Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 536: Tangning Is Also Pregnant?

Chapter 536: Tangning Is Also Pregnant?

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Hearing this, everyone was stunned as they held onto their red wine glasses and looked at each other. At this time, the most shocked person was none other than Tang Xuan, who directly jumped right out of her seat.

As the announcement came too sudden. It was practically like a huge bomb had been thrown upon them...

At first, the staff did not know how to respond. But then, Mo Ting suddenly started clapping. Everyone quickly joined in as they erupted into an applause.

"That's great!"

"Wow, amazing!"

Not only was there clapping, but because of their excitement, the staff also erupted in sharp screams and cheers. They were truly convinced by Tangning. If it was someone else, they may not have easily accepted it.

This was a true example of a well-deserved result!

"Xiao Ning, there are so many eyes on you. Do you still want to reject my offer? Grandfather doesn't expect you to focus 100% of your energy on Tang Corps, you simply need to protect the Tang Family's foundations and pass the company on through the generations. That's all you need to do for grandfather to be satisfied."

Tangning looked at Elder Tang and then turned to look at Mo Ting. Finally, she placed her gaze upon the out of control Tang Xuan and nodded her head, "Grandfather, I'll do the best I can."

"Great, that's great," Elder Tang took a deep breath like he had lifted a huge load off his shoulders. Now that Tangning had finally agreed to take over Tang Corps, he no longer needed to worry about the future of the company.

However, just as everyone was celebrating that Tangning had accepted the role of chairwoman, a shrill scream suddenly resonated from the crowd, "Blood...She's bleeding!"


[Tang Corps to undergo changes: Tangning takes over while Tang Xuan has a miscarriage!]

[Sisterly fight reaches new heights: Tang Xuan gets kicked out of Tang Corps three times; resulting anger leads to miscarriage!]

[Tangning a winner at life: leads the box office and becomes chairwoman of Tang Corps at the same time]

The hottest news in Beijing at the moment was focused around Tangning becoming the chairwoman of Tang Corps and Tang Xuan having a miscarriage and being sent to the hospital.

Of course, it was true that Tang Xuan had started bleeding at the Annual Celebration, but the child in her stomach was fine after the doctors stabilized her condition.

Tang Corps' Annual Celebration was the highlight of the year, but no one expected that it would end because of Tang Xuan being sent to the hospital.

Inside the quiet VIP hospital room, Tang Xuan was hooked up to a drip as she leaned weakly against the headboard. Her face looked pale and exhausted.

Elder Tang walked in with his walking stick and sat down on the edge of Tang Xuan's bed, while Assistant Leng and Xia Yuling stood to one side. Although there were plenty of people watching over her, none of them were people that she wanted to see.

"Grandfather, don't you think you were too ruthless?" Tang Xuan suddenly said with a raspy voice after a moment of silence. Tears slowly seeped out of her eyes, "I am your granddaughter as well. Why do you only dote on Tangning?"

"You've given Tangning the entire Tang Corps and haven't left me with even a dime..."

"Do you know how much hate I feel?"

After hearing Tang Xuan's words, Elder Tang lowered his head for a moment before looking up and saying, "The most important thing for you right now is to take care of yourself. The doctor said you almost had a miscarriage."

" could you go to such extremes?"

"Tang Xuan..." Xia Yuling spoke up on behalf of Elder Tang, but Elder Tang held her back.

"Perhaps, to you, I may seem really cruel because I am the most ruthless towards you," after a short pause, he continued, "But, have you ever wondered why?"

Tang Xuan looked away without responding.

It was almost like Elder Tang's mistreatment of her was the entire cause of everything that had happened.

"Grandfather once loved you and even hurt Tangning for over 20 years because of you. But, what did I get in return? Xiao Xuan, be honest with me. What did you do to Xiao Ning?"

Tang Xuan suddenly froze. She did not dare to look Elder Tang in the eyes because of guilt.

"You've done plenty of bad things in the past, but grandfather has always turned a blind eye to it. However, I never expected that you'd team up with the hospital to get my Xiao Ning's uterus removed."

"Then there's Yuling. Over the years, she's upheld her responsibilty towards the Tang Family. Even though she's not your birth mother, she's sacrificed herself and her own daughter just to make you guys feel comfortable. Yet, what did you do in return? You actually found someone to kidnap her."

As soon as Tang Xuan heard Elder Tang mention these two incidences, her eyes grew big in shock, "Did Tangning tell you..."

"I knew from the start," Elder Tang directly cut in, "From the very start..."

"In other words..."

"In other words, I spent everyday facing such a cruel granddaughter but never got to see her turn back. Instead, I found myself becoming more and more disappointed in her. As a result, grandfather no longer feels an ounce of sympathy towards you," Elder Tang said coldly.

Tang Xuan thought about the act she had been putting on for so long and how she thought she had the Tang Family playing into her hands.

Tang Xuan's heart suddenly turned cold...

In fact, she began to laugh at herself inside. It seemed, she had been too self-centered.

"I guess all of you viewed me as an idiot?"

It turned out, in front of the Tang Family, they had already seen through her from the start...

"You guys really know how to put on an act. No wonder you created an actress like Tangning. You should all go and be actors," Tang Xuan yelled at Elder Tang and the others, "Leave! All of you! I don't want to see any of you! Get lost!"

So this was the true humiliation that Tangning gave her.

She was so humiliated that she wanted to dig a hole and bury herself inside.

Elder Tang and the others did not say another word. They simply called for the personal caretaker and asked her to watch over Tang Xuan before they left the hospital and disappeared from Tang Xuan's sight.

"Miss Tang, you need to get some rest. By the way, the Tang Family is surrounded by good news. I looked at the photos in the newspaper and it appears that Miss Tangning is also pregnant," the caretaker suddenly pulled out a newspaper to show Tang Xuan after Elder Tang and the others left.

"What did you say?" Tang Xuan turned to look at the woman.

"Although she's trying hard to conceal it, most doctors can easily tell that she is obviously a few months pregnant..."

Tangning is also pregnant?

That's impossible!

Because of the caretaker's words, Tang Xuan immediately snatched the newspaper out of her hands and scanned Tangning's photo in detail.

"Even if she found out that I tried to get her uterus removed, it's true that she can't fall pregnant! You're lying to me!"

"Miss Tang, although I'm already retired, I still have over 20 years experience. If I say she's pregnant, then it's certain. It's up to you whether you decide to believe me or not," faced with doubt, the woman simply emphasized what she saw.

In reality, it really wasn't hard to tell.

But, because of the previous rumors that Tangning couldn't fall pregnant, no one thought otherwise.

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