Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 559: I Wouldn't Be Playing This Game With You

Chapter 559: I Wouldn't Be Playing This Game With You

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Out of luck!

If she was referring to someone else, Xu Qingyan may have believed her, but she was talking about Tangning who had pulled through multiple battles and handled so many obstacles with ease. So, Xu Qingyan couldn't help but wonder who was truly out of luck.

She already had the trump card in her hands and was merely waiting for her enemy to reveal their hand first.


The 'Originality' Charity Event was to be held at the Emperor Hotel in The Netherlands. Tangning and Mo Ting had already checked in ahead of time, but they did not manage to avoid the preparations that Yang Xi had made at the hotel; she had already been waiting for Tangning's arrival.

Tangning was indeed pregnant. Even though she concealed it well at the beginning, now that she was 6 months pregnant, it was no longer so easy to cover up.

Seeing this, Yang Xi's first impression of Tangning was that she was a difficult opponent.

Of course, no one in the industry was easy to deal with. Especially as their status got higher, their EQ and versatility was bound to be high too. And Tangning was a special example.

Everyone knew that she made a clear distinction between love and hate, yet some people still decided to provoke her. This was because, for people like Yang Xi, they did not believe that true friendships existed in the world, especially not in the entertainment industry...

But, although Yang Xi disliked Tangning, she had never looked down on her. After all, her history and background was even less impressive than Tangning's.

So, now that her enemy had arrived, was it time for her to deliver the gift that she had prepared?

It seemed, she had people watching Tangning round-the-clock. So, as soon as Mo Ting stepped out of the room, a hotel staff immediately rang Tangning's doorbell, "Madam, I have a gift for you. The lady that asked me to bring this to you, specifically instructed that you not show this to your husband."

The hotel staff gave a slight smile as he finished. After leaving behind a letter, he quickly turned and left. Tangning picked up the letter and noticed underneath her name were a few lines of text: "If you want me to keep your secret, then tear up this letter after you finish reading it".

Tangning quickly figured that the person that wanted to play with her, wasn't a professional. The fact that they delivered the letter as soon as Mo Ting left, immediately revealed to her that they were spying on her.

Regardless, what secret did she have that couldn't be revealed​ to others?

The enemy seemed to think they were smarter than they really were.

Even so, Tangning still opened the letter after a thorough examination of the envelope and its contents.

As soon as she opened it, it simply read, "Meet me 7pm tonight at The Queen's Ballroom, I will be sitting beside the window waiting for you."

There was no name on the letter, so it was hard to guess who it came from, but Tangning found it quite amusing.

A moment later, Mo Ting returned to the room to find an amused smile on Tangning's face. So he also smiled and asked, "What are you looking at? I haven't seen that look on your face for a while."

Tangning directly handed the letter to him.

After taking a quick look, Mo Ting threw the letter aside, "Why are people's methods becoming less and less creative?"

Tangning wrapped her arms around Mo Ting and chuckled, "Their methods are indeed lousy, but it still managed to attract your attention, didn't it? Since, they want to play a game with me, then let's play."

"I'm just afraid..."

"Ting...don't worry. Both our baby and I aren't made of paper; we are strong!"

Normally, during situations like this, Mo Ting would simply stare at Tangning helplessly. But, even though he knew that the enemy was at a disadvantage, Tangning was 6 months pregnant. So, as her husband, he wished he could stand in front of her and shield her from all forms of attack. How could he not be worried about her?

However, Mo Ting was always the one to give up in the end.

7pm, Tangning arrived at the ballroom right on time. As she walked in, she realized her enemy had wasted a lot of energy just to see her.

The ballroom was well guarded with bodyguards every few steps. Seeing this, Tangning began to develop a strong sense of danger.

What did this person have planned?

Yang Xi sensed a change in the expressions around her, so she turned around and followed their gaze. As soon as she spotted Tangning standing in the doorway, she stood up and pulled out a chair for her. She was obviously a woman, yet she elegantly pulled off a gentlemanly gesture. This was perhaps the only aspect about her that Tangning still liked.

So, the person was none other than Yang Xi!

"You're here. Please, sit down."

Yang Xi noticed that even though there were so many bodyguards around, Tangning did not look intimidated whatsoever. She directly walked past them like they did not exist.

"I wonder why Miss Yang wanted to see me so urgently."

As Yang Xi watched Tangning sit down, she pointed to Tangning's stomach with her chin, "Miss Tang seems to be pregnant."

Normally, famous celebrities would feel pressured by marriage and pregnancy.

So, Yang Xi naturally thought that Tangning had remained quiet about her pregnancy because she was afraid to let people know about it. But, to her surprise, Tangning's expression remained unfazed. She simply looked like a happy mother-to-be. Of course, her mind did not stop trying to figure out what was happening.

"Yes, I'm about 6 months pregnant."

"Why haven't you announced it?" Yang Xi asked curiously.

"Miss Yang, why don't you get straight to the point and tell me your motive. Sitting here like this will make both of us awkward. Plus, my husband is about to return to the room," Tangning noticed Yang Xi was trying to build up the conversation, so she didn't want to waste her efforts and directly asked for her motive.

"Miss Tang, look at you, you've got both fame and fortune. Plus, you've got a powerful husband and a cute child on the way. I'm sure you could do without a piece of decoration like the Fei Tian Award."

She was finally getting to the point.

Tangning smiled and looked at the bodyguards as she asked Yang Xi, "You organized so many bodyguards. It couldn't be because you're afraid of me, right?"

"Miss Tang, since I'm speaking to an intelligent person, I won't go around in circles. I am giving you two options today: either you tell Mo Ting to withdraw your nomination for the Fei Tian Award, or you won't be leaving here today. I know that Mo Ting is powerful, but there are plenty of people here. Even if he appears, he may not have the ability to take you out of here, don't you think?"

"You put in so much effort to get me here. Is this all you've prepared?" Tangning glanced at the bodyguards and turned back to Yang Xi, "If it wasn't because we are in The Netherlands and I am unfamiliar here, I wouldn't be playing this game with you."

Yang Xi was a little surprised...

Tangning's expression at this moment was completely different to the gentle aloof woman just a moment ago.

"That's because, in comparison to those that go around in circles, you are a straightforward person. I like straightforward. So, do you want your child, or do you want the award?"

"My methods may be simple, but, I managed to get you here, didn't I?"

"Since you're​ here, it won't be easy for you to get out."

At this moment, a sinister look appeared on Yang Xi's face...

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