Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 530: Grandfather Invited to be a Judge

Chapter 530: Grandfather Invited to be a Judge

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After Tang Jingxuan announced his retreat, his songs naturally made their way onto the top of the charts, making him a huge hit.

But, no matter what his fans did and how they apologized, he did not appear in front of the public again after the night of his last concert. As well as that, all his previous forms of contact were deleted or disconnected.

It was almost like this singer had never existed in the entertainment industry.

So what if he left behind so many great hits?

As the year came to an end, he also received many music awards. But, because of his retreat, all his awards were received by a Hai Rui representative on his behalf. And each time they went on stage, they would simply say, "Luo Xing thanks everyone for their support."

It was a cold and general response with no real sincerity. The truth was, he did not need to thank anyone, because everything he had was a result of his own hard work.

Hearing Tang Jingxuan's response, Song Yanshu and his fans felt a piercing pain in their hearts. Only they knew that Tang Jingxuan's disappointment in them was deeper than it appeared.


Late into the night, at the Tang Household, Tang Jingxuan was packing his luggage. Elder Tang walked in with his walking stick and sat on the edge of his bed, "Are you set on your decision? Are you going to the US to study?"

"Grandfather, don't worry. I thought about this carefully," Tang Jingxuan replied.

"Was it because of...that girl?" Elder Tang tested. He had not seen Tang Jingxuan smile for quite a few days. "Are you leaving your family to go to a faraway place, all because of a mere woman?"

Tang Jingxuan froze for a moment before putting down the clothes in his hands and replying to Elder Tang in seriousness, "Grandfather...after what happened, I've realized where I am truly of value."

"I admit, I do feel slightly regretful, but I hope you can trust me when I say that I'm doing all this because I want to be responsible towards the Tang Family."

"Sister Three was born to be an actress and the film industry will help her shine. So, leave the Tang Family to me."

"Are you sincere about this?" Elder Tang continued to question. In reality, he already believed that Tang Jingxuan had the motivation to move forward. After all, his older sister, Tangning, had already done enough for him.

"I couldn't get any more sincere than this. Grandfather, during the time that I'm not around, take good care of yourself. Don't get too close to Tang Xuan. That woman is crazy; no one knows what else she has planned."

Elder Tang sighed and patted Tang Jingxuan on the shoulder before he nodded his head, "Take care during your time away. Your flight is at 7am tomorrow morning, isn't it? Grandfather will accompany you..."

"No need, Grandfather. I can go on my own," Tang Jingxuan was determined to leave.



This result was all within Tangning's expectations. This was the only way that Tang Jingxuan would truly be a Tang Family member.

She shouldn't have initially jumped to conclusions regarding Tang Jingxuan's love life. Obviously, after this incident, Tang Jingxuan had figured out for himself whether Song Yanshu suited him or not. Perhaps...he still needed time to grow up. And perhaps, no one could predict what the future would hold.

To avoid being recognized, Tang Jingxuan arrived at Beijing airport at 5am. But, of course, with his current popularity, there was bound to be a few people that recognized him.

"Is that Luo Xing?"

"I think it is. Hey, Luo Xing."

As the two girls suddenly approached, Tang Jingxuan's expression turned cold. Crossing his arms, he replied, "Sorry, you got the wrong person."

"You are obviously Luo Xing..."

"Yes, that's right..."

Tang Jingxuan did not respond because he was about to pass through security. One of the two girls sensed the unwelcome vibe and dragged her friend away without saying another word. However, they remained a certain distance and snuck photos of him from behind.

Not long after, the flight was to take off. Tang Jingxuan had entered the first class cabin, so he finally received the peace and quiet that he so desperately craved. From today onwards, he couldn't allow himself to be weak; he needed to learn how to say no. From today onwards, he needed to protect Tangning and the Tang Family and he had to get rid of all his weaknesses to become a better person.

But, because his fans captured photos of him at the airport. His trip to the US was quickly exposed online.

"Song Jie, is it because of him that you have been in a daze over the past few days?" Song Yanshu's artist showed her the news, "He's gone to the US."

Song Yanshu froze for a few seconds before looking at the phone that was being handed to her.

Seeing Tang Jingxuan all prepared to leave Beijing, Song Yanshu's heart once again dropped to the depths of the abyss. It was like a part of her had flown off with him, leaving behind just a shell.

Afterwards, Song Yanshu gave Tangning​ a phone call, "Ning Jie..."

"What is it, Yanshu?" Tangning asked, even though she knew the answer.

"I want to know about Luo Xing..."

"He's gone overseas to study. It's likely that you won't see him for a good few years," Tangning replied calmly.

"Oh...I wish him a safe journey then," Song Yanshu didn't know when she had hung up the phone. All she knew was, the moment that she put down her phone, her heart was completely empty.

Not only did Tang Jingxuan retreat from the industry, he left without hesitation...

This was obviously the decision that she had made...but, why did she feel so regretful? Could it be that Tang Jingxuan's motive was to make her feel regret for the rest of her life?

Over at Hyatt Regency, Tangning had just put down her phone.

Seeing the creases between her eyebrows, Mo Ting gently massaged it to help her relax, "You always have something to worry about."

" you think the brat and Yanshu's fate has come to an end?" Tangning asked as she leaned into Mo Ting's embrace.

"I don't care if their fate has ended or not. My aim is simply to help you win The Best Newcomer Award," Mo Ting said in seriousness. "Did you know, in the short amount of time that 'W.H.' has been screening, it has already broken multiple box office records? Everyone is full of praise for you..."

"Even the old man personally told me that your acting in 'W.H.' was very impressive."

"I heard that grandfather has been invited to be a judge for the Fei Tian Awards..." Tangning lifted her head and looked at Mo Ting.

"Did you get this information from Long Jie? It's true...but don't expect grandfather to give you extra points."

"I, of course, know he wouldn't. But, I'm worried others might have that thought. I hope the award in my hands will be acknowledged..." Tangning couldn't help but feel worried. According to her turmoil-filled life, this award wasn't going to come easy.

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