Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 546: Little Monkey, You're Still As Cheeky As Ever

Chapter 546: Little Monkey, You're Still As Cheeky As Ever

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"Is this your new girlfriend?"

"How about you? Is this your new wife?" Xu Qingyan directly rebutted. "Who asks a question like that? Are you deliberately trying to make things uncomfortable?"

The man's face turned slightly red as he let out an awkward laugh, "I'm sorry, you must have mistaken. I don't mean anything by my words..."

"I'm sure you know better than I do whether there is another meaning to your words. Those that are here today, all come from prestigious backgrounds. For someone like you, isn't your family worried that you are going to go around sparking up trouble?" the words that Xu Qingyan was saying, were words that someone else had once said to her.

"Oh...I don't mean to look down on Luo Xing..."

"I know you have a decent family background, but don't forget, this man's sister is the chairwoman of Tang Corps and his brother-in-law is the CEO of Hai Rui. As for me, I am the heiress of Xu Corps. I don't think you have the right to look down on someone with his identity," Xu Qingyan did not leave the man with an ounce of pride as she embarrassed him in front of all the guests.

In the end, the man's parents couldn't stand it anymore as they rushed over and comforted Xu Qingyan with a few words to settle the issue.

"What is it? Impressed by me?" Xu Qingyan asked a little while after the issue was settled. The two were currently standing on the edge of the lawn observing the engagement ceremony.

"Tell me, if you're so impressive then why did you need my sister to save you at Tang Corps' Annual Celebration?"

"Don't remind me of your rubbish eldest sister. Just the thought of her makes my cheek hurt," Xu Qingyan scoffed. "The situation that day was very different. The engagement party today is a lot more interesting. Song Yanshu obviously has feelings for you, but her fiance is full of arrogance. I'm curious whether she will truly be happy after marrying a man like that."

"I'm not sure," Tang Jingxuan responded. He had once thought that Song Yanshu would be by his side for the rest of his life, even if it was just as colleagues.

"You must have thought she was quite unique in the past, only to realize she was but an average person, right? I don't understand. Is it that hard to be honest with one's feelings?" Xu Qingyan took a deep breath before she took a sip of her champagne. "I guess, everyone thinks differently."

It didn't take long before the engagement ceremony neared its completion. At this time, someone suddenly suggested, "Today is a big day for our bride-to-be. Since our superstar Luo Xing is here today, why don't we ask him to sing us a song as a symbol of their friendship?"

Everyone looked towards Tang Jingxuan and Xu Qingyan and, of course, started cheering.

"Sing a song!"

"Sing a song!"

Originally, a request like this was quite reasonable, but everyone was well aware that Song Yanshu had previously sacrificed her reputation for the sake of Tang Jingxuan and their relationship was quite ambiguous. With this knowledge, someone actually had the audacity to make such a request?

Above all, Tang Jingxuan had already made it clear that, from the moment he retreated from the industry, he was no longer Luo Xing. He was now Tang Jingxuan, the fourth master of Tang Corps!

How could these people ask for such a thing? They obviously viewed Tang Jingxuan's words with no regard.

As a result, Tang Jingxuan furrowed his brows at the crowd. There was no way he was going to perform for them...

Xu Qingyan hated seeing a bunch of people team up against one person. So, she stepped out and said, "My Jingxuan's singing is only for me to hear. If you guys really want to hear someone sing, then I can sing instead. Also, I would like to emphasize that my Jingxuan is no longer Luo Xing."

After speaking, Xu Qingyan stepped forward and grabbed the microphone from the MC's hand...

Initially, everyone thought she was going to sing really well, but to their surprise, she was completely tone deaf.

Everyone covered their ears in discomfort. Only Tang Jingxuan stood below the stage, listening with all his heart.

From the time they were still in school, Xu Qingyan had been the type to consistently start fights and arguments. She often gave off the vibe of a criminal. But, everytime she fought, it was always because she was sticking up for someone else.

So, she was the only bully in school that no one hated.

"Miss Xu, please stop singing..." one of the guests pleaded. Xu Qingyan scoffed and handed the microphone back to the MC.

Some people found her lame, some found her charismatic and some even found her cool. As for Tang Jingxuan, he found her interesting...

Xu Qingyan had always been such an interesting person. She was obviously simple-minded, but her actions were always surprising; shocking everyone that witnessed it.

"I hope, from today onwards, none of you will say that my Jingxuan has any type of ambiguous relationship with Miss Song. He obviously doesn't." After speaking, Xu Qingyan turned and looked at the red-faced groom-to-be, "My Jingxuan is hungry. I think it's time we go have some food. You guys continue with what you were doing."

"Ridiculous, does everyone think they can bully my Jingxuan...?"

Tang Jingxuan watched as Xu Qingyan walked towards him. Although her actions were based on loyalty to an old classmate, it was hard to deny that she was indescribably cool.

"Xuan Baby, let's go."

So, who embarrassed who in the end?

The guests looked at the two couples. It was obvious to see that the only ones that were suffering were Song Yanshu and her fiance.

"I never expected that the heiress of Xu Corps would be this cute."

"Hey, did anyone record her singing? Why did I feel like her singing was like honey to my ears? From now on, if an ex is getting married, I am going to send them this recording and broadcast it in front of everyone. It's quite destructive."

"Hahaha, she is crazy cute!"

Of course, Tang Jingxuan and Xu Qingyan had no idea what the guests were talking about. They simply boarded their car and involuntarily burst out laughing.

"Let me tell you, I love messing up ceremonies and breaking up couples."

"I never thought your singing would be that bad," Tang Jingxuan laughed. It was rare to see him in such a carefree mood.

This time, Xu Qingyan did not joke around as she repeated the song. Her singing was actually really good. But, back at the ceremony, she wasn't going to satisfy them.

"Little Monkey, you're still as cheeky as ever. But, thank you," Tang Jingxuan said sincerely.

"I would do anything to protect my friends."

Tang Jingxuan turned and looked at Xu Qingyan. For a moment, his heart broke as he thought about the times that Xu Qingyan endured violence at home and couldn't retaliate. At times like that, was there anyone that would do anything to protect her?

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