Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 560: Mo Ting's Acting

Chapter 560: Mo Ting's Acting

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"It's not like I've never dealt with a pregnant lady before. My assistant once had a relationship with my manager, so I directly gave her a slap. Who would have thought that a small action like that would cause her to have a miscarriage. As you can see, life can be quite fragile, don't you think?"

After speaking, Yang Xi stood up and walked over to the floor-to-ceiling window, "I actually thought of multiple ways to lure you here today. Including many complex schemes..."

"But, I thought, you've been in the industry for so many years, what schemes have you not experienced?"

"So, rather than overcomplicating things, I decided to use the most simplest method. Perhaps, simple may work..."

"After all, intelligent people hate it when others offend their intelligence, and you are the Queen of intelligence."

"You don't need to worry about President Mo returning to the room. He has his own troubles to deal with."

After listening to what Yang Xi had to say, Tangning glanced down at her stomach and thought for a moment. Afterwards, she lifted her head and said calmly, "Why can't you let the Fei Tian Awards remain fair?"

"Even if I withdraw and you have one less competitor, when you finally hold the award in your hands, will you feel that it is as great as it originally was?"

"I'm happy to give up on the award. But, do you really think that you've won? We aren't professional critics or judges. Don't you want to compete fairly and see who wins?"

Yang Xi stood beside the window unmoved by Tangning's words, "Perhaps we are after different things. Plus, I know you like lecturing people!"

"You are an heiress of the Tang Family. Even if you lose everything, you still have Tang Corps. Plus, you also have Mo Ting and Hai Rui. On the other hand...I can only rely on myself to advance one step at a time. Did you think it is really that great to be the woman of a gangster?"

"You don't understand how it feels to constantly worry that if you make one wrong move, your corpse may end up being thrown into the wild!"

"So, any chance I get to free myself from this life is important to me."

"Make your decision. There's no point wasting our breaths on useless chatter."

"We are both simply trying to survive."

Tangning looked at the woman in the distance. For a moment, she actually felt like she could relate to her. But, that didn't mean that Yang Xi had an excuse to hold her hostage and threaten her.

"Your situation deserves sympathy, but your actions prove that you are no different to the gangster that you speak of," Tangning tried her best to remain calm. "Anyway, even if I agree to withdraw from the Fei Tian Awards, I still need to contact Mo Ting first so he can arrange it."

"Tangning, do you think I'm stupid? You are famous for being sly. The best thing you can do, does not require Mo Ting's involvement. You simply need to take a few indecent photos and that will be enough to disqualify you from the award."

Yang Xi crossed her arms and turned to Tangning with a smile, "You're right. This is the type of world I was brought up in and this is the type of game that I play. So, I can change my mind at any time. It's best that you put that little brain of yours away and forget about retaliating."

"Where's Mo Ting?"

"Don't worry. As long as you do as I say, I won't make things difficult for him," Yang Xi said as she raised her eyebrows provokingly.

"You may be in control of this game, but if I don't see him safe and sound, you won't get anything from me. Everyone in the industry knows how I am: I'd rather die with glory than live with dishonor. If you want to kill two people, I will be happy to accept the challenge," Tangning looked firmly into Yang Xi's eyes.

Yang Xi looked at Tangning and believed that she would indeed do anything.

And she knew, if something actually happened to Tangning, she would also be in trouble...


"You can do what you want to my child and I, but you can't afford to touch Mo Ting," Tangning's voice turned cold.

Yang Xi was extremely confident. After all, she had already made careful preparations from the moment that Tangning checked in. It seemed, controlling Mo Ting wasn't a difficult thing to do.

However, there was one thing she didn't consider. If Mo Ting could handle such a powerful business empire, then there was certainly no problem he couldn't resolve.


At this very moment, in the underground carpark.

As Tangning wasn't used to some of the products provided by the hotel and Mo Ting couldn't trust others, he had personally driven to the local supermarket to buy a few things that Tangning usually used.

However, as he drove into the carpark, he sensed something unusual behind him.

He did not alert them to his realization straight away. Instead, he held onto his shopping bag and carefully observed the situation.

There were more than a couple people trailing him...

Mo Ting focused on his surroundings. As he looked around, he noticed a pay booth. So, he deliberately weaved himself back and forth through the cars until he eventually lost them.

The guys that were trailing him were in a panic as they looked everywhere for signs of Mo Ting. But, apart from the exit to the hotel, there was nowhere else he could have escaped to...

So, they began to suspect that Mo Ting had run out the exit. They immediately jumped into their car and rushed towards the exit, only to be stopped by the boom gate at the pay booth. At this time, a man wearing a hat reached out his hand and asked for their parking ticket. But, his hand could not reach their car.

"Don't you have legs? Can't you stand up and stretch?"

The attendant was quiet for a few seconds, before he turned and revealed that he had a missing arm, "I'm sorry, not only do I not have legs, I also have a missing arm."

The men bickered amongst themselves before they finally placed the parking ticket into the attendant's hand. They then drove out the exit.

Of course, after their car swerved away, the one-armed attendant revealed a cold glare and immediately made a phone call to the hotel security.

Don't forget, Elder Mo had once said that Mo Ting's acting was not bad...


"Miss Yang, we've lost the man that you asked us to trail."

Of course, Yang Xi ended up receiving news that Mo Ting was no longer under surveillance. But, of course, she couldn't reveal her frustration on her face.

So, she calmly said to Tangning, " already in my hands..."

"Impossible. I can see the lack of confidence in your eyes," Tangning responded.

"Even if I didn't manage to capture Mo Ting, you are still in my hands. You can try to not co-operate, but I can force you," Yang Xi put down her phone and looked at the bodyguards. "Two of you, come here."

"I can directly give the organizers of the Fei Tian Awards a phone call and withdraw from the nominations. I'm pregnant, aren't you afraid something may go wrong if you continue like this?" Tangning tried to delay Yang Xi. "You simply want the award and I simply want to protect my child."

"No. You still have a chance to compete with me in future. Why should I let a strong competitor off the hook?" Yang Xi said in a resolute manner.

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