Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 554: Was It All Fake?

Chapter 554: Was It All Fake?

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"Why do you still need to meet with her?" Xu Qingyan was a little confused, "Won't it make you feel uncomfortable?"

"I'm guessing it's work-related," Tang Jingxuan didn't explain too much. After all, Xu Qingyan was by his side. "Although, I must say, I don't know in what way our interests still correlate with each other."

He had already retreated from the entertainment industry and dissolved the matter from before. Since he had already made a decision, he would not regret it.

Xu Qingyan looked at him questioningly with a trace of worry. Because to her, Tang Jingxuan was no longer just an old classmate, he had practically become family. She did not want Tang Jingxuan to be dragged back into a tornado of scandals. Yet, the entertainment industry was exactly a place like this. So, now that Song Yanshu was engaged, wasn't​ it a bit inappropriate for them to meet?

"Jingxuan, to prevent the media from writing nonsense, I think it's best that you avoid meeting with Song Yanshu. I'll meet with her on your behalf," Xu Qingyan suggested in seriousness. "After all, the media don't know what to write about her and I. Although you've already retreated from the entertainment industry, you still need to think about Tang Corps, especially since there is no necessity for you guys to meet."

Tang Jingxuan lowered his head and thought for a few seconds before he eventually nodded in agreement, "OK."

"In that case, you leave first. I'll call you later to pick me up."

"I'll leave it with you then..." After speaking, Tang Jingxuan stood up from his seat and swiftly left the hotel. Not too long after, Song Yanshu appeared at the hotel, all dressed up. Next to her was a tall and built American man. They entered the lobby of the hotel and quickly located the restaurant and table that Tang Jingxuan had messaged them with.

Song Yanshu approached with the American man. But, all she found, was Xu Qingyan sitting beside the window eating by herself.

"Miss Xu, where is Luo Xing?"

"Have a seat first," Xu Qingyan directly said. Of course, the knife and fork in her hands continued to cut the steak in front of her, "Jingxuan had something he needed to do, so he left first. However, he asked me to stay back and meet with you. He wants to know why you were looking for him so urgently."

As soon as Song Yanshu heard that Tang Jingxuan had left, there was a slight disappointment in her eyes. However, she tried her best not to let anyone know.

"In that case, I'll give him a call..." Song Yanshu​ pulled out her phone. However, just as she was about to press Tang Jingxuan's number, Xu Qingyan stopped her.

"Miss Song, what are you trying to do? Jingxuan is no longer a part of the entertainment industry. Shouldn't you let him go?" Xu Qingyan asked straightforwardly. "I can tell that you still have hope in him. But...don't forget, you were the one that made the decision."

Song Yanshu looked at Xu Qingyan with intrigue, "Fine, I'll talk with you then. Jack here is a famous composer from the US. Not too long ago, he happened to come across Luo Xing's voice and found that his voice was similar to what he had been looking for. He felt that he could help Luo Xing improve, so he decided to contact me."

"If he's not here today because he doesn't want to see me, he has no need to do that. This is a rare opportunity!"

"It's not because he doesn't want to see you," Xu Qingyan rebutted, "You've overestimated your importance!"

Song Yanshu's expression suddenly turned sour...

"Let's be honest, did you come here today to help Jingxuan, or was your motive to keep hanging onto him?" Xu Qingyan asked straightforwardly, "I'm sure you know how easy it is for the media to capture photos of the two of you. As an experienced manager, there's no way you would make such an amateur mistake."

Song Yanshu looked at Xu Qingyan with teary eyes. After quite some time, she finally mumbled, "I actually miss him a lot..."

"What's wrong with you? You're already engaged..."

"This is something I realized after I got engaged," Song Yanshu replied. "I know what I've done wrong, but back then, too much happened at once and I didn't know how to process it."

"So? You're here to beg for forgiveness?" Xu Qingyan looked at Song Yanshu with ridicule. "Song Yanshu, you weren't like this before. Or perhaps, was everyone wrong about you? Did you think you could give up as you please and make up again when you want? Did you think Jingxuan is so easily swayed by you?"

Song Yanshu was dumbfounded...

"Today, I am speaking on behalf of Jingxuan. For the final time, he will not be returning to the entertainment industry; he has new goals in life. So, song invites and American composers mean absolutely nothing to him. From now on, please don't meet with him on your own, it will make me uncomfortable."

Song Yanshu listened quietly to Xu Qingyan's words. After a few moments, she turned to Xu Qingyan and pleaded, "Can you let me have one look at him? Just one look is enough."

"I think, what you need right now, is not Jingxuan, but a clear head."

"Miss Song, I hope this is the last time. Otherwise, the entire nation will be disgusted by you. You don't need to worry about Jingxuan. Even if he has nothing, he still has me." After speaking, Xu Qingyan stood up to leave. At this time, Tang Jingxuan casually approached Xu Qingyan and asked, "Are you finished?"

Xu Qingyan pointed to Song Yanshu with her chin and rolled her eyes, "I hate scenes like this. Are we in some kind of a TV drama? First, the guy pursues the girl, but the girl rejects him, even though she likes him. Afterwards, when the guy falls in love with someone else, she suddenly feels like her man has been stolen from her..."

Tang Jingxuan gave an amused chuckle before he turned to Song Yanshu and said, "In my mind, I still have a beautiful image of you. Don't destroy it."

"What if I told you that I could cancel my engagement for you?"

Song Yanshu suddenly lifted her head and said firmly, "Luo Xing, would you be willing to return to my side? After all...we already have 'that' kind of relationship."

Hearing her mention canceling her engagement, both Tang Jingxuan and Xu Qingyan froze.

As for Song Yanshu's last sentence. It obviously carried with it a sense of threat.

'That' kind of relationship!

However, Tang Jingxuan did not panic or buckle under pressure. He simply smiled, "Yanshu, what made you become like this?"

Song Yanshu looked away.

"I'm sorry, since you made a decision, then you shouldn't regret it. Plus, your are already engaged and I already have Qingyan. I'm sure I've already expressed my standpoint clear enough. I wish the best for both of us." After speaking, Tang Jingxuan held onto Xu Qingyan's hand and said, "Let's go home."

"I refuse to believe that you have no feelings left for me," Song Yanshu said as she chased after the couple, "Don't tell me the pain you went through before was all fake..."

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