Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 553: He Is Even More Frightening

Chapter 553: He Is Even More Frightening

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After hearing this, Ye Lan glared at Xu Qingyan. She had been brought up with a delicate lifestyle and started off as a child actor. So, everything she learned was from the entertainment industry, including how to bully the weak and insult others.

Over the years, even she couldn't remember how many schemes and tricks she had played on Xu Qingyan. Now that the tables had been turned, Ye Lan tried to look calm, but deep down she was in a panic.

Elder Xu had never visited their household before, so nothing like this had ever happened. But, this time...

....Elder Xu had personally witnessed the couple bullying Xu Qingyan. It seemed, Ye Lan may have some suffering coming her​ way.

Father Xu, Elder Xu and Ye Lan looked at Xu Qingyan, waiting for a response. However, after quite some time, she finally said slowly, "I don't care..."

Father Xu and Ye Lan were shocked. According to Xu Qingyan's personality, the was no way she'd say something like this. How could she not care?

If these words were said within a different household, perhaps it would have been enough to end all battles. But, this was the Xu Household!

"How badly have you suffered? Why would you cover up for the wench?" After speaking, Elder Xu turned to Ye Lan and demanded, "You...come here."

Ye Lan was a little stunned as she looked at Father Xu helplessly. But, Father Xu merely furrowed his brows, unable to retaliate against his father.

Ye Lan had nowhere to turn to for help, so she had no choice but to walk over to Elder Xu. As soon as she stood before him, Elder Xu raised his hand and threw a slap across her face. In fact, he did not stop at one slap. He continuously slapped her as he lectured, "You're just a toy that can't even be considered as an actress. How dare you bully my granddaughter!"

"I let you marry into the family so you could take care of my son and granddaughter. Instead, you made my granddaughter suffer in your hands."

After a series of 5 slaps, Ye Lan was so dazed that she could barely stand up straight...All she could hear was a ringing in her ears...

Afterwards, Elder Xu said to Father Xu, "If you dare lay a finger on my granddaughter again, then you should directly show yourself out the door."

This was the first time that Xu Qingyan had witnessed such a scene.

She couldn't believe, in this household that was filled with memories of being hit, there would actually be a day when​ her father and Ye Lan would also experience this pain. With this thought, Xu Qingyan felt a sense of satisfaction.

It's not that she had never pleaded for help, but...

...every time she tried, Father Xu would find a way to stop her.

So, this time, with Tangning's careful planning and Tang Jingxuan's assistance, she finally understood how it felt to be in power and to get revenge.

Father Xu did not say a word. He simply looked at Xu Qingyan from behind and felt that he had never truly understood his daughter.

As for Ye Lan, apart from a swollen face, all she had left was complete hatred towards Xu Qingyan. But, Xu Qingyan did not care, because Tangning had taught her not to.

Within this family, Xu Qingyan no longer needed to please others. Because, the more she tried to please others, the more she devalued herself.

Right now, her main priority was to make a comeback.

"Yanyan, are you feeling better?" Elder Xu asked Xu Qingyan in a caring manner after he was done teaching the two a lesson.

As Xu Qingyan resembled her grandmother, Elder Xu felt like he owed her. Whenever he saw her, he was extremely protective of her.

"Thank you grandfather, I'm fine."

Did fine mean that she wasn't good?

Elder Xu's expression darkened as he turned back to Father Xu and Ye Lan without a word. It seemed, he was gesturing that there was still plenty of time. Since he was moving in, dealing with a couple of cheap people wasn't going to be difficult.

Of course, Xu Qingyan's abnormal response made Father Xu quite surprised. According to her usual personality, she couldn't possibly calculate her response in such a schematic way, because she wasn't normally one to think outside the square.


"Come, let's have some food together. Grandfather is hungry."

Father Xu was not in a good mood after being taught a tough lesson, but there was nothing he could do as he watched the grandfather and granddaughter walk away. He simply hurried over to help Ye Lan up. But, Ye Lan glared at him as she pushed him away.

Afterwards, Xu Qingyan met up with Tang Jingxuan. After getting into Tang Jingxuan's car, she held onto her belly as she burst into laughter, "That was so satisfying! I've never been this satisfied before...Ning Jie is amazing."

"Did you also get slapped?" Tang Jingxuan asked as he looked at the finger marks on Xu Qingyan's face.

"Danger cannot be overcome without taking risks. Grandfather had to witness that scene for him to be determined to deal with the two," Xu Qingyan did not care about the finger marks on her face, "It was much too satisfying. Especially the way that grandfather dealt with Ye Lan. Jingxuan, thank you for bringing grandfather here in time."

"Little Monkey..."

Xu Qingyan took a deep breath before she smiled at Tang Jingxuan, "Don't worry, I'm fine. I will never be as amazing as Ning Jie, but I have my own strengths. Jingxuan, I'm quite jealous of you; you have a great support like Tangning."

Tang Jingxuan put away his pained expression and sighed, "You only see what's on the surface. My sister is indeed invincible, but that's because my brother-in-law spoils her."

"Are you referring to President Mo?" Xu Qingyan immediately thought of the almighty king-like man.

"He's even more frightening." After speaking, Tang Jingxuan started the car and drove Xu Qingyan away. "Let me take you to eat something good. This can be a reward for looking so pretty."

"I want to show my gratitude for what you and Ning Jie have done for me."

Tang Jingxuan took a slight glimpse at Xu Qingyan as he drove, "We don't need anything..."

"Isn't there anything that troubles you?"

With the mention of troubles, Tang Jingxuan thought carefully to himself. Over the past two days, because of Xu Qingyan, he had not had any time to think of other things. In fact, he found himself feeling happy just to see Xu Qingyan happy...

"It won't be easy to defeat your father and Ye Lan..."

"I know. I will try to learn as much as I can from Ning Jie. By the way, aren't you returning to the US?"

In reality, Tang Jingxuan had already missed his enrolment date.

Maybe it was because some things were destined to happen, he thought to himself.

But, Tang Jingxuan did not say a word as he drove the car to a hotel. Just as the two finished picking their dishes, Tang Jingxuan's phone rang.

Tang Jingxuan looked at his phone in surprise; he recognized the number.

"Pick it up..."

Tang Jingxuan looked at Xu Qingyan and picked up the phone. However, the first thing he said was, "How did you get my phone number?"

"Ning Jie gave it to me. Jingxuan, can you give me a bit of your time? I want you to meet someone."

Tang Jingxuan originally wanted to reject the request, but since Tangning had allowed it, he knew it was honestly something related to work, so he asked, "What time?"

"Where are you right now? I'll come and look for you..."

Tang Jingxuan glanced at Xu Qingyan and replied with their current address...

"Song Yanshu will be dropping by in a moment," Tang Jingxuan said as he put down his phone.

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