Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 524: Trying to Survive in This Difficult Industry

Chapter 524: Trying to Survive in This Difficult Industry

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The film lasted 127 minutes and the suspense carried through that entire 127 minutes!

Plenty of industry professionals were 'supposedly' at the premiere to show support, but deep down, they were here to see what kind of film was produced by the Tangning that had only acted in one film and the director that had never released a film. Was it going to be as spectacular as it appeared in the trailer?

The result after watching the film? Everyone was speechless. It seemed to take them a while before they drew themselves out of the terrifying scenes they had witnessed. Above all, the end of the film suggested that 'W.H.' would have a sequel...

Tang Jingxuan noticed that plenty of people had broken into a sweat from watching the film.

After looking around, he smiled. He was certain that Tangning's character in the film was a huge success.

On screen, she had practically become the character...

"I was frightened by Tangning's reaction a few times. It was almost like she had actually experienced something like this before."

"There were scenes where she was being pursued and scenes where she was running for her life; she spent the entire film covered in blood. She sure worked hard."

"I didn't see the usual Tangning at all... This film is definitely worth seeing."

"Bei Chendong was also amazing as a psycho. No wonder he is a National Treasure Actor."

Hearing the discussions around him, Tang Jingxuan suddenly felt that everything Tangning had sacrificed was worth it. She was definitely the female lead this time and she played her character perfectly, bringing it to life.

Those that were here out of curiosity, were left speechless at the end of the film. They felt inferior in comparison. It was clear that Bei Chendong and Tangning lived to act and were willing to sacrifice anything in order to focus 100% on their roles.

As for An Zihao, because of his Western influence, he completely ignored profits and simply focused on creating a good film.

With the combination of these three people, 'W.H.' definitely met expectations...

After the premiere ended, many of the industry professionals began to accept interviews from reporters.

They all expressed their admiration for the film's cast and crew and gave their blessings. But, when it came to Tang Jingxuan, the reporters brought up other sensitive matters, "Luo Xing, we heard that you replaced your manager. Is it because of some kind of emotional betrayal?"

"Luo Xing, you and your ex-manager were seated on the same row tonight, but you had no interaction whatsoever. Are you guys on bad terms?"

"Luo Xing, I heard that your ex-manager is already managing someone new and has stolen one of your jobs. Are you aware of this?"

Faced with the nosy questions from the reporters, Tang Jingxuan simply responded, "Did you guys enjoy the film? I think everyone's purpose today was to attend the premiere, so please let me off this time. We can talk about other matters at a more suitable time and place."

"In that case Luo Xing, can you reveal a little to us about how Tangning has been lately? Have you guys been in contact?"

This question seemed harmless enough, so after careful thought, Tang Jingxuan smiled and replied, "There's no need to worry, she is doing well."

Afterwards, Tang Jingxuan turned to leave. However, a loud scream could suddenly be heard coming from the other side of the theatre. Everyone's attention was immediately drawn over, including Tang Jingxuan...

"You caused our Yi Jie to fall. Is this how Hai Rui teaches their managers?"

A crowd had formed around three women. One woman was weakly leaning against a fatter woman, whilst standing on the left of them, was Song Yanshu.

"I didn't do it on purpose. I'm sorry, Yi Jie," Song Yanshu politely apologized.

"Yi Jie has already fallen. If photos of her fall gets released to the public and she is effected by it, will you be held accountable?" the fat woman said as she poked Song Yanshu's head. Of course, neither of these women were from Hai Rui, so they weren't cautious of Mo Ting.

"Yes, I will take responsibilty."

"With what? Based on this, I can see why you deserved to be replaced by Luo Xing."

Hearing this, Song Yanshu looked a little upset.

"You were shamelessly sticking to Luo Xing before and caused scandals throughout the entire country. Look at you now. No one is stepping out to help you..."

To retreat from the limelight, the two women suggested to move their discussion to one of the waiting rooms; Song Yanshu agreed. But, Tang Jingxuan witnessed the entire scene and saw Song Yanshu's tightly clenched fists. This world was made for the strong to survive.

The women had no guts to bully an artist of Hai Rui's, but when it came to a mere manager - a position that was only slightly better than an extra - Song Yanshu could only accept it as bad luck.

But, just as the three women began to leave, Tang Jingxuan suddenly blocked their path, "Where do you think you're going?"

"It appears, Prince Luo wants to stick up for Song Yanshu?"

Seeing the woman's smirk, Tang Jingxuan took a step back and replied, "It seems, you have no right to punish someone from Hai Rui."

Song Yanshu looked at Tang Jingxuan with complex emotions. But Tang Jingxuan did not take a single glance at her as he pretended she didn't exist.

"You are currently immersed in rumors and can't save yourself, yet you're trying to stick your nose into other's business?"

Tang Jingxuan couldn't be bothered to talk nonsense with the woman. So, he pulled Song Yanshu behind him and shielded her, "Yi Jie, show me some face. We are all trying to survive in this difficult industry."

The woman known as Yi Jie brushed her hair back and shrugged, "As long as you can promise that my fall won't be published on the headlines of entertainment news tomorrow."

"That's no problem," Tang Jingxuan nodded.

Everyone was currently talking about Tangning and 'W.H.', who would be bothered to take notice of an average actress who had been in the industry for many years without receiving a single award?

"Fine, you promised," Yi Jie did not dwell on the issue as she waved her hand and left. In an instant, only Tang Jingxuan and Song Yanshu remained in the theatre.

Tang Jingxuan shoved his hands in his pockets with no intention to talk to Song Yanshu. He simply sighed and turned to leave. At this time, Song Yanshu suddenly grabbed onto him and held him back, "Let's have a chat."

"I am still trying to help you hold onto your last two fan concerts..."

"No need," Tang Jingxuan replied.

"Luo Xing, some things aren't as simple as you think it is. Can you not give up on yourself? I know that I disappointed Ning Jie, can you let me make up for it?"

"Make up? What did you do wrong?" Tang Jingxuan laughed, "Don't force yourself because of me. When I say that I don't need your help, then I don't need it."

He had already decided to retreat. What use did he have for so many fan concerts?

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