Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 556: Let's Raise The Ante

Chapter 556: Let's Raise The Ante

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Over the next two days, 'W.H.' officially finished showing in theaters and wrapped up the season with close to $2 billion in ticket sales. With this result, Tangning showed off her box office dominance. Combined with her results from 'Stupid', she officially became known as the 'Box Office Queen'.

One 'Stupid' and one 'W.H.' was enough to stabilize her foundation as a great actress. Even if she didn't end up receiving a Fei Tian Award, she was already seen as the best newcomer in everyone's eyes.

Of course, competition for the Fei Tian Awards​ was as fierce as ever. As a result, Ye Lan's fans went around slandering Tangning, claiming that the results were definitely influenced by Elder Mo in some way. After all, no one was willing to accept that their idol didn't compare to others. Although Ye Lan did not have a great personality, her acting was undeniably good, so it was only normal for her fans to be upset.

"If someone else receives the award, I won't mind. But, if it's Tangning, there's no way I can accept it. After all, Tangning and Ye Lan's acting is practically on the same level."

"These awards are getting worse each year. It's obviously rigged."

Over the next few days, there were plenty of discussions about who would be the winner of the Fei Tian Awards​. After all, this year had the most suspense and competition was fierce. The public seemed to have become accustomed to expecting that whenever Tangning was involved, there was bound to be a good show. But, how could an actress that announced her retreat be deserving of an award?

"I feel that giving the award to someone that has retreated, is a mockery to those that are persistent."

"I have no comment about her decision to retreat, after all, everyone has their right to make their own choices, but...when it comes to an award, it should be given to someone that is serious and hardworking."

Because of Tangning's retreat, plenty of people had their opinions.

Although she continued to have films to release, retreating suggested that she had given up on being an actress, whether it be a temporary or long term decision.


Late at night, Song Yanshu was at home drinking wine and watching television. The entertainment news was currently focused on predictions for the Fei Tian Awards. As she watched, her eyes darkened with a trace of ridicule.

"Tangning won't be winning an award this time," a cold voice could suddenly be heard coming from behind her. Song Yanshu turned around to find that it was her fiance. So, she immediately asked, "Why?"

"Because she's retreated from the industry! Even being nominated is already an award enough for her. There's no way that the organising committee will consider someone that has retreated."

"Why does that even matter? There's no rule against it," Song Yanshu refuted.

"It's insider information," her fiance replied as he sat down beside her and made a hush gesture. "Tangning can indeed act and Mo Ting is indeed powerful, but Hai Rui has no control over the Fei Tian Awards."

"Although it hasn't been officially recorded, it is an unspoken rule amongst the judges."

"Have you not looked at the names of everyone that has ever won? Which winner has ever been someone that has retreated?"

"Someone that has retreated, will never win!"

"Does that mean Ning Jie will go home with nothing?" Song Yanshu sat up, "That's impossible, President Mo has calculated everything carefully, there's no way he wouldn't know about this."

"President Mo is impressive, but he isn't flawless," the man scoffed. "I would like to see how President Mo cleans up this mess."

"Aren't you really close to Tangning? You're welcome to notify her of this result," the man sneered before he returned to the bedroom, leaving Song Yanshu all alone on the sofa in a predicament.

Tangning was Tang Jingxuan's older sister, but Tang Jingxuan...

Why should she continue to care about the family of the person she loved?

Plus, Mo Ting probably already had his plans. There was no reason she should implicate herself in the matter.


Late at night. Xu Household.

As soon as Elder Xu said that he'd transfer shares and the Xu Household to Xu Qingyan, he immediately got his lawyers to organize everything in secret. In other words, Xu Qingyan was about to become the new owner of the Xu Family home. If she wanted someone to leave, even Father Xu would have no say.

Father Xu and Ye Lan had no idea about what was happening. They assumed that Xu Qingyan's silence was because she was too afraid to say anything, so they continued to act out of line.

Xu Qingyan did not mind. As per Tangning's words, Xu Qingyan already had everything, so why bother with Ye Lan over such petty things?

Meanwhile, Ye Lan wasn't an easy fire to extinguish. She had always had her small circle of friends and connections within the entertainment industry. As she was annoyed by being beaten by Tangning, she decided to contact one of her good friends.

"It doesn't actually matter whether I receive an award or not. After all, I am well aware that my acting isn't great. But Yang Jie is different, she is a true talent."

"If Yang Jie doesn't win this year, I will be the first to find it unfair."

Xu Qingyan and Tang Jingxuan had just returned home and were standing behind Ye Lan, listening to her start fires all over the industry.

They looked at each other, before Xu Qingyan gestured for Tang Jingxuan to go home first. Tang Jingxuan gently patted Xu Qingyan's head, completely ignoring Ye Lan. He knew, even if Ye Lan trained for another ten lifetimes, she would never outsmart Tangning.

After Tang Jingxuan left, Xu Qingyan walked over to the sofa opposite Ye Lan and sat down with a smile, "I still feel that the award should have been given to you. Look at the way you're acting right now, you were born with this talent."

Hearing Xu Qingyan's voice, Ye Lan put down the phone and stared coldly at the woman opposite her, "What? There's nothing you can do about it."

"Of course I can't do anything. But, Ye Lan, there's no way you can stop Tangning from winning. Even when you put in your best effort weren't even worthy of being on the final nomination list!"

Ye Lan looked at Xu Qingyan with ridicule, completely disregarding her words. All she knew was, Elder Xu was bound to leave sooner or later, and when that time came, there'd be no one around to help her. However, Ye Lan had no idea that many changes were already taking place, right under her nose.

"Why don't we make a bet?" Ye Lan looked into Xu Qingyan's eyes at confidence, "I bet that Tangning won't win The Best Newcomer Award."

"What happens if she wins?"

"Let's raise the ante. If Tangning wins, I'll get a divorce with your father," Ye Lan laughed in ridicule. "What do you think? Isn't this what you've always wanted?"

Xu Qingyan stared calmly at Ye Lan. After a few moments, she finally replied, "I'm not going to gamble with you, because I know you won't keep your word. But, I'm certain that Tangning will win. Whereas you...have already lost your chance."

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