Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 535: Provoking Someone That Should Not Be Provoked

Chapter 535: Provoking Someone That Should Not Be Provoked

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After hearing Tangning's words, Tang Xuan's entire body shook in anger as she roared at Tangning without restraint, "Tangning!"

Tangning noticed Tang Xuan's eyes had turned red from anger. With a calm and cold voice, she responded, "Don't you think, considering all the times that the Tang Family has cleaned up after your arrogant behavior, that a simple apology and bow is already a merciful request from you?"

"If not because we are blood related and the fact that you are a part of the Tang Family, you would already be defending yourself in court right now. Did you think you'd still have the chance to be standing right here, acting arrogantly towards our guests?"

"It's either you apologize today or you let Miss Xu hit you back. With so many witnesses, I refuse to believe that you can still ignore what's right from wrong."

Tangning's words were so powerful that it gave everyone a definite conclusion: Tangning was firm on her decision. The Xu Family heiress suddenly felt like she had provoked someone that was no fun to provoke...

Someone that she shouldn't have provoked...

Tang Xuan's face turned red as she clenched her fists by her sides. In the end, she let out a laugh, "Tangning, don't think that I don't know what your motive is. Is it because you heard that grandfather plans to give his shares to my child that you decided to scheme against me?"

Under the current situation, at a grand event like this, if Tang Xuan didn't use her child as a shield, she was afraid she wouldn't be able to escape unscathed. So, she stuck out her belly, reminding everyone that she was currently pregnant and that they couldn't act recklessly towards her.

Tang Xuan was well aware of the advantage that she held!

"How annoying. Just because she's pregnant, does that mean she should be let off the hook?"

"How shameless. How could God allow someone like her to fall pregnant?"

"Is she going to get away with what she's done, just like this?"

Hearing the discussions around her, a smile naturally appeared on Tang Xuan's face. She knew, as long as she had a child in her stomach, Tangning did not dare to do anything to her. So, she simply scoffed and turned to leave. But, Tangning suddenly grabbed onto her wrist and held her back...

"I didn't say you could leave..."

"What can you possibly do to me?" Tang Xuan asked.

"Since we've gotten to this point, let's calculate everything you owe, all at once. Did you want me to tell everyone about how you bribed a doctor to remove my uterus, or do you want me to tell everyone about how you teamed up with my mother's secretary to get her kidnapped?"

Tang Xuan suddenly began to tremble...

"I've already kept all your witnesses and evidence in a safe place. It's either you shut up and apologize right now, or I'll get the police to ask you to lower your precious head."

" can't possibly have..."

"Go ahead and try..."

The two sisters kept their conversation between themselves, not allowing a third person to hear. However, Tangning's words were lethal enough towards Tang Xuan.

Tang Xuan was so frightened that her face suddenly went pale before it slowly turned red. In the end, she could only grit her teeth as she said, "Tangning you are despicable as always."

"Did you think you deserve to be treated fairly?" Tangning asked back.

Tangning's smile appeared warm and gentle, but to Tang Xuan, it was full of mockery.

"Fine, I'll apologize!"

Everyone was surprised by these words. They didn't know how to react to Tang Xuan's sudden change.

Tangning let go of Tang Xuan's wrist and gestured for her to immediately apologize.

Tang Xuan had no choice but to walk over to the heiress of Xu Corps. As she got down on her knees and bowed, she said, "Miss Xu, I'm sorry. I was wrong, I hope you can forgive me."

"Three times," Tangning emphasized.

Tang Xuan held back her anger as she apologized to the heiress three times.

"It's all over now." The heiress originally thought that no one would be able to deal with this pregnant lady. But, no matter how shameless she was, she was up against Tangning.


The heiress was completely convinced by Tangning's abilities.

"Is that enough?" Tang Xuan asked, after bowing three times in a row.

Tangning looked towards the heiress and the heiress nodded her head in satisfaction.

"I hope this does not happen again."

Tang Xuan glared at Tangning. But, there was nothing she could do...

"You can return to your seat now, Miss Tang. You better watch where you walk from now on. If you accidentally lose your child, I don't want the public to think that I schemed against you."

Tang Xuan was asked to return to her seat and not to leave...

Tang Xuan's chest rose up and down; it was obvious that she was trying to control her anger. But, what could she do? The person before her was the flawless Tangning and she was hopeless around her.

So, all she could do was return to her seat under the gaze of all the guests...

"Although I don't know what the Third Miss said to Tang Xuan to make her submit, the result was f*cken satisfying."

"Seeing this woman being defeated completely cures my anger."

"I can't believe the Third Miss actually managed to make her bow and apologize. She dealt with this difficult woman so easily."

Tang Corps' staff all cheered inside. Just like the heiress from Xu Corps, they were helpless towards Tang Xuan's arrogance. After all, she was pregnant, so they had to be cautious around her.

But, when it came to Tangning...

...she easily made Tang Xuan admit defeat!

The heiress of Xu Corps had witnessed an impressive show and Tangning also helped her retrieve her pride. So, she looked at everyone and smiled, "I've long heard that the Third Miss is a very wise woman. She sure lives up to expectations."

"With a person like this in charge, no wonder Tang Corps is continually on the rise. Third Miss, I am well and truly impressed by you."

"You are too polite, Miss Xu. I'm sorry that you had to go through all this tonight."

"A small matter like this is nothing," the heiress replied. "If Miss Tang doesn't mind, could we perhaps be friends?"

Tangning resolved a huge crisis in front of so many people, so the staff were naturally convinced by her.

Seeing that the atmosphere returned to normal, Elder Tang couldn't help but smile proudly.

If there was one person in this world that could stand her ground in front of both the good and bad, then that would be Tangning.

In the end, he brushed off his old friends and weaved through the crowd towards Tangning and Mo Ting. All of a sudden, he raised Tangning's right hand, "I would like to take this opportunity to announce a very important decision..."

"I'm​ sure no one will have any objections towards this. From today onwards...I have decided to step down from my position as chairman and hand it over to my third granddaughter, Tangning!"

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