Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 534: Isn't This Only Fair?

Chapter 534: Isn't This Only Fair?

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"Miss Tang, think about it carefully. If you throw this slap over, Tang Corps will end up losing one of their biggest business partners next year."

The woman stared directly at Tang Xuan. Her gaze was unwavering as she spoke in a firm tone.

In front of everyone, Tang Xuan was suddenly forced into a predicament.

If she threw the slap over, not only Elder Tang, but all the eyes in the ballroom would witness her every move...

On the other hand, if she held back her slap, what would happen to her pride?

But, just as everyone thought that Tang Xuan wouldn't dare to lay a hand on the heiress, a huge "PAK" echoed through the ballroom...Tang Xuan actually made a move in front of everyone.

She had suddenly remembered all the praise that Tangning had received from the guests that night and how they had ignored her. Since Tangning was so capable, she was going to wait and see how Tangning would clean up after her.

Of course, Tang Xuan only ever knew how to use methods that sacrificed herself to damage her enemies. She never looked at things with much foresight nor considered the consequences.

"Is the Big Miss crazy? She actually slapped the heiress​ of Xu Corps!"

"Is there something wrong with her brain?"

"The staff has worked so hard for the company for her to come along and ruin it!"

Tang Corps' staff verbally expressed their displeasure. Especially since Tang Xuan had done something so stupid at such an important event. No wonder Tangning's reputation in Tang Corps was ever-growing. After all, one was endlessly resolving problems, while the other endlessly caused them...

As for Miss Xu, who had been slapped, she obviously did not expect that Tang Xuan actually had the guts to make a move. All of a sudden, she was covering her face in shock and anger as she glared at Tang Xuan.

Tang Xuan suddenly felt a little scared, but she concealed it with a powerful tone, "You asked for it. Don't blame me for being impolite! After all, this is Tang Corps' Annual Celebration..."

"It seems, Tang Corps doesn't want to work with Xu Corps anymore," the heiress​ said coldly to Tang Xuan before she turned to leave. However, at this time, a loud voice resonated from the crowd.

"Please wait."

Everyone turned to look for the owner of the voice as they gradually moved aside to form a path down the middle. At this time, everyone finally realized who had arrived.

Dressed in a black loose-fitting dress, the woman in front of them was sexy and mysterious. The diamonds on her wrist and ears made her sparkle like a sky full of stars. She was dazzling and captivating.

Her elegant vibe and unignorable presence, made everyone present suddenly forget to breathe...

Especially since Mo Ting was standing right beside her. A man that possessed an attractive face like his, was incomparable no matter where he appeared. He was like a king that had made an appearance in front of commoners...

Who else could compete for the limelight when faced with this couple?

"Tangning's here..."

"The situation has a chance of revival!"

"Just in time...Third Miss must save Tang Corps' pride and not let this wench ruin everything."

Everyone expressed their excitement. But, of course, Tangning's loose-fitting outfit today was deliberately chosen to hide her stomach. It wasn't currently the right time to announce the child in her stomach. After all, there were way too many guests and a complex mix of people; she didn't want to put her child at risk.

"Please wait," Tangning repeated.

The heiress was a little surprised as she turned around to find Tangning and Mo Ting walking towards her.

Plenty of people had heard about Tangning's methods, but no one had personally witnessed her impressive PR skills. So, today's difficult situation was the perfect test of her abilities.

Tang Xuan had already thrown her slap. Was there still a chance of revival?

"The Third Miss Tang!" the heiress scoffed. "What? Don't you think your sister hit me enough? Did you want to join in?"

"Can Miss Xu please give me one minute?" Tangning asked in seriousness.

The woman really wanted to reject Tangning, but as she looked into Tangning's eyes, it was somehow impossible for her to say anything.

"Go ahead..." the heiress looked at Tangning with a doubtful curiosity as she gave her the chance to speak.

"Tangning, your older sister has been bullied. Don't tell me you are siding with an outsider at a time like this?" Tang Xuan took the opportunity to fan the fire.

Hearing this, Tangning turned to look at Tang Xuan coldly and asked, "If I'm not wrong, when it comes to Tang Corps, isn't Miss Tang Xuan the true outsider?"


"As an outsider, you bullied one of Tang Corps' special guests on Tang Corps' territory. Miss Tang, how do you plan to explain yourself?" Tangning continued to question her sharply. Of course, Mo Ting stood beside his wife and protected her the entire time. A scene like this obviously didn't need his involvement, but no one dared to ignore his presence.

Tang Xuan froze, unable to say a word. Tangning did not continue to force her as she turned around and said to the heiress, "Miss Xu, when it comes to business, let's leave it in the hands of the elders. It's best we don't make things difficult for them. Instead, I will make sure that you didn't get hurt for nothing. What do we say?"

After hearing these words, a smile appeared on the heiresses face. These two sister were indeed worlds apart.

Tangning was giving her a way of stepping down with her pride intact.

After all, there was no way that Tang Corps and Xu Corps would cancel their cooperation over a mere slap. They were talking about billions of dollars and something that would effect the entire operation of the business. She had simply made her threat out of impulse.

But, the thing that made heiress the most happy, was the fact that Tangning did not try to protect her sister at all. Her unconcealed disgust towards Tang Xuan, showed the heiress that Tangning was on the same side as her.

"Fine. I would like to see how the Third Miss plans to resolve this issue."

After receiving the woman's response, Tangning understood her standpoint. Freeing herself from Mo Ting's arms, she walked over to Tang Xuan and demanded, "Give Miss Xu three bows and say sorry three times..."

She then turned to the heiress and asked, "Miss Xu, what do you think?"

She had asked Tang Xuan to bow... front of so many people?

The heiress remained silent for a few seconds before she nodded her head. If Tang Xuan was willing, then she was more than happy to accept. It was, after all, a proper apology.

"You must be dreaming!" Tang Xuan yelled at Tangning

"Does that mean you would prefer a second option?" Tangning looked at everyone and said loudly, "I have always been a vengeful person. I'm sure everyone is aware of this. Since the Big Miss refuses to apologize, then I will not force her to bow. How about we get Miss Xu to return the bump and slap that you gave her instead?"

"Isn't this only fair?"

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