Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 123: Putting Up a Last Struggle

Chapter 123: Putting Up a Last Struggle



Lan Yu’s popularity grew rapidly, because in the eyes of the public, she was undeniably the victim. At just 16-years-old she was already out making a living, but because of the words ‘Mini-Tanging’, she ended up being excluded and humiliated.

With the revelation of the ‘gift incident’, heated discussions were ignited online. A few reporters even declared they would join forces to find Tangning and demand she give a detailed apology or else they wouldn’t stop pestering her.

Those that were weaker indeed deserved sympathy, but…this sympathy should never be treated as a reason to do whatever one wants…

So, at this time, when things were at its worst, Tangning instructed Long Jie to release a statement: she admitted that she had indeed given a gift to Lan Yu...

However, she didn’t explain further!

In an instant, her words caused an uproar. Tangning had actually made an admission; she admitted she had given a gift to Lan Yu!

Everyone thought Tangning must have gone crazy. She didn’t deny anything, apologize nor do any PR, instead, she admitted to giving Lan Yu a gift!

While the netizens were insulting her, they couldn’t help but laugh. They felt this must be the limit to her IQ and that her true EQ level had now been revealed.

Meanwhile, people that were scolding her became extremely aggressive. They didn’t understand why Tangning had admitted to giving the gift but wouldn’t apologize.

This only made her situation worse.

Things like this, from the eyes of those in the industry - even if it was true - they would never admit it…

How could anyone admit to something like this?

No one understood why Tangning had done what she did, including Star Age and Cheng Tian…The only person that had faith in her was the man watching the news with his chin propped up on his hand, Mo Ting.

Even Lu Che, who had seen Tangning’s previous counter-attacks, couldn’t help but sweat nervously for her. Lan Yu had done all she could to push Tangning to a point of no return, yet Tangning willingly fell straight into her trap...

Lu Che looked at Mo Ting confusedly; he didn’t show even a trace of concern. So, he couldn’t help but ask, "President…why did madam do this?"

"What are the results from your investigation on Lan Yu?"

"I will have it on your table this evening," Lu Che swiftly responded. After seeing Mo Ting nod in approval, he continued questioning him, "President, I thought you had faith in madam. Why are you still…"

"The madam has one weak point: she is too merciful. Her counter-attack is sufficient to complete her goal. But, the thing I want to help her with…is to spare her any future troubles."

In other words, Tangning wanted to clear her innocence and destroy Lan Yu.

Whereas Mo Ting wanted to take it a step further and ensure that Lan Yu would never recover!

Of course, as soon as Tangning’s admission was released, Lan Yu’s arrogance increased even more. She was determined to implant a pitiful image of herself into the minds of everyone. So, Star Age released a statement on behalf of Lan Yu in response to Tangning. They stated that they weren’t going to care about how badly Tangning hurt Lan Yu and would forgive her...

Forgive her…

Onlookers started leaving comments, suggesting she stop using the name Mini-Tangning and that she was a hundred times more beautiful than Tangning. They also recommended that she steer away from the path of being an imitation. They believed she had better prospects than Tangning.

Meanwhile, there were netizens that criticized Tangning’s character. Claiming she was worse than a 16-year-old girl!

They claimed she had a bad temper!

Among those that were criticizing her was a famous social media personality…who gathered a list of celebrities that wanted Tangning to get lost.

Online, all forms of scolding were in full swing.

At this time, the person in charge of EH - the man that had been stood up by Tangning just a couple days ago – was in the middle of an interview. He was asked to express his thoughts on Tangning.

Blair had already clarified everything to his staff beforehand, so…

…he simply said, "Kids these days are sure calculative."

The media were stunned. They felt EH’s words were exactly what everyone thought and assumed he was referring to Tangning.

"Can you tell us the reason you think this?" the media were filled with excitement as they continued to question him.

"Firstly, EH has previously released a statement clarifying the misunderstanding with Tangning. She was extremely sincere and came here personally to apologize. She also clearly explained why she was absent from our event. This was originally her personal matter and had nothing to do with anyone else. So, all of us here at EH, have no idea what Miss Lan was crying about."

Hearing Blair’s response, the media were once again stunned. That’s right, this was originally Tangning’s personal matter, why did Lan Yu start crying?

"Secondly, after Miss Tang was absent from EH’s event, Miss Lan immediately went home and started complaining. How did she know Miss Tang was against her? Purely based on assumption? Did she know her subjective assumptions would throw Tangning into the firing line? What do you want an innocent person to explain?"

"All you see is a pitiful 16-year old. What about the person being framed?"

The reporters looked at each other; they had been completely led on by the rumors without even looking at things from Tangning’s perspective.

Of course, EH kept their ultimate weapon for later; they hadn’t reached the climax yet.

Blair wasn’t stupid; this was an opportunity to get free publicity for EH. As if he would let it go so easily. The reason he had allowed EH to get involved in the incident was because, apart from helping Tangning, he also wanted to take advantage of the situation to get EH’s name out to more people.

He was definitely going to help her. As for how…

…he would have to think about what way and with what means.

As soon as EH shared their opinions, Star Age and Lan Yu exploded in anger. They immediately questioned EH and told them not to confuse right from wrong. They also told EH not to help Tangning do such unconscionable things by defaming a 16-year-old girl.

Star Age’s exact words were, "The truth is already before us, yet the opposing party still wants to put up a last struggle."

This time, EH couldn’t be bothered releasing a statement, they just directly responded online, "The Heavens are watching and karma exists. Even if you want to create hype, you should have a bottom line. I’ll give the young lady one last chance to admit her wrongdoings, otherwise, we will have to look at the evidence!"

Look at the evidence!

What evidence…?!

EH actually used the word evidence to suggest that Lan Yu had no bottom line.

The uproar online increased once again. Onlookers suddenly couldn’t decide who to trust. Some people claimed EH were just creating hype, whereas, others thought EH set a good example and spoke eloquently; it must be true that they had evidence…

Then, there were people who were curious about the evidence EH spoke of. Like this, EH’s fame escalated dramatically.

Of course, Star Age had made a terrible move by using their own reputation to bet on Lan Yu, especially since EH claimed they had evidence.

"What evidence could they possibly have? Even Tangning admitted to giving me the gift," Lan Yu expressed her doubt; she felt EH were definitely lying. "This must be a trick Tangning is playing so she can make a recovery. Does she really think she still has a chance?"

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