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Chapter 533: This Is The Tang Family's Territory!

Chapter 533: This Is The Tang Family's Territory!

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How could a person that had already stepped out of the limelight, still be the talk of the town?


Not long after, came the day of Tang Corps' Annual Celebration. As every single member of staff was invited, the atmosphere was extremely grand. When it came to rewarding their staff, Tang Corps always listened to the opinions of their staff. Especially after Xia Yuling took over, this thoughtfulness multiplied even further, so their loyalty also increased.

However, the turn-out at the annual celebration was higher than usual this year, because they had an extra motive: everyone wanted to see Tangning!

The staff at Tang Corps were mesmerized by 'W.H.' just like practically everyone else in Beijing. After all, it was a huge production with extremely good feedback. Whenever the film held any form of fan meetings, they were bound to turn up and show their support. However...Tangning had unfortunately retreated from the industry and even her closest fans didn't get to see her. So, their only chance, was at the annual celebration!

"Luckily I'm a staff of Tang Corps. I can actually get the chance to see Tangning."

"There are over 1000 attendees at this year's celebration and everyone looks stunning in their formal wear. I wonder how Tangning will look..."

"I know right? After all, she is a supermodel..."

"I prefer her as an actress. Her acting is amazing..."

Within the grand ballroom, underneath the luxurious crystal chandelier, guests gathered in small groups to chat. Amongst them, the hottest topic was naturally Tangning!


From August last year, this name had slowly seeped into all corners of Beijing. And today, her name had already become a legend.

It didn't matter that she was already married or that her husband was Mo Ting, the CEO of Hai Rui.

"Do you guys think she will attend today?"

"I'm pretty sure she will."

"It's best you guys lay off this topic, Tangning hasn't shown up, but the annoying Big Miss has arrived instead."

Everyone looked towards the red carpet as Tang Xuan appeared in a white gown and light grey fur jacket. Even though she had lost everything, she still maintained her attitude as the Big Miss of Tang Corps as she helped Elder Tang into the ballroom.

The guests slowly gathered around to give their greetings.

In particular, shareholders and important business partners stepped forward to shake the old man's hand. Of course, they had no choice but to give Tang Xuan a few words of praise.

"Old man Tang, if your granddaughter gets any more beautiful, she will be comparable to a goddess..."

"I know right. Even though Xiao Xuan is pregnant, her body is still as good as ever. I really envy her."

Although she knew that their words were just for show, Tang Xuan still felt her heart light up. After all, every woman enjoyed being praised.

"By the way, where's your family's Second Miss and Tangning? How come we don't see them?"

Elder Tang immediately replied with a smile, "Yichen still has a heap of surgeries lined up. As for Tangning...she's on her way. I'm sure you all know that Beijing is famous for its traffic jams!"

"That's true. By the way Elder Tang, you are very lucky. Our entire family has watched Tangning's latest film. You've really created a genius. My son told me, if I see Tangning, I have to get an autograph for him. Both my sons are currently obsessed with her..."

"Haha, if it's just an autograph you want, that's easy."

Although it was meant to be Tang Corps' Annual Celebration, hearing everyone praise Tangning still made Elder Tang's heart fill with joy. He was pretending to be unfazed by it all, but he knew deep inside that he had once underestimated the profession of an actor and, in fact, underestimated the entire entertainment industry.

He never expected that Tangning would receive so much love and respect from everyone.

At first, people still noticed Tang Xuan, but as the celebration progressed and people began to mention Tangning, Tang Xuan slowly became just a part of Elder Tang's background. No one noticed her any more.

At first, Tang Xuan still managed to force a smile. But, as time progressed, the fire in her heart began to burn fiercer...

Why couldn't Tangning give her the slightest chance of survival?

Tangning obviously had everything already!

"Aiya, old man Tang...we are so honored. I wonder if we'll get the chance to meet Tangning today..."

Along came another guest who wanted to know about Tangning. Tang Xuan couldn't take it anymore, so she directly turned to Elder Tang and said, "Grandfather, I need to go to the bathroom."

"Go then!" Elder Tang was well aware that she had reached her limit, so he allowed her to excuse herself.

Tang Xuan loosened her grip on Elder Tang's arm and left the ballroom holding onto her handbag. But, because she was quite angered and her steps were rough, she accidentally ran into a young woman...

The woman was dressed in a light pink dress, but because Tang Xuan had run into her, red wine had tipped all over her body and she was left in an extremely helpless state.

But, even so, Tang Xuan did not respond. After glancing at the woman briefly, she directly walked away. At this time, the woman stopped her, "Don't you know how to apologize after running into someone? Miss Tang?"

Tang Xuan was already in a bad mood. So, with the woman's provocation, she directly replied, "Get lost!"

Get lost!

The woman didn't seem to care who had said these words to her as she grabbed onto Tang Xuan's wrist, "Apologize!"

"Don't cause trouble. It's not like I did it on purpose. Since you know that I am the Big Miss of the Tang Family, then you should know that this is the Tang Family's territory!"

The woman was quite young, but her eyes revealed a sharp fire. From her presence, it was easy to tell that she wasn't an average person.

"So this is how Tang Corps treats its guests?" the woman's voice increased a few decibels. She was so loud that Elder Tang's attention was drawn over.

Elder Tang looked over and wanted to go over to handle the matter, but a few old friends suddenly interrupted and made it hard for him to brush them off.

Assistant Leng immediately understood what Elder Tang was thinking, so he leaned in and whispered, "The Third Miss has arrived..."

Elder Tang quickly relaxed as he nodded his head and allowed the argument to continue. After all, this was the best time for Tangning to make an entrance.

"Everyone, look over here, Miss Tang Xuan here ran into me. But, not only did she refuse to apologize, she even told me that this is the Tang Family's territory and told me not to cause trouble. I simply wanted to hear her say sorry. Miss Tang, don't tell me you're too good to lower your precious head and give me a simple apology?"

After hearing this, Tang Xuan's face turned bright red. Everyone knew that she was like a walking shell and was no different to a piece of decoration in the Tang Family.

But knowing was one thing and actually exposing it was another.

So, boiling with anger, Tang Xuan lifted her hand to slap the woman...

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