Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 542: Yanshu is Getting Engaged

Chapter 542: Yanshu is Getting Engaged

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Ye Lan had been eliminated!

Even though Ye Lan knew the results, there was nothing she could do. It was impossible to bribe the judges, so all she could do was slander Tangning to create dislike towards her. But, in the end, she lost to Tangning by one vote.

That night, Ye Lan sat at home sulking to her husband, "Hubby, I can't accept this result. I've already been the female lead in 5 films and it wasn't easy for me to get this opportunity. How could Tangning compare when she's only been in two films?"

"Tangning is, after all, our business partner. You shouldn't mind too much."

"She is your business partner, not mine. Plus, Old Man Xu, your daughter tried to threaten me earlier. She said she was going to side with Tangning. Could your daughter have influenced the result in some way?"

Just as Ye Lan was sulking, Xu Qingyan appeared from upstairs and looked coldly at the two people in the living room, "You are younger than my father by 25 years, please don't rub yourself all over him - it's disgusting!"


"Qingyan, how could you speak to your mother like that?" Father Xu's icy cold voice resonated through the room, "Did you do anything behind-the-scenes to cause your mother to be eliminated?"

"I'm sure you both know what type of person Tangning is. If she wants something, then everyone has no choice but to make way for her," Xu Qingyan laughed. "Luckily, I get along quite well with Tangning. It seems, I may need to hang around with her a bit more often. That way I can learn how to rid my home of evil energy."

After speaking, Xu Qingyan turned to leave. However, Father Xu immediately stood up and roared, "Stay right there!"

Xu Qingyan heard him clearly, but she did not look back. At this time, Father Xu suddenly ran up behind her and punched her in the back, around her hip area.


...was sometimes synonymous with this family.

Meanwhile, Ye Lan stood watching with her arms crossed and laughed loudly...

Xu Qingyan lay on the icy cold floor, but her stubborn nature refused to plead for mercy. After standing up, she simply returned to her bedroom.

She believed that karma existed in this world and a cheap person was bound to be eventually dealt with by God.


It didn't take long before all the nomination lists for the Fei Tian Awards were released to the public. Tangning's name was, of course, amongst these lists.

Afterwards, the amusing incident with Elder Mo being asked to cancel his vote was spread around like a joke. Of course, this was proof that Elder Mo had not been bias. In fact, to avoid doubt, he had no intention to vote for Tangning whatsoever. It also proved that his request for the votes to be reviewed was indeed an objective decision and wasn't a subjective request.

Tangning had entered the final 5!

But, it hadn't been an easy path to take. So, how was actually receiving the award going to be like?

Seeing Tangning's name on the nomination list, quite a few people immediately called to congratulate her. Amongst these people, was Song Yanshu.

Although Tangning didn't have much to say to her, she still treated her politely out of courtesy.

"Ning Jie, I am truly happy for you."

"Thank you," Tangning replied in a distant manner. Even though they had once been friends, because of Tang Jingxuan, they had drifted further and further apart.

"Errr...would you happen to have news about Luo Xing?" Song Yanshu asked, even though she had a feeling that Tangning would not tell her.

"Yanshu, stop thinking about someone that has already left. Focus on your own life," Tangning replied straightforwardly. "I know you feel guilty, but, you really don't need to."

"Ning be honest, I still like him." Song Yanshu may have gathered all her courage to reveal this, but to Tang Jingxuan, these words had come too late. "I never thought he'd react so seriously. It was beyond my expectations..."

"He has always been a serious person, you should know this. But, a part of your heart has always been with someone else, so you've never been certain," Tangning directly exposed Song Yanshu's true thoughts. "Yanshu, what's passed is in the past..."

"You're right. What's passed is in the past. I simply wanted to notify you that I'm getting engaged."

"In that case, congratulations."

She was already getting engaged, yet she was calling to reveal that she had another man in her heart. Tangning could not understand Song Yanshu's views on love.

"Thank you. I know you don't want to hear my voice right now. Sorry to have bothered you, Ning Jie."

"It's fine. I wish you happiness," Tangning said, before she hung up the phone.

Tangning knew the situation between the three people clearly. Because of this, she did not want Tang Jingxuan to be dragged back into the messy web of love. He had been hurt by Xia Jingyi once and hurt by Song Yanshu once, wasn't that already enough of a lesson?

Even so, Tangning still decided to give Tang Jingxuan a phone call, "Yanshu is getting engaged. I felt that you should know about this."

"Sister Three, I am a lot better now. I'll return in a couple days. It's only right for me to go to her engagement party and congratulate her in person," Tang Jingxuan replied calmly.

"It's your choice," Tangning could clearly tell that there wasn't an ounce of sadness in Tang Jingxuan's voice. Perhaps, he had truly dragged himself out of the depressing swamp of love.


"You should take someone with you. You are, after all, the Fourth Master of the Tang Family. Don't let others look down on you," Tangning thoughtfully reminded.

"I understand."

After Tang Jingxuan hung up the phone, he immediately contacted Song Yanshu. This was something that Song Yanshu had never expected. Especially since Tang Jingxuan's voice appeared extremely calm, "Congratulations, my sister told me you're getting engaged."

"Are you...coming back to Beijing?" Song Yanshu asked with complex emotions.

"Yes," Tang Jingxuan nodded. "Regardless of everything that's happened, you indeed helped me in the past. I will never forget what you've done for me. So, I will definitely attend your engagement."

"Great, I'll see you then."

Song Yanshu actually had a lot that she wanted to say to Tang Jingxuan, but... the words reached the edge of her lips, they transformed into polite small talk.

Tang Jingxuan had agreed to attend her engagement...

He was going to attend!


The final nominees for the Fei Tian Awards had been officially announced and the date of the ceremony was set for February 13th; the day before Valentine's Day.

Song Yanshu's engagement party was to be held in 3 days time. At this time, Tangning received a surprising phone call. It was a call from the heiress of Xu Corps, Xu Qingyan.

If not for what happened at Tang Corps' Annual Celebration, she may have already forgotten about this person. But, as soon as Tangning thought about the image of Tang Xuan being taught a lesson, she immediately remembered the pretty and extravagant young lady.

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