Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 557: A Retreated Person Still Poses a Threat

Chapter 557: A Retreated Person Still Poses a Threat

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"Xu Qingyan, I think it's best if you stop acting so arrogant. After all, Elder Xu is bound to leave some day."

Xu Qingyan brushed back her hair and stood up from the sofa with an amused smile, "Did you think that I still care at this point?"

She already had her trump card​ in her hand, when the timing was right...

...she was going to wait and see the expression on Ye Lan and Father Xu's face.


At this moment, inside the quiet hospital.

After all the suppression that Tang Xuan had gone through, she was currently being forced by Elder Tang to remain in the hospital and take care of her pregnancy. In reality, ever since the day that the caretaker told her that Tangning was also pregnant and that she could sell the news to the paparazzi, she had been making plans in her mind.

All she wanted to do right now, was escape from the hospital. But, she was currently broke and the only thing that gave her any value was the information she held in her hands about Tangning's pregnancy.

Her desperation to escape and her hatred towards Tangning further increased after she saw that Tangning had been nominated for a Fei Tian Award and that the entertainment news constantly revolved around her.

But, she had no idea that this time, she was practically giving up on her entire life...

After all, Tangning's tolerance had a limit.

And Mo Ting and her child, was her bottom line...

"Over the past few days, Ye Lan's fans and Tangning's fans have been arguing like crazy."

After hearing the hospital staff gossiping about the entertainment news, Tang Xuan thought carefully to herself and finally decided not to sell the information to the paparazzi. After all, the paparazzi were hired by others, so they wouldn't​ be able to offer her much money, instead, they may even attract future troubles. So, in the end, Tang Xuan made Ye Lan her target. After all, Ye Lan must hate Tangning...

Ye Lan wasn't hard to contact. All Tang Xuan had to do was call her manager and say that she had a job offer. Tang Xuan had, after all, been the Big Miss of the Tang Family for many years; throwing a few big names into the mix wasn't difficult to do. However, as Ye Lan picked up, she was quite surprised.

"I am Tang Xuan. The eldest daughter from Tang Corps."

Ye Lan wasn't stupid; she, of course knew the status that Tang Xuan held in Tang Corps. But, because of Tangning, Ye Lan responded in an arrogant and disdainful voice, "Oh, it's you. I almost thought there really was a big job offer for me..."

"I have some first-hand information regarding Tangning. Do you want to hear it?"

Ye Lan found these words quite amusing, "Miss Tang, aren't you speaking to the wrong person? Why aren't you speaking to the media and paparazzi instead?"

"Because, I thought you'd be interested," Tang Xuan's voice was a little shaky. She actually wasn't certain whether Ye Lan would take her offer.

Ye Lan swayed her legs as she nibbled on some melon seeds. She originally wanted to hang up on Tang Xuan, but thinking about the bad relationship between the two sisters, she wondered whether Tang Xuan actually had some important information to offer her.

"Set a price," Ye Lan requested.

"$2 million," Tang Xuan was quiet for a moment before she thought of an amount that Ye Lan would be able to accept. In the past, this was merely the minimum price she would pay for a car.

But, things were very different now.

In fact, she was even worried that Ye Lan wouldn't be willing to pay $2 million. However, Ye Lan simply laughed; her laughter echoed through the phone.

"The once almighty Tang Family heiress is actually negotiating with me over $2 million."

"Isn't this a joke? Miss Tang, how did you become so pitiful...?"

Tang Xuan endured the humiliation as she clenched her fists and asked patiently, "Are you going to buy it, or not?"

"Of course I'll buy it. $2 million is just a pair of earrings for me. To swap it for some important information is well worth it. But, keep this in mind Miss Tang, if the information you give me isn't worth anything, then I may be even more ruthless than Tangning," Ye Lan warned.

"I would like to receive the money first, in case you don't keep your promise."

"That's fine. I know you're poor; the entire Beijing knows it!" Ye Lan agreed swiftly. Afterwards, she instructed her assistant to deposit $2 million into Tang Xuan's bank account. And of course, after Tang Xuan received the money, she passed on the information she knew to Ye Lan.

Ye Lan was dumbfounded...Tangning was actually pregnant.

But, what did that have to do with her?

Ye Lan didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Did she just waste $2 million to buy something that only the media would be interested in?

Ye Lan held onto her phone in deep thought. In the end, she decided to give her friend Yang Xi a call.

Since she had first-hand information and had already paid $2 million for it, she had to find a way to best utilize it. She couldn't possibly provoke Mo Ting, but she could offer the information to another competitor as a favor. A competitor like Yang Xi.

This actress often existed amongst the gray areas with a strong gang-related backing. Only this woman's man had the guts to compete with Mo Ting.

So, Ye Lan directly contacted Yang Xi, "Yang Jie, I have something to tell you. I heard that Tangning's pregnant, I'm not sure if it's true or not."

Yang Xi was older than Ye Lan, but she was younger than Tangning by a couple years.

She came from a poor family background, so she relied on her gang connections to slowly get to where she was. Within the industry, she was often feared by others. She originally started her career as a singer, but she never got famous. So she tried to pursue a career in the Korean and Japanese market, but then returned to China and changed careers to become an actress.

Because a lot of money had been invested into her, the Fei Tian Award was very important to her. Only with the award in her hands would she be able to continue advancing in her career.

Tangning was undoubtedly the obstacle that she feared the most.

How could someone that had retreated from the industry pose such a threat?

After careful consideration, Yang Xi finally made a decision. She accepted Ye Lan's favor, even though she knew that Ye Lan's intent was not innocent.

As a result, she found out that Tangning was pregnant!

What would be the result of this battle?

The entertainment industry had always been a vain place. Everything that one did was simply to increase their status. After all, once one experienced the ecstasy of being chased by fans, one would know how addictive the feeling of being worshipped is.


Of course, when it came to the Fei Tian Awards, Mo Ting was well aware of what the judges were thinking. He also knew that retreating from the industry appeared to be a very immature decision in their eyes. So, Tangning was held back from being completely acknowledged. But, he was never one to be unprepared. Even if everyone was in a panic or waiting to watch a good show, Mo Ting remained as calm as ever!

Of course, he was completely prepared.

At this time, Mo Ting suddenly received an invite from 'Originality's' Charity Event. This well-known charity actually decided to invite Tangning at a time like this!

Because Tangning had been to many charity events in the past, she had no reason to reject this one...

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