Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 529: I Would Be Very Disappointed

Chapter 529: I Would Be Very Disappointed

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[Luo Xing announced his retreat from the industry!]

[Luo Xing announced his retreat from the entire entertainment industry!]

[Luo Xing announced his retreat with no restraint.]

"Song Jie, have you seen today's news? It's pretty explosive! The previous singer you managed, Luo Xing, has announced that he'd be retreating from the industry," Song Yanshu's artist laughed as he handed her his phone. "I heard not a single fan turned up at his concert today. I've never seen anyone as pitiful as he is."

Hearing this news, Song Yanshu was stunned as she put down the magazine in her hands and received the phone in her trembling hands.

"This can't be possible!"

"What do you mean? Every single news source is reporting on it. I originally quite liked his songs. But, it seems he's having a run of bad luck."

By this time, Song Yanshu was no longer listening. Her mind was completely blank and her heart felt like it was being pricked by a thousand needles.

Although she couldn't determine her true feelings for Tang Jingxuan, she was certain that Tang Jingxuan's retreat was partially due to the pain she had given him.

With this thought, Song Yanshu immediately pulled out her phone and gave Tang Jingxuan a phone call. However, there was no response from the other side. So, she decided to call Tangning instead, but Tangning's phone was switched off...

"He can't...Luo Xing can't retreat from the industry," Song Yanshu mumbled to herself..

"Song Jie, what's wrong?" her artist asked in a caring tone after noticing that she was in a bit of a daze. However, Song Yanshu could no longer care about anything else around her as she directly ran out of the waiting room.

But, by the time she reached the location of Tang Jingxuan's concert, the place had emptied out and all that remained were a few staff members that were packing things away.

"Where's Luo Xing?" Song Yanshu asked as she grabbed onto one of the staff members.

"He left ages ago. Why would he stick around? Haiz...this industry is disgusting. Luo Xing is such a decent young man, yet 'someone' couldn't help but use him to create hype. Look at what happened in the end, he had no choice but to leave. And the fickle fans: just yesterday they were obsessed with him, yet today they completely despise him. How cheap are these people's feelings?" complained the middle-aged man.

Hearing this, Song Yanshu felt worse than before...

While Luo Xing was going through his toughest time, she was managing an artist that snatched his job.

Song Yanshu suddenly remembered the words that Tang Jingxuan had said to her: either be his woman or be a stranger.

She assumed that Luo Xing was still young and would eventually forget this matter, but...

...she never thought that after Xia Jingyi broke his heart, her actions would then stab him in cold blood.

"Luo Xing..."


[Luo Xing's supposed girlfriend steps out to clarify rumors: "Luo Xing is innocent!"]

[Manager instigated scandal: Zhao Qinyi produces solid evidence of Luo Xing's innocence]

[Asian businessman named as the child's father: Luo Xing has no involvement!]

Not even half an hour after Tang Jingxuan announced his retreat, Zhao Qinyi released a series of statements to prove that he was innocent as well as proof that the scandals were instigated by her manager.

Afterwards, Zhao Qinyi accepted interviews from the media with a face full of tears, looking extremely exhausted, "In regards to any negative effects that the public has suffered, I would like to give my sincere apologies. This incident had absolutely nothing to do with Luo Xing and he had done nothing wrong. Truthfully, we only met for the first time at the premiere of 'W.H.'. If you don't believe me, you can compare our schedules."

"Of course, if we only just met, there's no way we could be lovers. Although I once had ulterior motives, Luo Xing refused to cooperate. So, the entire scandal was just a big misunderstanding."

"I never expected to cause Luo Xing so much pain. Especially after hearing his words on stage, I felt a deep sense of guilt..."

"That's why I've decided to clarify everything. If you guys want to blame someone, then blame me. This has absolutely nothing to do with Luo Xing."


"...I would like to say something that I've been holding in all night."

"I also saw Luo Xing's fan concert through the big screen. To be honest, if I was Luo Xing, I would be extremely disappointed..."

"Don't you think so, fans?"

After speaking, Zhao Qinyi bowed towards the cameras and left under the protection of her assistant.

"This Zhao Qinyi is such a joke. She didn't say anything when the incident was first released, yet now she's suddenly decided to throw herself out there," the media scoffed.

"At least she knows to take responsibility. Aren't there a lot of male artists that have suffered the same fate, but couldn't say anything?" another reporter added. "I must say, Luo Xing's fans took things a bit far this time. He was, after all, an artist they once liked. How could no one have turned up at his concert?"

"This isn't a rare occurrence. But, I don't think Luo Xing cares anyway. Even if he is no longer a singer, he is still the Fourth Master of the Tang Family; he can always return home and take over the family business."

"Good on him for leaving this disgusting industry!"


It turned out, Luo Xing was innocently slandered and he had no relation with Zhao Qinyi.

However, his departure from the industry was a huge faceslap for both his fans and Song Yanshu.

"Oh, I'm so regretful for not trusting Luo Xing..."

"He actually retreated. He retreated so easily."

"He must have been too disappointed in us."

"Luo Xing, sorry...We are so sorry..."

The fans posted a series of apologies online. Some even went as far as to buy a column in the newspaper to show their sincerity. But...

...only some things in life could have a second chance, others were gone as soon as one missed out on it.


Song Yanshu spent an entire night looking for Tang Jingxuan. She even went to the Tang Household. But, she realized, Tang Jingxuan was most likely at Hyatt Regency.

Song Yanshu was too ashamed to face Tangning, so she had no choice but to return home empty-handed.

"Song Jie, where did you go? You suddenly disappeared."

Looking at her own artist, Song Yanshu held back her tears, "Did I just miss out on something beautiful?"

"What are you talking about?"

Song Yanshu looked at her artist and suddenly lost control of her emotions, "I want so badly to apologize to him, but I never expected him to be so cold-hearted..."

"Song Jie, what's wrong with you?"

Song Yanshu calmed down and shook her head. There was only one thought in her mind: would she ever see him again?

Did this mean she'd never see Luo Xing again?

How could he give up on everything so easily? Was his singing career so disposable?

What Song Yanshu truly didn't understand was whether she minded that Tang Jingxuan gave up his singing career, or...the fact that he had bid her farewell so easily.

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