Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 561: Mr. Mo, Please Control Yourself

Chapter 561: Mr. Mo, Please Control Yourself

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Yang Xi handled matters ruthlessly. To achieve her motive, she would go to any lengths. But, she only focused on short-term benefits and not long-term gain.

So, Tangning knew there was no chance to talk her out of it.

Within the Beijing entertainment industry, there was plenty of fighting and competition, but Yang Xi was the first to be this bold.

Perhaps it was because she had gotten used to the methods of the underworld, Yang Xi had not noticed that her violent nature fell under the same category as the gangster she was supported by.

How could she go against a pregnant woman, let alone someone that was 6 months pregnant.

Tangning took the opportunity to scream for help. At this moment, someone that was passing by heard her cry and immediately pushed open the door. But, as soon as they saw the room full of bodyguards, as well as Yang Xi, they immediately backed out and ran away...

Fear was a natural response. Especially in a foreign country. If Tangning was correct, the woman that had pushed open the door was also a famous actress that had been invited to the charity event.

"There's no point crying for help. No one is going to save you."

"I never thought that the almighty Tangning would end up like this in my hands."

Tangning watched as the two powerful men approached. Although she was a little frightened, she still held onto her belief that Mo Ting would eventually show up. There was no way that he'd let her and their child get hurt.

"Fine. Since things have gotten to this point, there's no point trying to retaliate. However, I would like to tell you that you've captured the wrong person and set the wrong target."

Tangning revealed a bitter smile and pointed to her stomach, "You've overestimated me. The only reason I got to where I am today is because I am the same as you. I was simply being used by others. Everyone thinks that I am Mo Ting's favorite and that I am the person that Mo Ting wants to protect the most. But, you are all wrong."

"Mo Ting's most loved person is someone else and I am merely their shield. Just like right now, even though I am being schemed against by you and being held hostage, the Fei Tian Award will eventually end up in her hands."

Yang Xi laughed at her words, "You're a liar, keep lying all you want..."

"We're already at this point, why should I lie? If you don't believe me, then go ahead and do what you want. Just know that you will forever become Hai Rui's enemy. Worst of all, you wasted your efforts on the wrong person."

After speaking, Tangning deliberately tore her shirt to reveal her shoulder, "If you don't believe me, then go ahead and try. After I'm defeated, you will see whether Mo Ting cares. You will see, after I've been eliminated, who will end up with the award in their hands."

"What appears to be a luxurious life is merely on the surface. My life is worse than yours..."

After hearing the last part of Tangning's words, Yang Xi began to hesitate a little. If Tangning was really just a shield for the woman that Mo Ting truly loved, then...

...that would mean her threat still existed. Not only would her enemy still be around, she would end up exposing herself to them.

Worst of all, Mo Ting's revenge was terrifying.

"Actually, I also choose to believe that Mo Ting loves me. That way, if I sacrifice myself, it would feel like it's worth it."

"Go ahead, Yang Xi. If I can help Mo Ting by doing this, then it's the least I can do."

After speaking, Tangning closed her eyes and leaned back on the sofa unafraid, with a sense of decisiveness. She was ready to give herself to them.

This move actually made Yang Xi hesitate even more...

"Madam, should we go ahead?" the bodyguards asked after waiting for quite some time.

Yang Xi took a deep breath as alarm bells rang in her head, "Let me think about it for half an hour. Watch over her in the meantime." After speaking, Yang Xi left the ballroom. She was obviously off to do some research into Tangning's claims. If Mo Ting really had another woman, then what was she to do?

Half an hour. Tangning managed to gain a chance to breathe. But, she knew that she had to stay alert at all times.

Mo Ting was definitely going to come. There was no doubt about it.

So, she was going to take every second of delay that she could get.

In reality, incidences like this had happened quite often within the industry. Not too long ago, a singer by the surname of Wang had offended someone and ended up being poisoned, losing his voice as a result. Then there was an actress by the surname of Lin who offended a higher-up and ended up being harassed by three men.

As for Yang Xi, her courage came from the fact that she was a woman and had no fears.

Tangning actually knew that even though Yang Xi had said that she'd be back in half an hour, she wasn't going to take that long.

As expected, 10 minutes later, Yang Xi stormed back into the ballroom and pointed to Tangning as she instructed the bodyguards, "Tear off all her clothes!"

"Also, get rid of the child in her stomach. But make sure not to kill her."

However, before the bodyguards had a chance to make a move, the doors to the ballroom flew open to reveal a couple of Dutch police.

"What are you doing? This is a private venue."

Yang Xi's bodyguards stood in the way of the police. After all, they outnumbered them and thought they were merely patrolling so they'd be easy to get rid of.

But, a few minutes later, they froze in shock as a few dozen police rushed in and surrounded Yang Xi's bodyguards. Of course, the most effective weapon they had in their hands were guns...

But, even under these conditions, Yang Xi did not get flustered. She directly approached them and said in perfect English, "This is all a misunderstanding. I am simply here to attend a charity event."

However... a tall and noble figure appeared from behind the police, Yang Xi's expression changed.

Mo Ting was much taller than Yang Xi, forcing her to take a few steps back. He then threw a slap across her face, causing the corner of her lips to bleed.

Afterwards, he retrieved a gun from the police and pointed it directly at Yang Xi's forehead. His actions were natural and smooth; practically more professional than the police.

Yang Xi was terrified as she almost lost her footing..

"I don't think it's illegal to kill an animal, do you?" Mo Ting tilted his head as he got prepared to pull the trigger.

Yang Xi stuttered, "Don't...don't do this. I...I didn't do it on purpose."

"Mr. Mo, please control yourself," the police beside him immediately tried to calm him down.

"If I shoot you, it won't be on purpose either," Mo Ting did not immediately put down the gun as he continued to point it at Yang Xi's forehead. "I will make you regret that you were ever born."

Yang Xi's eyes blinked repeatedly as an unknown liquid began soaking the carpet around her feet...

Was she so scared of death...

...that she wet herself?

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