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Chapter 539: The Deserved Fairness

Chapter 539: The Deserved Fairness

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"Since you guys are seated in this position and are judges, please display your professionalism and objectiveness. What you should be focused on, is an actor's abilities and not their experience."

"I've already said what I needed to say. If you still feel the need to eliminate Tangning, then I have no objections. But, please provide a reasonable explanation for your decision. Otherwise, the public and I won't be easily convinced," Elder Mo crossed his arms in front of his chest and leaned back in his chair. "Let's go around the table. Tell me what you honestly think."

Everyone hesitated for a moment before a senior film critic adjusted the glasses on his nose and responded, "The Fei Tian Awards represents the highest quality art form in the country and is currently held in the highest regard. The person we choose, not only needs to be great at acting, but also needs to be respected by the public."

"The reason I want to eliminate Tangning is simple, it's because she has too many enemies in the industry. She has a bad reputation, she's arrogant, and she's broken too many rules within the industry."

"When it comes to acting, all 10 nominees can act. But, while some stick to their responsibilities, others create headlines all day long."

"She hasn't produced many films, but news about her has continuously carried on from the beginning of the year until the end. That's why I don't like her."

Elder Mo nodded his head and asked the others, "What about you guys? Do you also think this way?"

"More or less..."

"Me too..."

"If this is your way of being objective, then you should do some research into the other nominees. Do you truly understand all of them?" Elder Mo questioned. "I would like to know, how does Tangning have a bad reputation?"

Everyone was suddenly faced with a difficult question. But, they maintained their opinion.

"Fine, since none of you have anything to say, it must mean you truly dislike Tangning and won't vote for her sincerely; I won't force you. I'll simply show you one last thing," Elder Mo waved at a staff member and whispered a few words into his ear.

No one could predict what Elder Mo had planned. All they could do was wait as the staff retrieved behind-the-scenes footage from 'W.H.'.

Elder Mo disregarded everything else and directly broadcasted the footage onto the screen.

He allowed everyone to clearly witness how Tangning filmed her fight scenes in water, how she escaped from the jungle and how she put in all her effort to practice when no one was looking...

"When it comes to filming, she puts in as much effort as everyone else. In fact, she may suffer a bit more than the average actor. Did you all think that the film was easy to make? She worked on it, one step at a time. How could you disregard the hard work of others because of your prejudice?"

"I have no say when it comes to her other identities. But, when it comes to being an actress, I don't understand why you are all against her."

"Also, when it comes to reputation, it seems we are living in very different worlds. From what I know, Tangning's fans truly admire her and she is loved by almost everyone in Beijing. I don't understand why you think she is full of enemies. And arrogant? Huh? Please explain!"

Everyone lowered their heads, unable to refute.

"How about this, let's postpone the selection for another day. I'll let you all go home and think things over carefully before we come to a decision."

Sometimes, one could not explain why they disliked someone. Perhaps, these people did not like that a simple woman like Tangning could perform better than a man.

"Let's postpone until tomorrow. We can come to a decision tomorrow."

Everyone probably felt that Elder Mo was asking for the votes to be reviewed, simply because he was trying to justify for Tangning's flaws. This was the first time something like this had occurred during the Fei Tian Awards.

"No matter when it gets postponed until, my decision is firm," the man with the glasses said, before he stood up and left the room.

This was destined to be an unhappy discussion.

Of course, this was not something that was unexpected of the Fei Tian Awards. After all, the judging panel consisted of well-experienced professionals. So, for the sake of art, they would argue over the smallest detail. But, it did not sound good when news of the disagreement spread to the masses. After all, with Elder Mo and Tangning's relationship, Elder Mo was bound to be suspected of being bias towards his granddaughter-in-law, regardless of what he did.

"Is there even a question as to who would win the Fei Tian Award? It's bound to be Tangning."

"According to sources from within the industry, a decision was already set, but Elder Mo refused to accept the results. It seems, he is determined to make Tangning win."

"Is the Fei Tian Awards going to lose its usual fairness?"

During this incident, the votes that belonged to Tangning were cleared, while the nomination that belonged to her, was considered as 'having back-up'...

For Tangning, the situation seemed a bit bleak.


"President, how should we handle the matter?" Lu Che asked worriedly as he stood inside Mo Ting's office. "I don't understand why these people are so blind."

"Although Elder Mo attracted a lot of trouble, he actually did something good for once. At least he gave Tangning a chance to have the votes reviewed."

"What if the results don't change?"

Mo Ting did not respond, so Lu Che did not dare to continue asking. After all, the problem this time was a lot more difficult than usual.

"We need to solve the displeasure that these people have."

He did not expect them to be objective, but he at least hoped that they wouldn't use a casual reason to eliminate Tangning from top 5.


"I never thought that receiving an award would be this difficult," Long Jie said as she supported Tangning while they strolled through the gardens of Hyatt Regency.

"It has never been an easy task to achieve. Just like it wasn't easy to become a supermodel," Tangning sighed.

"But, doesn't your heart ache? You were originally deserving of the award, but now, even if you win, you will simply feel relief rather than excitement."

"I believe that the organising committee will give me a fair judgment. The Fei Tian Awards is, after all, the Fei Tian Awards, they will definitely protect its glory."

"You are always so confident," Long Jie grinned disdainfully, "If I was you, I would have given up hope a long time ago."

Tangning was unfazed because she had long expected that plenty of people would compete for such a precious award...

Plus, she was never one to sit around and do nothing.

While Long Jie was in a panic, Tangning smiled as she shook Long Jie's arms, "Don't worry. What is mine, is mine, no one can take it away from me."

"You have a plan, don't you?" Long Jie suddenly realized an underlying message to Tangning's words.

"I will simply get the fairness that I deserve," Tangning said with a deeper meaning as she turned her head.

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