Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 555: She Doesn't Look Like She Will Give Up

Chapter 555: She Doesn't Look Like She Will Give Up

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"Love should not be calculative like this," Tang Jingxuan did not look back, but he felt Song Yanshu's words were unusually cold, "Plus, I believe that a person that often thinks on behalf of others, can never be that bad. Please stop dragging me back amongst the scandals. Whether it's you, or the 'good news' you wanted to tell me, I have absolutely no interest."

Song Yanshu also did not understand what had gotten over her. Thinking back on the way she portrayed herself in front of Tangning and everyone else, she suddenly questioned whether she had been acting all along and the current jealousy-filled woman was her true self.

"Luo Xing, I truly need you," Song Yanshu stood up and said with urgency, "I truly do."

Hearing these words, Tang Jingxuan finally turned around. But, at this moment, his mind was only filled with the injury-covered Xu Qingyan. Because he knew, Song Yanshu's so-called 'need' was merely a desperation to satisfy her unwillingness to admit that he had moved on.

"I'm sorry, but I think that there's someone that needs me more," Tang Jingxuan lifted his and Xu Qingyan's intertwined hands and looked at her in seriousness.

He then dragged Xu Qingyan out of Song Yanshu's sight with no hesitation whatsoever.

Song Yanshu fell back on the sofa in a daze as her hands trembled. Her past indecisiveness had blinded her from the importance that Tang Jingxuan held, and when she finally came to realization, it was already too late.

But...was it really too late?


In reality, Song Yanshu had no idea that her so-called 'need', would make Tang Jingxuan understand what he truly felt.

He finally understood who he truly needed, who he treasured and who he should protect.

"You must be really happy inside. Song Yanshu pleaded for you to take her back," Xu Qingyan pulled her hand away shyly as they left the hotel.

"To me, she already means nothing."

"Song Yanshu doesn't look like she will give up."

"Then I'm sorry. I may not be good at other things, but I am extremely stubborn. Once I've made up my mind, I will never turn back," Tang Jingxuan said in seriousness. "Let's go, I'll take you home."

Xu Qingyan's face was slightly flushed. But, it wasn't clear whether it was because of the lighting, or because she understood a deeper layer of meaning to Tang Jingxuan's words.

The two did not say a word as they drove. However, halfway, Tang Jingxuan received a phone call from Tangning.

"Sis...from now on, don't pass my information to people that have nothing to do with me."

"Even if I didn't tell her, she would have got it from someone else," Tangning replied calmly, "If Yanshu has become a burden to you, then I will make sure that you will never see her again."

"Sis...I'll handle this matter myself," Tang Jingxuan replied confidently. "You don't need to do anything. After all, you were once on really good terms with her. I know what to do. I just hope that she doesn't go overboard."

"Is Qingyan beside you?" Tangning asked.

"Yes, she's here," Tang Jingxuan replied honestly.

"Since you don't want me to get involved, then protect Qingyan well. She is not from the entertainment industry. Don't make her pay for something she's not a part of," Tangning said with a deeper meaning. It no longer mattered that Song Yanshu was great at her job and had sacrificed a lot for Tang Jingxuan in the past.

"I don't think Yanshu will go that far."

But, sometimes, women would do anything when it came to love.

As Tang Jingxuan and Xu Qingyan returned back to the Xu Household, they found Elder Xu and Father Xu sitting on the sofa in the living room. Father Xu initially wanted to release his anger on his daughter, but unfortunately, the man sitting next to him was a lot more powerful than him.

Xu Qingyan wanted to smile, but was too afraid to smile. Meanwhile, knowing that Elder Xu was around, Tang Jingxuan felt rest assured that Xu Qingyan would be safe.

"Go home, don't worry about me. If anything happens, I will give you and Ning Jie a phone call."

Tang Jingxuan nodded his head and left the Xu Household after giving his greetings to Elder Xu. As for Xu Qingyan, she headed straight for her bedroom after greeting her father and grandfather. However, upon entering her room, she screamed as she discovered that the doll that usually sat on her bed was torn apart and lying on the floor. As for the clothes in her wardrobe, they were all cut into shreds with scissors.

When she opened her shoe cabinet, she found that shards of glass had been left in her shoes...

And when she looked at her handbags, they were filled with blades...

The fire inside her boiled. Her first reaction was to go look for Ye Lan, but...just as she reached her doorway, she remembered what Tangning had said. She had told her that no matter what was to happen, she should not act on her own. So, Xu Qingyan immediately gave Tangning a phone call and explained everything that had happened in detail.

"Qingyan, although this definitely has something to do with Ye Lan, it may not be entirely her idea. After all, without your father's support..."

There were some things that Tangning didn't need to explain in detail; Xu Qingyan already knew. But, she felt quite fortunate to have Tangning's support.

"What should I do then?"

"Don't make a big fuss out of it. Secretly tell your grandfather what has happened. This would be better than igniting a war on your own. Qingyan, you must remember, everything you're doing, is to protect yourself. Don't just appear capable on the surface, you need to actually benefit from what you're doing."

"Once you seize power, you can protect yourself and the people around you."

"I understand. Thank you, Ning Jie," Xu Qingyan immediatey understood Tangning's words.

So, she did nothing until late at night when she gave Elder Xu a phone call.

"Grandfather...can you come up to my room for a second?"

"What is it? Aren't we both in the same house? Why are you calling me on the phone?"

"Grandfather, don't let father know I'm talking to you. Please."

Hearing Xu Qingyan's plea, Elder Xu got up and walked to Xu Qingyan's room. As soon as he saw the mess on the floor, his face turned red in anger...

"Grandfather, please don't get angry yet," Xu Qingyan pulled Elder Xu over to sit on the sofa, "Let me say a few things first." As she spoke, she pulled out the medical report from her previous visit to the hospital.

As soon as Elder Xu looked at the report, he was in shock, "Was this all caused by the creature that you call father?" Although Tang Jingxuan had already explained to him that Xu Qingyan suffered from domestic violence, he didn't expect it to be this extreme.

"Ever since that woman married into the family, father has gotten worse."

"Rubbish! What an animal!" Elder Xu yelled. "Don't be afraid Qingyan, grandfather will stick up for you."

"Grandfather, what I'm truly afraid of is the fact that that woman has already bewitched my father into no longer acknowledging our existence. There's no way she would allow the Xu Family to live in peace."

Elder Xu thought for a moment and eventually scoffed, "I never officially announced that I'd be handing Xu Corps to your father." Elder Xu had a plan, "Tomorrow, I will combine your shares with your mother's and place it all under your name. After that, you will have more shares than that monster."

"As for this entire house, grandfather will also give it to you."

Did this mean that she would have the right to kick Ye Lan out...?

Did it?

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