Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 540: I Feel a Little Wronged!

Chapter 540: I Feel a Little Wronged!

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The Fei Tian Awards was a prestigious award; insiders couldn't possibly let anyone know of their internal disagreement. So, Tangning couldn't possibly believe that outsiders received information from an inside source.

Every single Fei Tian Award in the past had gone through heated arguments, but the organizers always stepped out to end it in fear of an ensuing fight. So, when it came to Tangning, would they really expose her to the public's judgment? If they did this, it wouldn't matter if Tangning received an award or not, she would still be criticized.

If she didn't receive it, others would say that she caused such a huge commotion only to go home empty-handed and she would be treated like a joke.

And if she did receive it, everyone would say it's because she had a strong backing. As a result, the award would lose its original significance.

But, was this predicament a coincidence?

The more fair a place appeared, the more darkness it had hidden behind-the-scenes; this was something that Tangning understood well.

She didn't care who she was up against nor what their motive was. As long as someone made a move, she would fight back without any fears.


Late at night. Hyatt Regency.

The light in the study room was still on and Mo Ting was still seated in front of the computer, tapping away at his keyboard. Tangning peeked in at her husband through the slight gap of the door as she supported her belly. There was no doubt he was working on her issue.

However, she did not open the door and enter. Because she understood, from the moment that she decided to give up being a model to pursue acting, Mo Ting had felt guilty towards her.

And this times incident was obvious that someone was trying to provoke Hai Rui and provoke him!

"It's cold outside, go back to bed," Mo Ting did not lift his head, but he was well aware that Tangning was standing outside the door. Tangning was a little surprised as a smile appeared on her face.

"I haven't been able to sleep well lately. It's been a while since I've seen my husband's manly face."

Mo Ting lifted his head and took a deep breath before he waved his wife over, "Come, hurry over..."

Tangning opened the door, walked over to Mo Ting and successfully slipped into his embrace, "Hubby..."


"Don't worry, I won't get involved with the way you handle PR this time because I view this award highly. I can't possibly say that it doesn't matter to me whether I win it or not. I'm not generous to the point where I'd happily give it to someone else."

Mo Ting hugged Tangning as he nodded his head, "No one can stop you from getting what you deserve...I bet these people have forgotten who your manager is!"

Tangning looked into Mo Ting's eyes. The couple had long developed an understanding​ towards each other, so there was no way that Tangning didn't know what Mo Ting had planned.


Since the issue had escalated to this point and varied opinions filled the internet, Hai Rui had no choice but to speak up and put everyone back on the right track.

So, the next morning, Hai Rui released a statement to reaffirm the fairness of The Fei Tian Awards. Firstly, in the eyes of the public, this decade-old award was well-trusted and was held in high esteem, so its fairness couldn't possibly be doubted just because of Tangning.

Following on, Mo Ting posted up a letter addressed to fans. The title of the letter was simple: "Why I nominated Tangning for the Fei Tian Awards!"

In reality, Mo Ting's motive was to tell everyone that Tangning deserved to win an award. But, he simply chose a more widely accepted approach to not attract dislike.

Within the letter, the recipients of The Best Newcomer Fei Tian Awards for the last 3 years were used as examples. And the film critics that critiqued them for those respective years were also mentioned. He did not compare Tangning to her current competitors because he believed, even if he wasn't related to Tangning and he was viewing the situation from an entirely neutral position, Tangning's acting was obviously better than the others.

"Tangning is capable, but we can't deny that she has a strong backing in the form of Hai Rui."

"The competition seems fierce for this year's Best Newcomer Award...I'm looking forward to a good show."

"Ye Lan is also quite impressive. It's rare to find someone that can act so well as a blind person."

"I feel that the public has exaggerated the influence that Tangning has. She actually keeps a very low profile. It's just, everyone views her as a legend..."

"If this issue continues, even if Tangning is actually the best, the organizers couldn't possibly give her the award...I don't know why I feel a little wronged on behalf of Tangning!"

Actually, people within the industry could tell that no matter who competed for this award, Tangning was still the biggest competitor. This was because, not only was Tangning capable, she also had the support of Hai Rui and Mo Ting...

She had a continuous aura that was dazzling and intimidating!


Meanwhile, over at the Xu Household.

The heiress of the Xu Household had just returned from a camping trip and was still dressed in athletic clothing.

As she walked towards the living room, she spotted her father and the woman she hated, sitting on the sofa, chatting and laughing. She was emotionless as she approached them and gave a dull greeting, before she turned and left. As she walked away, she briefly heard the woman say, "Thank you, Second Master. If not for your assistance, I don't know how I would have gone up against Tangning."

Second Master Xu said in a businessman's attitude as he hugged the woman with one arm and smoked a cigar with the other, "After being with me for so many years, your only hobby has been acting. Since you wanted an award, is there anything I can't give you?"

Hearing the two flirting in the living room, the heiress scoffed in disgust. Although she walked away like nothing happened, the word 'Tangning' continued to resonate in her mind.

She had a deep impression of the woman who had helped her retrieve her pride at Tang Corps' Annual Celebration. She was a woman that the heiress greatly admired...

It turned out, the news that had been spreading about Tangning over the last couple of days, was all because the woman that was currently sitting in her home.

After getting changed, the heiress returned to the living room. Seeing the woman was all alone on the sofa, she walked over and sat down beside her, "You've always been a sneaky person. But, I never thought you'd be sly even when it comes to receiving an award."

"What are you talking about?" the woman asked as her face turned red.

"Am I wrong? I admit your acting is not bad, but you must be intimidated by Tangning, aren't you? Otherwise, you wouldn't use my father and his contacts to go around and slander Tangning."

"Xu Qingyan, you better show me some respect! I am, after all, your stepmother!"

"If I remember correctly, you're younger than me, right?" Xu Qingyan scoffed "So what if you're my stepmother? In this household, the only person that is blood-related to my father, is me. If you have the capability, why don't you give him another child?"


Xu Qingyan couldn't be bothered wasting her breath on the woman for another second. However, just before she left, she added one last thing, "I actually quite like Tangning. If given a choice, I would definitely side with her..."

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