Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 545: I Am His First Love

Chapter 545: I Am His First Love



"Jingxuan, you sure are thoughtful."

"Get in, sweetie," Tang Jingxuan smiled gently. After ensuring that Xu Qingyan was seated properly, he walked around to the driver's seat.

As Ye Lan watched this scene, a fire burned ferociously inside her. Although she had married a rich tycoon and stepped all over Xu Qingyan throughout the years, Father Xu was still an old man and there were many things he couldn't do. For example, there was no way that he could provide her with the warmth and romance that a normal man would.

So, as she watched Tang Jingxuan treat Xu Qingyan thoughtfully, she was so tempted to run up and tear Xu Qingyan's pretty face apart...


"Haha, that's the first time I've seen Ye Lan with that expression. How satisfying!" Within the sports car, every time Xu Qingyan remembered the expression on Ye Lan's face, she would cheer excitedly in a satisfied tone.

"Are you in pain?" Tang Jingxuan suddenly asked.

"Why would I be in pain?" Xu Qingyan asked as she turned to look at Tang Jingxuan.

Tang Jingxuan wanted to tell her that he had bought some medicine and it was in the glove box of the car; it was his way of caring for an old classmate. But, seeing that Xu Qingyan did not treat the injuries on her body like they existed, he couldn't possibly tell her that he had witnessed the entire scene the previous night.

"It's nothing...You look beautiful today."

Tang Jingxuan's words came genuinely from his heart. After all, Xu Qingyan was lively and her bright eyes were full of spirit. It seemed, she was quite an interesting person. She didn't suck up to others, nor did she know how to be sneaky; she was so straightforward that she was hard to hate. She was a rare breed.

"When have I ever been not beautiful?" Xu Qingyan smiled confidently. "By the way, where are we going today?"

"Attending a friend's engagement party."

"Don't tell's your ex-manager. I've heard about your relationship with her."

"Yes, it's her engagement party. But, there's nothing between us," Tang Jingxuan explained.

"Liar. If there really is nothing, why would you need someone to accompany you to help boost your confidence? If there really is nothing, would you keep falling into a daze? I'm straightforward, but I'm not stupid," Xu Qingyan laughed. "So...was she the one that dumped you? Or did you dump her?"

"We never started...She's always had someone else in her heart."

"Understood. Don't worry, I will definitely help protect my old classmate's fragile little heart," Xu Qingyan declared as she patted her heart. But, because she was a little rough, she realized she still had an injury on her chest. As a result, she quickly reacted by holding her chest and letting out a slight cry of pain.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm fine," Xu Qingyan quickly composed herself.

"You know, you look like an easy target for bullies," Tang Jingxuan laughed. "You obviously received the short end of the stick, but you keep telling yourself that the short end is a blessing."

"That's because no one can defeat this heroine, OK? Once upon a time, I lived quite a rough life."

"Yes, I've heard. You supposedly ran away from home before. But, you spent 3000rmb in 2 days and returned home in a defeated manner."

" I really that famous?" Xu Qingyan brushed her hair behind her ear awkwardly. At this time, Tang Jingxuan noticed a small mole on her left cheekbone - it was quite unique.

Tang Jingxuan shrugged his shoulders with a smile and did not respond. All the embarrassing things that Xu Qingyan had done in the past was enough to fill an entire book.

Her mother had passed away and her father often hit her, so back then, in the eyes of everyone, she was seen as a rebellious student. But, because of her, everyone's school life had become a lot more entertaining.

"Hey...did you notice that there are a lot of cameras pointed our way?" Xu Qingyan noticed as the car pulled up at a red light.

Even though Tang Jingxuan had announced his retreat from the music industry, he was still Luo Xing. This was the undeniable truth.

"Don't worry about what others think," Tang Jingxuan replied calmly. "I am now but an average businessman, not a celebrity. As soon as they get bored, they will leave us alone."

Xu Qingyan let out a gentle laugh and nodded her head. She had noticed a change in Tang Jingxuan's state of mind.

The Tang Jingxuan in the past compared to the current Tang Jingxuan were two completely different people...


It didn't take long before they arrived at Song Yanshu's engagement party. As there were a large number of guests, Tang Jingxuan's appearance was bound to cause quite a stir. After all, Song Yanshu had once risked her reputation for Tang Jingxuan. But, how their relationship had fallen to this level was still a mystery.

"Isn't that Luo Xing?"

"I never expected him to attend today."

"After not seeing him for a few days, he seems to have gotten more handsome."

"He couldn't have come to steal the bride, right?"

"Are you guys blind? Can't you see the beauty next to him?"

As everyone watched Tang Jingxuan walk by, they couldn't help but gossip about him as they observed his every move. At this time, Xu Qingyan gently leaned her head on Tang Jingxuan's shoulder and whispered, "These people seem like they want to swallow you alive."

"It's fine once you get used to it," Tang Jingxuan laughed.

"The bride is over there, do you want to walk over?" Xu Qingyan pointed to a corner of the lawn.

Tang Jingxuan looked over as he grabbed a glass of champagne from one of the passing waiters. He then led Xu Qingyan over to the wedding dress adorned Song Yanshu.

Song Yanshu also spotted Tang Jingxuan as she became overcome with indescribable emotions. Especially when she saw the woman beside him, the unhappiness she felt was even harder to hide.

"I can tell that Song Yanshu has feelings for you..."

Tang Jingxuan did not respond as he hooked his arm around Xu Qingyan's shoulder and smiled at Song Yanshu, "Congratulations."

"Thank you for coming," Song Yanshu lifted her glass to cheers Tang Jingxuan. "By the way, this is...?"

"I am his first love," Xu Qingyan cut in.

Tang Jingxuan was immediately defeated by Xu Qingyan's answer as he let out a laugh.

"Why are you laughing? Am I not your first love? You dreamed abut me from primary school until high school..."

"Yes," Tang Jingxuan nodded. "But, who introduces themselves like that?"

In reality, everyone was well aware that Song Yanshu's family were quite prominent and her fiance wasn't any less in comparison. He appeared tall and handsome as he looked over at his fiancee and noticed that she was talking to her previous employer. He began to boil in anger as he walked over to them, "Luo Xing, you've returned. Welcome to our engagement party."

"Thank you, congratulations."

The two men had previously gone up against each other in private. So, the man deliberately flaunted his victory in front of Tang Jingxuan.

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