Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 525: Taking Advantage of the Situation to Advance

Chapter 525: Taking Advantage of the Situation to Advance

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"Luo Xing..."

This time, Tang Jingxuan turned around and did not look back. Relationships were tiring and he was really in need of some rest.

Song Yanshu watched as Tang Jingxuan left, but she was in no position to hold him back. She was nobody to him. If she had to identify as something, it would merely be his ex-manager.


Tang Jingxuan entered the underground carpark on his own. As he walked in, he spotted Yi Jie and her manager, who he had just spoken to not too long ago.

"Luo Xing, do you have time to go get a drink?"

"I'm sorry Yi Jie, maybe another day?" Tang Jingxuan rejected.

"Aren't you afraid that I'd cause trouble for your ex-manager again?" Yi Jie gave a proud smile, "It's just one drink...I promise..."

Tang Jingxuan wasn't stupid. He obviously knew her intention.

She had already reached a certain age and her acting had remained at the same level, plus she was only ever chosen for supporting roles, so she was naturally getting very impatient. After all, as an actor, if one did not have talent, then they could only rely on youth and good looks. If not, their only other option was to borrow the help of outside factors.

For example Tang Jingxuan...

Tang Jingxuan was a hot topic and often sat at the top of popularity rankings. Above all, he was the Fourth Master of Tang Corps and the younger brother of Tangning. As soon as one's name appeared alongside his, everyone's attention would immediately be drawn over. No wonder Yi Jie wanted to have her way with him.

She wanted to create hype!

Tang Jingxuan closed the car door and looked coldly at Yi Jie. His eyes were filled with an obvious hatred towards scheming.

"Fine, but I decide on the location!" Tang Jingxuan smiled.

Seeing Tang Jingxuan agree so swiftly, Yi Jie immediately nodded her head afraid that he'd change his mind, "OK."

"Get on board!" Tang Jingxuan opened the back door of his car like a gentleman so that Yi Jie and her manager could step inside. Afterwards, a smile appeared on his face as he pulled out his phone and sent a message.

Yi Jie's real name was Zhao Qinyi. She was about the same age as Mo Ting, but because she wanted to attract people's attention, she generally dressed more mature and elegant. But, this unfortunately made her look at least five years older than she really was.

Afterwards, the car began moving. As the car turned into unfamiliar roads, Yi Jie immediately asked, "Where are we going?"

"To a place you'd never expect."

Zhao Qinyi thought Tang Jingxuan had developed some lustful ideas and wanted to take her back to his home, so she felt her heart lighten with joy.

But before long, Tang Jingxuan had driven the car into Hyatt Regency; a high-class estate that Zhao Qinyi had never been to before.

"We're here, get out," Tang Jingxuan opened the car door in front of Tangning and Mo Ting's love nest and gestured for the two women to get out.

"Is this...your home?" Zhao Qinyi looked at the Spanish palace-styled villa in surprise.

"Go in and you'll know," Tang Jingxuan smiled and led the two women to the front door.

Of course, Tang Jingxuan had notified Tangning in advance, so the door had been left open for him to open easily.

This confirmed the suspicions that Zhao Qinyi had; she was certain that this was Tang Jingxuan's home. After all, not many people had ever stepped foot into Hyatt Regency. The security was so strict that even the most experienced paparazzi couldn't slip through without the surveillance cameras catching them.

However, after entering the villa, Zhao Qinyi was left stunned at the doorway.

Because lying on the sofa was Tangning with her head resting on the armrest. In her arms was a cushion to hide her stomach and on her body, she wore a white turtleneck sweater. With half her hair tied up, she emitted an ethereal beauty that made other's envious, yet unable to look away.

Zhao Qinyi was obviously older than Tangning by a few years...

But, in front of Tangning, she couldn't help but feel self conscious.

The sense of inferiority emanated from the depths of her heart to her extremities...

"I heard Miss Zhao wanted to invite my brother for a drink. Since it's a drink you want, why not have it here at my place?" Tangning's voice​ was gentle and melodious. "Please sit. Make yourself at home."

However, in reality, who dared to treat this place as their own home?

One Tangning was enough to make one tremble in fear, not to mention the fact that there was also a Mo Ting backing her.

"'s getting late. Let's postpone it to another day," Zhao Qinyi's voice was involuntarily shaky. Perhaps, even she herself noticed how shameful she appeared.

"I go to bed late. Don't worry," Tangning said slowly, deliberately torturing Zhao Qinyi's terrified heart.

"I still think it's best if I go..." It was impossible for Zhao Qinyi to not be frightened by Tangning's presence. So, all she could do was try to escape frantically. However, just as she turned around, Tangning suddenly held her back with her words, "Yi Jie, I don't like to quit a game halfway. Since it has already started, then we should play by the rules!" Tangning stood up, no longer talking as gently as before. In fact, her voice was now mighty and powerful, "From now on, if you see Luo Xing, it's best if you go the other way. Otherwise, I will destroy you."

"If you want to take advantage of the situation to advance your career and get more exposure, look for someone else, I have no objections. But, don't you dare go near my brother."

"Otherwise, don't dream about getting famous in this life...or the next."

Zhao Qinyi turned around and made a proper bowing gesture, "I understand..."

"Next time you want to invite my brother for a drink, you can come directly to Hyatt Regency...He is relatively busy, but I have plenty of free time," Tangning raised an eyebrow. "Yi Jie, what do you think?"

Yi Jie was stunned for a moment before she obediently nodded her head. At this moment, apart from fear, there was no space left in her heart for any other emotion.

Tangning: the supermodel and actress.

This mysterious person had already drifted far away from her usual idea of a woman...

"I' as you say."

Tangning smiled in ridicule without another word. This time, all she wanted, was to wake Zhao Qinyi up a little. She wanted her to know that in this world, one could not do bad things as they wished because there was always an oriole lurking somewhere.

As he watched the two women scurry off in fear, Tang Jingxuan stood to one side wanting to laugh, but too afraid to do so... Only after they left did he reveal a rare smile, "Sis, your presence is amazing. You can directly suppress others with it."

"So you brought them over without first consulting your brother-in-law?" Tangning couldn't help but glare at him.

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