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Chapter 532: Tang Corps' Annual Celebration

Chapter 532: Tang Corps' Annual Celebration

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"Grandfather, I really never expected you to accept my child and I," Tang Xuan couldn't help but feel a little choked up. Perhaps, at this moment, she was truly moved.

But, Elder Tang wasn't going to fall for her tricks again. Especially after all the wrong things she had done.

There was no way that Elder Tang would believe that Tang Xuan would change for the better.

"Say no more, go get some rest," Elder Tang waved his hand. He didn't want to continue playing along with Tang Xuan. After all, for two blood related people to each have separate motives was quite a joke.

"OK grandfather, I'll go up first," Tang Xuan said as she supported her stomach. But, just as she turned around, she noticed Xia Yuling standing behind them with a confused look.

Tang Xuan assumed that Xia Yuling had overheard Elder Tang's intention to give away his shares, so she couldn't hide the pride in her eyes.

Xia Yuling watched quietly as Tang Xuan walked away before she sat down beside Elder Tang, "Father...what is the meaning of this?"

Elder Tang held onto his walking stick with both hands and replied in a stern manner, "They are my shares. I can do what I want with them."


"Yuling, you don't need to say anything," Elder Tang held out his hand to stop her. He then stood up and continued, "I've already made my decision. Come with me to the study room. There's no point disapproving. Don't let Xiao Xuan overhear us. After all, she's currently pregnant."

Xia Yuling suddenly understood what Elder Tang actually meant as she gently looked behind them and followed Elder Tang into the study room.


"Yuling, I've decided to hand over the position of chairman and I've decided to announce in front of all the staff at Tang Corps that Tangning will be the future chairwoman." Elder Tang leaned against his desk and sighed, "Tang Xuan can't be saved. After she gives birth, she can go wherever she wants, I don't care."

"So, you're saying you don't actually have the intention to give your shares to your first great grandchild?"

"Even if I give a gift to my great grandchild, what does that have to do with Tang Xuan?" Elder Tang asked with a deeper meaning. "Although I know that Tangning isn't willing to take over Tang Corps, I am truly getting old. With you and Jingxuan around, I think it's time I hand over all the responsibilty."

"Xiao Ning won't need to do much. She simply has to hold the position of chairwoman and I'm sure Tang Corps will continue to be on the rise."


Elder Tang waved his hand as a smile suddenly appeared on his face, almost in self mockery, "It's decided. Vacation time is coming up and it's almost time for the company's annual celebration. I will make this announcement at the celebration. Let's make proper preparations so Xiao Ning can be glamorously anointed."

Xia Yuling remained silent for a few seconds before nodding her head, "OK, we'll follow your arrangements."

"You can do what you want with Tang Xuan, there's no need to consult me. I'll pretend that I've never had this granddaughter."

Elder Tang had well and truly given up on Tang Xuan.

Even though Tang Xuan was pregnant - thinking about all that she had done in the past - Xia Yuling also could not feel an sympathy for her. The only thing she could do was treat Tang Xuan's child with fairness.


Late at night, Mo Ting carried Tangning out of the bathroom and gently placed her on the bed. He then knelt down and gently rubbed her protruding belly.

"Mom made a phone call just a moment ago and asked us to attend Tang Corps' Annual Celebration," Tangning said as she leaned back on the soft pillow, "Hubby, do you think we should go?"

"Since you are currently in charge at Tang Corps, it makes sense for you to attend," Mo Ting held onto Tangning's right hand and placed a loving kiss on the back of it.

"But, I don't think I'll be able to conceal my pregnancy anymore," Tangning said as she looked down at her stomach.

"We were originally planning to announce it anyway. Let's start with the staff at Tang Corps then," Mo Ting put down Tangning's hand and covered her with the blanket. "Don't worry about taking our baby out, I will be your strongest support from behind."

Tangning nodded as she grabbed onto Mo Ting's head and looked at him seriously. She then smiled, "I hope our child will be boy. That way I can see roughly how you looked when you were a child."

"And I want a girl for the same reason..."

"Let's have two then," Tangning placed her forehead against Mo Ting's forehead. The couple leaned against each other lovingly.

On the outside, Mo Ting was still the Big Boss of entertainment; to outsiders, he was still the strict and ruthless CEO of Hai Rui. But, when it came to Tangning, his warmth always remained the same. Hence, Tangning could imagine, decades later, even after having children, Mo Ting would always remain as gentle as ever and grow more charming by the day.

Tang Corps' Annual Celebration...

This was the day that every staff member looked forward to. After all...every year, this was the day that they received their bonuses and other rewards.

Not only this, Tang Corps also planned a grand ball every year, allowing its staff to get dressed up and attend in a glamorous manner.

However, this year's annual celebration was going to be a little special.


Meanwhile, 'W.H.' was still screening at the theatres and the feedback and sale numbers were beyond belief. But, the suspense-filled film made filmgoers cheer in excitement.

This not only meant that 'W.H.' was unaffected by the other films that were screening, it also made it appear extra precious.

"When will 'The Lost Relative' be released? I heard that Tangning plays the role of a fighter. Doesn't that sound even more exciting?"

"Tangning's amazing. She played three completely different characters in her three films, but she brought each one to life. It's such a shame that she was forced to stop filming."

"All I know is, 'W.H.' had been the most exciting film I have watched in recent years. I hope Tangning can continue to pursue the path of true acting and not go down the path of an idol..."

"I'm going to give all my votes to Tangning..."

"I wonder when we will get to see Tangning again."

Actually, it was rare to see a situation like the current one. In an industry where newcomers became famous everyday, as soon as someone lost their rate of exposure, people would easily forget them.

But, Tangning's popularity did not drop whatsoever. Especially after 'W.H.' became a hit, her popularity grew rapidly along with the film.

A person that had retreated from the industry...actually managed to shine above all those that were still active. Her superstar aura was very eye-catching, but often attracted hate.

But, who would have predicted that Tangning was about to release another piece of explosive news to excite the media?

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