only pain can make people come to realization..."

"President Mo, I beg of you. Ask me anything and I'll answer you," Yang Xi pleaded anxiously. She was well aware that Mo Ting was a man of action.

"Did you already know that Tangning was pregnant before this incident?" Mo Ting asked.

"Yes...I did."

"How did you find out?" Mo Ting sat down on the sofa as he interrogated the trembling Yang Xi.

"Ye Lan told me."

"And how did Ye Lan find out?" Mo Ting continued.

"Apparently, she received the information from the Big Miss of the Tang Family." After speaking, Yang Xi tried to look Mo Ting in the eyes.

However, Mo Ting completely ignored her as his eyes filled with a sense of danger.

Yang Xi!

Ye Lan!

And now, Tang Xuan!

"Since you love acting so much, I can satisfy you," Mo Ting said in an extremely cold tone. "And since the three of you love being famous, I can also make that wish come true."

"Really?" Yang Xi tested. In reality, she obviously knew that this was impossible, but she couldn't help but carry a glimpse of hope.

"I'll make your bad image known to everyone. By the end of it, even you will be disgusted by yourself."

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