Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 124: Does She Not Feel Shame?

Chapter 124: Does She Not Feel Shame?

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So, Star Age responded with, "Evidence? We will wait and see. Good people will never bow down to the evil!"

Seeing this response, Long Jie’s face screwed up in disgust, "Lan Yu sure has face. Is Star Age under a spell? How could they play along with her?!"

Tangning shook her head and maintained the slight smile on her face. The more trouble she was in, the calmer she got.

She didn’t care about anything else. All she knew was, the more Lan Yu threw at her, the easier it was for her to let go of the guilt she felt. After all…going against a child made her feel uneasy. But now…

…she no longer felt the slightest bit of guilt.

"She's already like this at 16-years-old…how far will she go when she grows older? Tsk tsk…"

Tangning remained silent. She had everything in the palm of her hands.

Meanwhile, the public’s request for EH to reveal their evidence got louder and louder…

At the same time, Star Age refused to let go of their claim that Tangning was bullying a 16-year-old child. No matter what people said, they calmly defended their stance of protecting their artist.

Blair was a clever man; he knew how to grasp onto the right timing. Since Star Age wanted to stand in the firing line, then he wasn’t going to hold back…

So, EH announced they would be making a simple explanation speech and that the media were welcome to come ask questions.

Blair decided to personally stand in front of everyone and make this speech.

Meanwhile, Lan Yu was sitting in her waiting room, swaying her legs casually as she enjoyed her assistant’s massage…

She had no idea a crisis was upon her…

The sound of camera shutters echoed through the hall as reporters excitedly snapped photos of Blair. They couldn’t believe EH had actually thrown themselves into the mess between Tangning and Lan Yu.

"Mr. Blair, from what standpoint are you providing this explanation speech? And what is the reason for your unwavering support for Tanging? Is it because you have an indecent deal with her?"

Hearing the reporter’s question, Blair immediately pointed at the man and instructed his assistant, "This reporter, write down his name for me. After this is over, have my lawyer send him a letter."

With these words, the entire room was in shock as they exchanged glances.

They had never imagined Blair would be this ruthless...from the start.

"At this time, let me explain why I am the one providing an explanation. It is because everything started from EH's event and we already have a grasp of the truth. Just because netizens can't except the truth, does that mean by exposing the truth it automatically means we have undertaken in something indecent?"

"As a famous perfume label, EH has its own bottom line and principles. Towards people with bad intentions, we have zero tolerance."

"My second point, which is also the main reason why I am here today is in regards to all the rumors about Tangning bullying Lan Yu. From where I stand, all I see is Tangning's generosity in being forgiving towards Lan Yu, no matter how she uses her to create hype. She acknowledges that Lan Yu is still young and has not developed the right values. She also believes that if Lan Yu does something wrong, she should be forgiven..."

"Mr. Blair, even Tangning has admitted to giving Lan Yu a gift. How do you explain this?"

"She admitted to it because she did indeed give her a gift. However, she refused to apologize because her gift wasn't what Lan Yu claimed it was! As a victim, why should she apologize?" Blair turned the questions back on the reporters.

"How do you know Tangning's gift wasn't what Lan Yu claimed it to be?"

Slowly, the questioning reached its climax and they were getting to the main point. Everyone assumed Blair had merely stepped out as a favor; where would he get evidence from? They waited to see what game he was playing. At this time, Blair did not disappoint.


"Because Tangning's gift was personally sent out by EH. Tangning and her staff did not even lay a hand on it. The gift came directly from EH's warehouse and the card was prepared by one of our managers. Even the person that made the delivery was one of our staff..."

"If you look at the photo Lan Yu posted online, you can clearly see on the bottom right corner of the gift box, there is EH's logo. You are also welcome to compare the handwriting on the gift card with our manager's. Above all, we have security cameras at EH. If you want to see the footage of us preparing and sending out the gift, I can provide it to you. With all this evidence, do you still believe Tangning was bullying Lan Yu?"

"Let me tell you the truth. Tangning came over a couple days ago to provide us with an apology and explanation for why she didn't attend the event. So, EH released a statement of truce."

"At this time, Lan Yu was already going around claiming that Tangning was excluding her and refusing to share a stage with her. Although Tangning was being defamed, she never tried to retaliate; she even gave the limited edition fragrance I gave to her straight to Lan Yu. She felt guilty for making Lan Yu misunderstand!"

"And that's how EH ended up sending the gift out on her behalf..."

"However, the thing that made me most surprised was, Miss Lan've taken the gift. Yet you deliberately swapped out the contents and manipulated the public to create hype. You knew netizens would stick up for you, so you ruthlessly threw Tangning into the firing line. If this was a small wouldn't have mattered. But, your heart is so's absolutely outrageous!"

After speaking, Blair presented all the evidence on the screen behind him. This included video footage of the gift being prepared and sent out. He even invited witnesses on stage to explain the entire process clearly.

No one could believe that the gift Lan Yu had claimed to have come from Tangning, did not actually come from her!

She didn't do it!

She didn't do it!

Tangning wasn't even the one that sent it out. During the entire process, she didn't even touch it.

With this, Lan Yu's intent was obvious. How dare she present a fake gift to the public and claim that Tangning was sending her a warning?

This is a complete joke!

Does she not feel shame?

It's obvious she created all the hype. It's not like the people at EH would deliberately frame her, they have no reason to.

The outrage online was once again ignited. No one expected things to turn out the way it did...Everything had been flipped and Lan Yu received a direct hit!

"In that case, why didn't Tangning explain everything?"

"Tangning sent out the gift with good intentions; it was a simple apology. However, someone with a scheming heart decided to take advantage of it. If EH weren't involved in this incident, how badly would Tangning continue to be defamed? While she was struggling to defend herself, all of you, including netizens, were pouncing on her like wolves; not giving her a chance to explain...So, why don't you ask yourselves why?"

The reporters were their expressions became uneasy.

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