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Chapter 125: Forever Blacklisted

Chapter 125: Forever Blacklisted

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"At just 16-years-old, this child has such a sinister heart..."

"At just 16-years-old, this child had everyone playing into her hands..."

"At just 16-years-old, this child took advantage of the fact that she was still small and did whatever she wanted in the entertainment industry; stirring up drama, time and time again!"

Blair's tone became stronger and more ruthless with each sentence.

The reporters were red in the face with embarrassment, as Blair denounced them - if only they could dig a hole and go into hiding...

"I am not from the entertainment industry and I do not understand how it operates. But, in regards to this gift, since EH is implicated, I definitely have to step out to clear the misunderstanding. I refuse to allow an innocent person to take the blame."

"Miss Lan Yu, not only do I find there's something wrong with your character, I also feel there is a problem with the people providing you guidance. This includes the agency that has covered for you. All they know how to do is talk big to impress people. They took advantage of someone else's fame to boost themselves, yet they didn't realize when they had gone overboard. They even went as far as almost destroying someone."

Blair spoke full of emotion as he expressed his feelings towards what Lan Yu had done. Finally, he felt he had gotten everything off his chest, "Since we have gotten to this point, I just want to say one last thing."

"Mini-Tangning my ass! Is Tangning a model of Star Age? What right do you think you have to expect Tangning to help boost one of your artists? You even tried to force her to show up in front of you so you could use her to create hype. And when she didn't show up, you claimed she was petty and was bullying the weak!"

"Where are your values?!"

"If you think you are so generous, then why don't you place the word 'Mini' in front of your name and give it to someone to use? If that person takes your name to partake in illegal activities; if they take your name to commit crimes and steal, would you still be certain of your decision? Can you still be happy? If you can't do it, how could you expect Tangning to do it?"

"Yes, Lan Yu is just 16-years-old. But if a 16-year-old commits a crime, are they not wrong?"

"When this incident first started off, I was shocked. How could there be such a sinister person in this world who can't differentiate between good and bad. Worst of all, this person was only 16-years-old..."

"Everything I say today is on behalf of the entire EH..."

"From this point onwards, none of EH's partner companies or subsidiaries will have anything to do with Lan Yu."

"Let me declare that this name will forever be on our blacklist."

"Above all, we only acknowledge one Tangning - no size differentiation!"

Blair was fired up and each word that came out of his mouth was firm. It seemed he said these words after hitting the limit of his anger...

...words that came from his heart!

He used definitive evidence to slap both Lan Yu and Star Age in the face. He also shocked the netizens and ridiculed the media...

After speaking, Blair turned to the media and bowed signaling the end of his speech. He left the trouble-causing reporters standing bewildered in the room.

They were shocked by the truth: Tangning had not bullied Lan Yu, rather, Lan Yu had used Tangning to create hype...

A result like this completely caught everyone by surprise!

Blair's slap came too quickly and too abruptly...

Star Age's waiting room. Lan Yu was still unaware of the events unfolding as she played with the fragrance bottle in her hands. Not long after, the Artists Director of Star Age, threw open the door, grabbed Lan Yu and threw a slap across her face...

The model had been hit...

"Did Lan Yu get hit?!"

The staff gathered around the doorway and peered in nosily. But, they were intimidated by the piercing look in the director's eyes.

Lan Yu did not feel like she deserved the slap as she covered her cheek with one hand while questioning the director, "What gives you the right to slap me? And for what reason would you do this?"

"Have a look yourself!" the director threw his tablet at Lan Yu so she could face the consequences herself.

Lan Yu looked at the tablet curiously.

The popular topic of EH's evidence was all over the internet. It turned out, the gift she received from Tangning, was actually from EH.

Yet, here she was using this gift to create hype.

"Don't even think about overtaking Tangning. Even if you had a hundred years, you wouldn't be able to catch up to her. Didn't your manager try to persuade you to stop while you were ahead? How dare you speak back arrogantly? Are you happy now that the entire agency is going down with you?!"

The director did not sugar coat his words because right now online, people were condemning both Star Age and Lan Yu.

Like that, Lan Yu was thrown into a point of no redemption without Tangning having to even make an appearance or waste any energy. But, was everything really just a coincidence?

"Indeed, trust Tangning to withstand the test of time...this 16-year-old b*tch was much too sinister. I can't believe I even put in good words for her."

"Seeing the scheme-filled Lan Yu makes me suddenly feel like I've gotten old. I really need to bow down to her; bow down to her shamelessness."

"These past couple days, all we've been doing is team up on Tangning. Looking at how badly Tangning was insulted, I feel a little guilty."

"Tangning, sorry...we are all apologizing to you...Mini-Tangning my ass! She was a complete disappointment..."

"Tangning, sorry..."

"Tangning, we were wrong. We now know that you were the actual victim."


After the evidence was revealed, her face was slapped and netizens had stepped out to apologize to Tangning, however...Lan Yu did not give a response; she was finally scared. At this time...she fell onto the icy cold floor in helplessness.

The entire internet was covered in angry comments. The content of these comments were extremely harsh; even worse than what Tangning had experienced earlier. Tangning had already found the insults hard to digest, let alone a 16-year-old child...

However, no one pitied or sympathized with her, because she deserved it and asked for it!

Lan Yu and her assistant were alone in the empty waiting room. Lan Yu suddenly turned around and blamed her assistant angrily, "You were the one that posted the photo up, it has nothing to do with me..."

After hearing Lan Yu's words, her assistant was frightened. She could tell what Lan Yu meant: she wanted her to take on the blame!

Her assistant sneered as she threw her leather bag onto the floor, "I quit!"

After speaking, her assistant walked out. Just as she was leaving the building, however, a white car pulled up in front of her. Sitting inside was a refreshingly handsome man.

"Get in."

"You are..."

"I am Tangning's manager. My surname is An!"

Lan Yu's assistant didn't understand what this man could possibly want from her. But, thinking about Lan Yu's actions, she impulsively pulled open An Zihao's car door and stepped inside. The two disappeared from the entrance of Star Age...

"You...Why did you come look for me?"

"I am here to help you!" An Zihao said as he drove, "I'm sure Star Age plans on getting you to take on all the blame. This is how they've always handled things in the entertainment industry. After all, is it worse to sacrifice an artist or a mere assistant?"

Translator's Thoughts

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Wow! That was a huge face slap from Blair. I wonder what An Zihao plans to do with the assistant.

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