Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 552: I Dare You To Try And Help Her

Chapter 552: I Dare You To Try And Help Her

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Xu Qingyan wasn't as submissive as before. Instead, she directly grabbed onto Ye Lan's wrist and glared into her piercing eyes. The two women practically wanted to tear each other apart.

"Ye Lan, don't go overboard. I hired Auntie Zhang for this job; you have no right to fire her."

"Xu Qingyan, you sure are weird. You obviously know that you have no status in this family, yet you don't seem to learn from your past experiences," Ye Lan smirked, "Perhaps, you don't think you've been hit enough?"

After hearing these words, Xu Qingyan's eyes were filled with hatred. Because she knew, half the injuries on her body were all because this woman had married into the family and drove a wedge between her and her father, causing him to act violently towards her.


"Hubby, tell me, whose side are you on?" Ye Lan asked Father Xu with slight mockery. She was well aware of Xu Qingyan's status in the family.

Father Xu did not say a word. He simply walked over to the two women, swung his arm, and threw a slap across Xu Qingyan's face. Five red finger marks appeared on Xu Qingyan's delicate face. He had hit her with full force, in fact, it was so powerful that the corner of her lips began to bleed, "Apologize to your mother..."

"I am your daughter!"

"If I can give birth to you, I can also strangle you to death. Children are disposable; I can always have another. But, there is only one Ye Lan..."

Not many people in this world would be able to say such words to their own daughter...

"I've given you fame, fortune and status, what have you given me in return?" Father Xu sneered. "I may as well have given birth to a piece of trash..."

Xu Qingyan tried her best to hold back her tears as Father Xu threw one attack after another at her heart. But, this time, she did not say a word. She simply stared bravely at Father Xu; at the father that she once thought could still be saved.

From now on, apart from hate, she no longer felt anything else for this man.

"That's because you are a piece of trash..."

Xu Qingyan deliberately provoked him. As a result, Father Xu once again swung his arm. But, before his hand reached Xu Qingyan's face, he noticed a white-haired old man dressed in a black suit, standing in the doorway glaring at him angrily...

"Father, why are you here?"

Elder Xu did not say a word, but his footsteps were heavy. He simply walked over to Father Xu, one step at a time, and directly threw three slaps across his face. Father Xu's face immediately turned red before it started to swell. "Even the dog I own doesn't bite it's illegitimate child. You're worse than a dog!"

Father Xu looked at Elder Xu in shock. This was the first time he had ever been slapped by him.


Elder Xu glared at Father Xu before he stumbled over to sit on the sofa with the assistance of his bodyguards. He then flipped the box containing the melon seeds that Ye Lan was previously eating, all over the floor. "I may have been aloof from the world for many years, but that doesn't mean that you are now in charge. Didn't I previously warn you that, if you were to remarry, your second wife would not inherit even a cent from the Xu Family?"

Father Xu did not say a word. He simply took a quick glance at Ye Lan.

Elder Xu noticed the look of Father Xu's face, so he turned his attention to Ye Lan, "Since you are my son's new wife, shouldn't you offer me a cup of tea."

Ye Lan was a little surprised. This was the first time she had met Elder Xu, so she did not dare to delay. Inside, she was still dreaming that Elder Xu would develop an acceptance towards her.

Quality tea leaves and temperate hot water; Ye Lan presented Elder Xu with a cup of tea. However, Elder Xu simply glared at her, "Do you not understand the rules?"

Ye Lan held back her displeasure as she raised the teacup towards Elder Xu once again. However, in this instant, a pitiful scream echoed through the room...


The teacup that Ye Lan presented to Elder Xu had been knocked out her hands and the scalding hot content was now all over her body.

"Who do you think you are? How dare you treat my granddaughter in such a way! Rather than focusing on being an actress, you decided to team up with this evil monster."

At this moment, Ye Lan did not care at all what Elder Xu had to say. All she could focus on was her burning body as she turned to Father Xu and pleaded, "Hubby, help me, help me..."

Father Xu wanted to walk over and help her up, but Elder Xu warned in a ferocious tone, "You b*stard. I dare you to try and help her."

Hearing the warning, Father Xu was speechless as he watched Ye Lan being put to shame.

"Hubby, save me...I still need to partake in films. I can't have any scars. I still need to win awards."

The living room was filled with Ye Lan's cries of help, but Father Xu remained in place, too afraid to step forward.

"If you dare to help her today, then we will no longer be father and son. You can also forget about taking even a cent away from Xu Corps," Elder Xu threatened. "I never thought you'd treat my granddaughter in such a way."

Normally, Father Xu would not tolerate being treated this way, but...the man before him, was the father that had also hit him for half his life. He had no ability to retaliate.

"From today onwards, I will be living here. I would like to see if you have the ability to lay even a finger on Qingyan."

"Father, this is my own family matter."

"Fine. If you want me to keep my nose out of your business, it's possible, I'm not that petty," Elder Xu did not intend to leave Father Xu with any pride, "As long as you leave the household with this woman and not take a cent with you, I will leave you alone..."

Father Xu did not say another word. To protect himself, he simply let Ye Lan continue to cry in pain for quite some time.

Ye Lan glared at Father Xu with hatred. No matter how much sweet talking he usually did, it all boiled down to how he'd react at important times like this. And how did he react?

He threw her to one side without hesitation....

"Your reaction tells me that you want to continue living together. That's fine with me, but you need to mentally prepare yourself. Just a moment ago, I heard you and the entertainer throw insulting words at Qingyan. I was extremely disappointed and angry to witness that. So...during my stay here, I won't be treating the two of you nicely."

Elder Xu then turned to Xu Qingyan and smiled, "Qingyan, come to grandfather."

Qingyan approached Elder Xu, no longer afraid.

"From now on, treat this woman the way that she has treated you in the past..."

"I don't want you to be gentle and kind. I want you to protect yourself. Towards those that have bullied you, I want them to understand what it means to receive double the retribution."

"Speak up. You can request something from that woman right now."

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