Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 531: She Had No Idea That Tangning Was Pregnant!

Chapter 531: She Had No Idea That Tangning Was Pregnant!

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Of course, the Fei Tian Awards wasn't easy to receive...

It was an award that every actor dreamed of. Not only were the competitors talented, they also had some form of background or support. Although the results couldn't be tampered with, plenty of people put in a lot of effort for this award.

Even so, Mo Ting was certain they'd win the award. He had already asked Tangning to give up on too much: the international stage, the glory of being an international supermodel, a personal value with limitless potential and her original dream...

Thinking of this, a trace of seriousness appeared in Mo Ting's gaze. After all, in this entire world, only Tangning could make him give his all.


The votes for the Fei Tian Awards came from three sources. 20% came from the audience, 50% from professional judges and 30% was dependent on statistics. In other words, apart from the audience, the other two sources could not be influenced whatsoever. After all, The Fei Tian Awards had been around for many years and always maintained its fairness; it was acknowledged by everyone because of its transparency.

As for the 20% of audience votes that could be influenced, it merely represented the popularity of an actor and had no real influencing power on the final results.

"Who cares about the Newcomer Award, you should directly win The Best Actress Award!"

Inside the living room, Tangning burst out laughing at Long Jie's response as she flipped through the information of the other nominees, "Rome wasn't built in a day! Plus, the judges of The Fei Tian Awards are all capable people. Rumor has it that they end up fighting every year over who to pick. This goes to show that the Fei Tian Awards is a prestigious award to receive."

This was what made Tangning excited. After all, she really wanted to see how she performed in the eyes of the professionals.

"According to your current popularity and your ability to attract attention even though you've been locked away at home for a few months, I don't think you need to worry about the votes at all."

"As long as they take it seriously, that's all that matters," Tangning replied with a smile. After all, she valued the judge's opinions the most.

Long Jie fell silent for a moment as her eyes drifted down to Tangning's stomach. Pointing to it, she asked, "When does Boss plan to announce that you're pregnant?"

"There's no rush," Tangning replied as she rubbed her stomach, "When the right time comes, we will announce it."

Hearing this, Long Jie had nothing​ else to say. She knew deep in her heart, with a piece of explosive news like this, Tangning was definitely well prepared. Perhaps, she had something else she wanted to achieve first.

However, at this moment, there was a piercing coldness in Tangning's gaze. She was getting ready to throw a painful attack at Tang Xuan and the people that ridiculed her for not being able to fall pregnant.

"Hey, isn't that Song Yanshu? Why is she walking back and forth downstairs?" Long Jie happened to see Song Yanshu standing outside through the floor-to-ceiling window.

"She's hesitating whether to come and have a chat with me," Tangning replied calmly.

"What happened?" Long Jie looked at Tangning confusedly. She was completely unaware of the complications between Song Yanshu and Tang Jingxuan.

Tangning gave a gentle laugh and walked over to the balcony. Looking down, she yelled, "Come up."

Song Yanshu looked up awkwardly; she never expected to be discovered. Gathering all her courage, she stepped inside the Spanish palace-styled villa and shuffled her way in front of Tangning, "Ning Jie, I want to have a chat with you."

"Speak up. Long Jie isn't an outsider," Tangning pointed to the chair with her chin, gesturing for Song Yanshu to sit. "I know you want to ask about Jingxuan, but I'm sorry, I seriously don't know what he is thinking right now."

"I...I just want to apologize, but I can't​ get in contact with him," Song Yanshu smiled bitterly.

"You don't need to apologize to him. He left the industry because he was sick of all the darkness involved," Tangning comforted. But, these words had no effect on Song Yanshu.

"Ning Jie, this wasn't the first time he's experienced the darkness of the industry. How come this time..."

"You need to ask yourself this question," Tangning cut in. "Forget it...Yanshu, why did you want so badly for Jingxuan to be famous anyway? Was it because of Jingxuan or for another reason?"

Song Yanshu froze when she heard this question...

"You sacrificed yourself to pull him out of the depressing swamp that Xia Jingyi had created; you gave him a second chance at love, but...if you did everything for the sake of someone else, then that is worse than betrayal."

"He won't be able to stop himself from wondering if you've been using him all along."

Song Yanshu's face turned pale.

"He is now in a new environment and it's pretty good. Yanshu, you should also move forward. You should not feel sorry towards him and there is no need to apologize."

In other words...

If you let someone go, then their gone. Even if you try to get them back, it all depends on whether that person is willing to wait around for you.

Song Yanshu left Hyatt Regency without a word. Meanwhile, Long Jie saw through the deeper meaning in Tangning's words, "Yanshu may not have understood your words, but I've been around you for long enough to know what you truly mean. You were sticking up for Jingxuan, weren't you?"

"Was I?" Tangning gave a gentle laugh.

"Of course. With your vengeful attitude, even those around you wouldn't be able to escape."

"I'm just speaking the truth. Yanshu may be great at her job, but it doesn't mean I agree with the way she views love."

Especially when the person that Song Yanshu hurt, was her brother... Tangning had to teach Song Yanshu a small lesson for her brother's heartbreak to be worth it.


Late at night. Tang Household.

Apart from staying at home and relaxing his body and mind, the extremely free Elder Tang had gradually developed a new hobby. He started counting down the days until Tang Xuan and Tangning gave birth.

Of course, to prepare for this, Elder Tang had invited his lawyer over to set up a trust fund as a gift for his great grandchildren. Elder Tang wanted to give 20% of his shares to his first great grandchild.


Elder Tang did not keep this from the rest of the family. After all, almost everyone knew Tangning was pregnant; only Tang Xuan was still left in the dark.

As for the meaning of 'first great grandchild'...

Elder Tang of course had his own determining factors.

Even if Tang Xuan's child was to be born earlier than Tangning's... Tang Xuan should not dream of getting a cent out of her child. Because she was going to be kicked out of the family as soon as she gave birth!

But, Tang Xuan did not know this as she began to feel hopeful. After all, she had no idea that Tangning was pregnant!

"Grandfather, would 20% be too much?" Tang Xuan said as she held back her glee and looked modestly shocked.

"Too much? Of course not," Elder Tang replied cheerily. But, what did the shares have to do with her?

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