Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 548: I Don't Think You Are At The Level To Do So

Chapter 548: I Don't Think You Are At The Level To Do So

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More than 50!?

Tang Jingxuan froze in shock. Although he expected that she was fairly injured, he did not expect it to be this serious.

More than 50! How ruthless would a father have to be, to treat his own daughter in such a way?

"Although they are all external injuries, our bodies are merely made of flesh and blood..."

"Doctor, can you please prescribe her some medicine?" Tang Jingxuan understood that the doctor was in shock. After all, if she was a child, it would have made sense, but she was a grown adult, did she not know how to retaliate when being hit?

However, even though others did not understand, Tang Jingxuan was well aware that Xu Qingyan had no other choice.

That's why he cut in.

The doctor took a deep breath and nodded his head, "The patient will need some rest first."

During this entire time, Xu Qingyan either looked elsewhere or pretended to be playing with her hair.

"Stop acting, I won't question you. However, since we are old classmates​, I can't sit idly by. What can we do to stop your father from laying his hands on you again?"

"You know how bad his temper is...the worst case of violence was when he hit me so hard that I lost control of my bowels and bladder," Xu Qingyan said with a slight smile, as if the person she was talking about had nothing to do with her.

She had lost control of her bowels and bladder!

This was beyond belief.

"There have been many times that I've picked up a knife and tried to take him to the grave with me. But, I failed."

In this moment, Xu Qingyan told her story gently, while Tang Jingxuan stood by her bedside with his arms crossed...

"By the way, it's best if you find a place to hide me. If another scandal gets started, my life will become even more tough..."

"There's no use hiding," Tang Jingxuan said as he rubbed his chin.

"What are you thinking?"

"Nothing, you get some rest," Tang Jingxuan sat down on the sofa in the room; he had some thinking to do. By suddenly butting his nose into someone else's life, what kind of result would ensue.

"I can't sleep. Can you watch 'Stupid' with me again? 'W.H.' is still screening at the cinemas, so it's not online yet."

Tang Jingxuan did not respond. Instead, he quietly pulled out his phone and gave Tangning a phone call.

"Did you find her?" Tangning asked.

"Yes. Sis, I was originally supposed to return to the US tomorrow, but it doesn't seem like I can go yet. I want to help Qingyan."

"You can make your own decisions. Do you need my permission?" Tangning asked in an amused manner. "If you want to do something, then go do it, regardless of the risks."

"I understand." After speaking, Tang Jingxuan was about to hang up the phone. But, he suddenly remembered that Xu Qingyan had said that she wanted to watch 'W.H.', so he quickly added, "Sis, where can I get my hands on a copy of 'W.H.'? Qingyan wants to watch it right now, but it's not convenient for her to go to the theater."

"Ask Lu Che."

Tang Jingxuan understood as he hung up the phone.

"You don't need to go through so much trouble..."

"Just wait a bit." Actually, Tang Jingxuan had never done anything romantic for a woman before, but for some reason, when he looked at Xu Qingyan, he had the impulse to give her all the best things in the world. After all, they had known each other since they were little and were childhood friends, it was only normal, right?

One hour later, a laptop arrived in the hospital room. On the screen of the laptop, Tangning's latest film, 'W.H.', was playing. Tang Jingxuan sat on the bed holding onto the laptop as Xu Qingyan enjoyed the film. Not only this, he was also holding onto a tub of popcorn for her.

"No one has ever treated me this good. In future, I will definitely do all I can to help you."

"Who needs you to do that?" Tang Jingxuan scoffed.

That night, after watching multiple films, the relationship between the two remained as pure as ever. A single man and a single woman actually managed to spend an entire night simply enjoying what was on the screen!

How unbelievable!

The next morning, Tang Jingxuan escorted Xu Qingyan out of the hospital. After they boarded the car, Xu Qingyan asked, "Where are we going?"

"You will soon find out."

Xu Qingyan did not ask any further, after all, it wasn't like Tang Jingxuan would take her somewhere to be sold. So, she closed her eyes and got some rest.

Seeing that Xu Qingyan trusted him, the corners of Tang Jingxuan's lips slightly curved upwards, before he drove Xu Qingyan back to the Xu Household.

As soon as she saw the front door of her home, Xu Qingyan's expression turned pale. Tang Jingxuan turned to her and comforted, "Do you trust me?"


"Let's go," Tang Jingxuan helped Xu Qingyan out of the car.

The issue had already gotten so big and couldn't get any worse. Plus, they would have to face reality sooner or later anyway, so what was the point of hiding?

"OK, let's go..."

Tang Jingxuan looked at Xu Qingyan. This little monkey was quite silly; she did not put up a guard around people she was familiar with. Even if she knew she was heading into a fire pit, she would still jump in head first.

It didn't take long before the two entered the living room of the Xu Household. At this time, Father Xu and Ye Lan were enjoying breakfast in the dining room.

"Where did you go last night? How dare you stay out all night," Father Xu directly turned and questioned Xu Qingyan. Of course, he also looked at Tang Jingxuan with disdain.

"She was at the hospital," Tang Jingxuan replied.

"Master Tang, this is a matter concerning my family..."

"Qingyan, go up and get some rest. I would like to have a chat with uncle," Tang Jingxuan gave Xu Qingyan a slight nudge towards the stairs.

"I never said she can leave!"

"Go. Leave this with me," Tang Jingxuan ignored Father Xu's words.

The two families were business partners, but Tangning had caused Ye Lan to miss out on The Fei Tian Awards. This was something that Father Xu was already unhappy about. So, it was good timing that Tang Jingxuan had suddenly appeared in the firing line.

Of course, Ye Lan, who was sitting beside Father Xu, acknowledged that Tang Jingxuan was charismatic, but she did not want to acknowledge his boldness. After all, the Tang Family already had a highly capable Tangning.

So, she refused to believe that Tang Jingxuan would be able to save Xu Qingyan.

Wasn't he asking to be humiliated?

Xu Qingyan was worried about Tang Jingxuan, but seeing that he was firm, she decided to take a gamble as she lowered her head and headed upstairs to her room.

"Does Master Tang want to negotiate with me? I don't think you are at the level to do so. It's best you return home and not embarrass yourself."

"Qingyan's hospital report is in my hands," Tang Jingxuan said calmly. "I'm sure Uncle Xu is aware that the Tang Family love appearing on the headlines. If the public were to find out that the Chairman of Xu Corps has been treating his daughter with violence, I wonder how badly your market value would drop..."

After hearing Tang Jingxuan's words, Father Xu sneered, "Are you trying to threaten me? You're too weak. Go ahead and reveal it! Did you think I would be afraid of you?"

"Don't forget, Xu Qingyan is my daughter, that is something that will never change. If this is your trump card, then I've really overestimated you."

"Since I'm standing here in front of you, this obviously isn't all I've got...Uncle Xu, I simply feel that we should meet each other halfway," Tang Jingxuan smiled.

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