Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 537: You Don't Mind Getting a Little Bloody?

Chapter 537: You Don't Mind Getting a Little Bloody?

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Tang Xuan tried to imagine Tangning's recent figure in detail. In the end, her lips curved upwards in self-mockery, "Is there any difference to me whether she is pregnant or not? I've already lost everything..."

After all, everyone in the Tang Family already knew about her bad deeds. Would anyone still show her pity?


"I'm sure you will make a fair sum of money if you reveal this to the paparazzi," the caretaker joked.


Over the past few days, because of the end of the year, everyone's attention was focused on the Fei Tian Awards.

The Fei Tian Awards was a recognition from professionals in the field. This year's main judge was the previous winner of The Fei Tian Lifetime Contribution Award. Under him were 2 team leaders and over 20 well-experienced artists, actors and directors. Elder Mo was one of these team leaders.

As it was almost time to announce the nominees for all categories, the judges were frantically trying to get their votes in. However, Mo Ting only signed Tangning up for The Best Newcomer Award using 'W.H.'.

The Best Newcomer Award...

On the surface, it appeared like an easy award to win. But, in reality, there was a large number of nominees and they were all equally talented.

The judges were to go through three rounds of voting to select 10 of the best for discussions. Eventually, through methods of elimination, they would settle on the final 5 nominees.

Of course, everyone still had to wait patiently to see what results 'W.H.' would get.

Meanwhile, the audience votes had also begun. As soon as voting started online, fans immediately flocked to cast their votes.

At this time, a small interlude happened.

Because Tangning's character in her latest film was very popular, plenty of fans decided to cast votes for her. So many fans tried to log on at the same time that the website ended up crashing. When voting finally resumed, it was discovered that the organizers had wiped a few of the nominees' votes completely clean. This was because they believed that some fans had cheated and cast multiple votes.

"Cheating? Does our Tangning need to cheat?" Long Jie was sitting in front of the computer. Seeing that the other nominees had hundreds of thousands of votes while Tangning's​ were only two figures, Long Jie couldn't help but point out the injustice.

"Up until this point, the Fei Tian Awards has always been fair. If the organizers say that someone cheated, then they cheated," Lu Che said as he held onto his coffee cup and leaned against Long Jie's​ seat.

"What do you mean?" Long Jie glared at Lu Che.

Seeing his wife's reaction, Lu Che immediately put down his coffee cup and sat down beside her, "Of course I'm not trying to say that the Madam is cheating. What I mean is...someone deliberately gave their competitors fake votes."

Long Jie nodded her head, "It only counts for 20% of the total, is it necessary?"

"How is it not necessary?" Lu Che began to explain, "Perhaps, you don't view any significance in this 20%. But, as long as it could be a deciding factor for the final results, other people aren't going to stupid. Why wouldn't one fight for every single vote they can get?"

"What should we do now?" Long Jie asked in a frustrated manner as she looked at Tangning's votes.

She had only ever been the manager of a model, so she didn't know much about the film and television industry. There were many underhanded methods that she wasn't aware of.

"Right now, it's still impossible to find out who did it..." Lu Che replied with a dull tone.

"So, Tangning can't do anything but to take the blame?"

"It may not be a bad thing," Lu Che said with a deeper meaning.

Long Jie did not understand what Lu Che was thinking; she simply trusted her husband. But, she couldn't help but feel a little anxious. After all, this decided whether Tangning would win an award fairly.

"That's enough. We should believe in the Madam and get some rest." Lu Che noticed Long Jie still looked troubled, so he directly lifted her in his arms.

"Lu Che..."

"I almost forgot, there's something I want to discuss with you," Lu Che said gently after he put her down on the soft bed.


"I've already discussed it with my parents. I want a DINK (Dual Income, No Kids) family!"

Long Jie was stunned for a moment before she asked, "Is it because I can't fall pregnant?"

"How long have we been married? It's normal to not have kids yet. There are plenty of couples that don't have kids until they've been married for a few years. What do you mean you can't fall pregnant?" Lu Che couldn't help but knock her on the head. "Can you stop assuming that you can't fall pregnant? What if I'm the one that has a problem?"

"You're strong and healthy, how could you have any problems?"

"Well, that's what I told my parents. I told them there's something wrong with me, so they wouldn't get any weird thoughts."

"What?" Long Jie's voice increased in volume, "How could you say that to your parents? If I suddenly fall pregnant one day, would they think that I've had an affair?"

After hearing this, Lu Che burst out laughing, "You always speak before thinking."

"But, I remember that you've always liked kids..."

"If I have to compare kids to you, I like you much more," Lu Che suddenly hugged Long Jie and buried his head into her neck, " You probably don't know how much you mean to me. I don't want you to spend every day just thinking about having kids."

Hearing this, Long Jie was quite surprised...

Out of nowhere, her eyes began to heat up as tears naturally rolled out, one drop at a time.

Although their identities weren't significant or famous, Long Jie knew that she was holding true happiness in her arms.

"Who cares about having kids...I haven't enjoyed the relationship between the two of us enough yet."

Lu Che sat up and smiled as he kissed her tears away. Just as he was about to move down to her lips, Long Jie suddenly gripped onto his hands and said apologetically, "I have my period..."

"What bad timing..." Lu Che flipped over and lay on his back.

" don't mind getting a little bloody?"

"What are you thinking about? Go to sleep!" Lu Che tapped Long Jie on the head. After a gentle show of violence, he pulled his woman into his arms and hugged her to sleep.

He wasn't Mo Ting, so he knew that what he wanted to give Long Jie wasn't any award, empire or glory; all he wanted to give her, was a warm and happy home.


The next morning, after the vote-clearing incident, Tangning's vote count once again caught up to the others. Her fans were indeed powerful and loyal.

But, that night, her votes were once again cleared...

Inside the living room of Hyatt Regency, Mo Ting looked at what had happened and furrowed his brows, "I think we can lock down on the culprit very soon."

Tangning lay down on Mo Ting's lap and said in a gentle voice, "We can't avoid this. Even if my votes keep catching up, it may still end up getting cleared."

"But, you must not know, if someone is suspected of cheating three times, they will immediately be disqualified from audience votes."

"The public won't care if you've been framed or not. All they know is, your votes are always the highest, but keeps getting cleared."

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