Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 126: I Definitely Won't Be Absent

Chapter 126: I Definitely Won't Be Absent

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The assistant's eyes grew wide...

"Before you get destroyed, you should speak up. You should prove your innocence."

If Lan Yu had not said what she had said earlier, the little assistant would not have believed An Zihao's words, was obvious Lan Yu did indeed have the intention to make her take on the blame.

"I thought Tangning doesn't have a manager?"

"It's not that she doesn't have one, it's just she doesn't need one..." An Zihao laughed at himself. He too had experienced a scandal years ago. Back then, it stirred up an argument between him and Yun Xin resulting in one death and one injury. He never imagined, Tangning would be able to counterattack so smoothly. She only said one sentence and without even making an appearance, she managed to completely turn the tables, placing Lan Yu under her control.

This woman, was indeed amazing. As for him, all he wanted to do now, was give back Tangning what he owed her.

"If I speak up, how does it benefit me?"

"Firstly, do you actually want to take the blame for Lan Yu? Do you want to be scolded by everyone? Secondly, as long as you are willing to speak up, I will help you leave Star Age and get you a job in Cheng Tian," An Zihao handed his business card to the assistant to prove his identity.

The assistant was surprised. Not long after...full of determination, she responded, "I am willing to do it!"

Meanwhile, on the same day at 6pm, a report from Lu Che about Lan Yu's school life was sitting atop Mo Ting's office desk. The report was extremely detailed.

"President, this Lan Yu is quite a problem child. She has long been a bully at school; at just 14-years-old she was expelled from school for beating up a classmate. That's when she moved to Beijing. She is a troublemaker."

So, it was this immature little girl that tried to bully Tangning!

Mo Ting's eyes were deep and piercing as he lowered his head and glanced over the information before handing it back to Lu Che, "Arrange to have this exposed..."

"Yes. But president...have a look at this," Lu Che handed some information over to Mo Ting. Lan Yu's assistant had stepped out to admit that Lan Yu had swapped out her gift to frame Tangning. If Blair's evidence wasn't enough, this statement was enough to completely shred away Lan Yu's mask.

Someone was helping Tangning!

Mo Ting processed this information straight away. Afterwards, he guessed that the biggest possibility was the manager Lan Xi had arranged for Tangning, An Zihao.

An Zihao was once famous in Cheng Tian for being extremely capable. However, those days were long gone, so Mo Ting was doubtful of his abilities.

"Don't worry about it..."

"Are you really not afraid that he will pose a threat once he becomes madam's manager?"

Mo Ting's lips slightly curved as he responded, "In what way does he pose a threat?"

Disregarding the disparity in their status, Mo Ting was certain, there was no way anyone could stand between him and Tangning; Tangning was not that type of person. After signing the documents on his desk, Mo Ting stood up to go home. However, at this time, his secretary suddenly knocked on the door and entered. He urgently said to Mo Ting, "President, bad news."

Two international superstars partaking in a film in the US had been injured in an explosion scene. The news was currently going viral and the production company was blaming Hai Rui's actors for not following procedures. They were demanding them to compensate for all losses.

Mo Ting didn't normally deal with issues like this, but...this project was Hai Rui's main project for the next half of the year. Plus, the person acting as a mediator was his friend. So, under these circumstances, it made sense for him to make a personal appearance.

"President, do you want me to immediately book flights for you?"

Mo Ting gestured for him to stay quiet as he made a phone call to Tangning.


"Huh?" Tangning replied in a soft, gentle tone, "Why aren't you home yet? Look at the time..."

"I might not be able to come home. I have to immediately fly out to the US. Something urgent has happened," Mo Ting explained.

"Is it really serious? Must you go immediately?" Tangning was alert as she sat up on the sofa.

"It's just a small issue, but I need to be present for it...I'm just worried about you."

"I'll help you find your passport and help you pack a few clothes," Tangning did not say much more as she stood up and returned to the bedroom to help Mo Ting pack his luggage. Half an hour later she had driven her way over to Hai Rui. Mo Ting personally came down to greet her.

"I don't have much time, I have to leave for the airport now."

Seeing how urgent Mo Ting was, Tangning quickly grabbed onto his arm, "Since you are worried about me, why don't you pack me up and take me with you?" Tangning lifted the luggage in her hand and spoke, "I'm coming with you."

Mo Ting took one glance at Tangning. He removed his jacket and wrapped it around her before they both boarded the car.

"What if you have work?"

"Don't you know better than I do, whether I have work?" Tangning laughed; Mo Ting was still managing her emails. Although she was now signed with Cheng Tian, it hadn't been officially announced yet. As a result, she still had a few days of freedom. "Plus, didn't we agree that no matter what happens, we would stick together? Keeping you company is what I want to do right now."

Mo Ting remained silent as he intertwined his fingers with Tangning's. Even though he wasn't dealing with a big matter, but with Tangning by his side...he didn't have to worry about her. So, he was able to better focus on the issue and handle it better.

Seeing his handsome face soften, Tangning couldn't help but smile; she knew she had made the right decision. She didn't want to give up any chance she had to stay by Mo Ting's side through important situations.

Just before the two boarded the plane, Tangning received a phone call from Lan Xi. She was worried about the aftermath of Tangning's incident with Lan Yu and asked her to go into the office the next day to discuss how they were to announce her contract. However, Tangning rejected her bluntly, "President Lan, I won't be in the country for the next couple days. If there's anything, let's talk about it when I get back."

After hearing Tangning's words, Lan Xi did not refuse, "OK, it would probably be good for you to relax a bit. Originally I had a show I was going to give to you."

Hearing their conversation, Mo Ting lowered his head and gazed into Tangning's eyes. But, Tangning replied calmly, "Oh well, if I lose this opportunity, there's always the next..."

A person, on the other hand, is different , she thought. There was only one Mo Ting. If she lost him, then that would be it.

"OK, then I won't force you. But, are you aware of the fact that Zihao helped you?" Lan Xi was glad that there was still someone capable of moving An Zihao's frozen heart.

"No, I had no idea," Tangning replied swiftly.

"Then we'll talk about it when you get back. Enjoy your time off."

Tangning hung up Lan Xi's phone call exhaustedly.

"Mrs. Mo, you are being too impulsive," Mo Ting teased with a smile.

"Mr. Mo, I just don't want you to feel like there is no difference between having and not having a wife. As long as I can accompany you, I definitely won't be absent. Even if it means I have to go to the depths of hell, so be it?"

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This time, Tangning is the one accompanying Mo Ting. Hopefully, the issue in the US isn't too hard to solve.

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