Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 526: Godly Acting

Chapter 526: Godly Acting

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"Who told you to be quick, effective and ruthless?" Tang Jingxuan raised a thumb at Tangning before sitting down on the sofa and continuing, "I watched 'W.H.' sis, you were amazing."

"I don't think anyone in this world is more suited to being an actress than you. I also watched the other films that just got released, and to be honest, although the other female leads aren't bad, they aren't as impressive as you."

"Are you saying this because I'm your sister?" Tangning subconsciously furrowed her brows.

"It's what I truly believe."

Tangning hadn't watched the completed film yet, so she could not relate.

"You haven't watched it yet? After you watch it, you will be convinced by yourself."

Just as Tang Jingxuan was getting excited, Mo Ting walked out of the study room wearing a black turtleneck. His every step was steady and powerful like an almighty king.

"Don't you want your sister to get some rest? What time is it now?"

Tang Jingxuan was aware that Mo Ting had reached his limit, so he stood up from the sofa and waved his hand, "I'll get going now. Sis, sleep early and say hi to my nephew for me."

Tangning watched as Tang Jingxuan rushed off and smiled helplessly as she clung onto Mo Ting's arm, "I know...I won't do it again...I couldn't ignore him and not help."

Mo Ting did not respond. His eyes lit up like diamonds. That brat kept coming to cause trouble every 2-3 days; it was time he did something about it.


['W.H.' exceeds $1 billion at the box office on its first day: reputation and popularity on the rise!]

['W.H.' breaks domestic record for the fastest film to make $1 billion]

['W.H.' receives extraordinary results: there is hope for domestic disaster films!]

"After watching 'W.H.', I didn't feel frightened nor disappointed. Instead, I cried...I cried out of happiness. I couldn't believe that I'd come across such a serious director and such a talented team of actors in my lifetime. I must say that the creature in 'W.H.' performed better than some of the idol actors out there."

"The storyline flows smoothly, the non-action scenes were well thought out, the action scenes were incredible and the special effects were subtle. On top of that, Bei Chendong's acting is great and he is deserving of the title, National Treasure Actor. Plus, Tangning's expressions are amazingly explosive; I was shocked by her reactions quite a few times. She made me feel like I was there with her, it was amazing. From now on, I am going to watch every movie that Tangning participates in."

"Although I'm not a fan of disaster movies because it makes me feel depressed, I must point out that Tangning's​ acting beat all the current popular actors. This is the truth."

Online, most of the reviews for 'W.H.' were positive. This was because the film's entire crew poured their hearts into producing it and were sincere about creating a great film.

"The selection stage for the Fei Tian Awards is about to start. I think, if Tangning doesn't win it, then there's something wrong."

"I agree with the commenter above. Although the other films are great, 'W.H.' truly shocked me. In the past, I had always thought that disaster films were made for idiots to watch. But, 'W.H.' has given me hope. It was a great film with great actors."

The longer that 'W.H.' remained in theatres, the better Tangning's reputation and popularity became. She had used her own attitude and professionalism to prove to everyone that she was an actress that could be trusted.

Of course, as a result of all the positive feedback for 'W.H.', Tangning's fan count exceeded all the other award nominees and everyone started saying that Tangning's odds for winning were the highest.


Late at night, Tangning awoke from her sleep to find Mo Ting sitting on the edge of the bed looking deeply into her eyes.

"How come you didn't wake me up when you arrived home?"

"I couldn't bear to do it," Mo Ting carried Tangning over to the walk-in closet. "Get changed, there's somewhere we need to go."


Mo Ting did not explain. He simply wrapped her up tightly in some clothes and led her to the car.

Tangning had no idea what Mo Ting had planned...until their car pulled up outside a theatre...

"What would we do if someone spots us?" Tangning looked around nervously.

"I've already made arrangements. We will be the first ones to enter and the last ones to leave. No one will realise we are there," Mo Ting smiled before leading Tangning into the VIP room. "Tonight, let's watch a film like a normal husband and wife. The film is called 'W.H.'. I'm sure Mrs Mo has heard of it..."

Tangning froze as she suddenly felt warm inside. She knew how busy Mo Ting had been recently, yet he somehow managed to think of her first. He even remembered the fact that she hadn't watched 'W.H.' yet.

"I don't think I acted well enough."

"It doesn't count when you say it," Mo Ting helped her into her seat as other people began to enter. They originally thought there were only going to be a few other people, but, just before the film was to start, they were surprised to find that the theatre was full.

There was not a single empty seat!

In fact, Tangning could even hear discussions from the first few rows, "Haiz...I can't believe the theatre is full."

"Of course. The movie has received amazing feedback. It would actually be weird if it wasn't full. This is my third time watching it. The first time, I went by myself; second time with family; now third time with friends."

"Is it really that good?"

"You will be shocked to tears..."

Hearing these words, Tangning felt a sense of joy and pride, but also anxiety. She knew, from now on, these people would have higher expectations for her.

Not long after, the lights turned off and the film started projecting onto the screen...

In the 100+ minutes, even Tangning found herself clenching her fists in suspense for the female lead. It was a weird sensation.

Mo Ting watched the reactions of his wife and was surprised to find that she had such an adorable side to her.

"That was spectacular, much too spectacular!"

"Wow, Tangning has godly acting skills! I was so shocked that I got goosebumps all over my body."

As soon as the film finished screening, everyone couldn't help cheering. At this time, a theatre staff yelled out, "Please don't leave yet, there is a hidden surprise in the credits."

Hearing this, everyone immediately sat back down and waited for the surprise. Eventually, Tangning and Bei Chendong reappeared on the screen; it was behind-the-scenes​ footage from their filming.

When filming beside the ocean, Tangning barely got to dry herself. In fact, there were times when she had sand in her mouth.

When filming in the village, Tangning was covered in blood the entire time. A few members of staff even vomited from the smell, yet Tangning was the one to comfort them.

Seeing this footage, the fans could clearly see Tangning's sincerity.

"If Tangning doesn't receive the Fei Tian Awards, it would be ridiculous!"

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