Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 519: I'll Greet You On Its Behalf

Chapter 519: I'll Greet You On Its Behalf

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"It's almost the end of the year. There are plenty of awards ceremonies coming up. Although you are very popular at the moment, you still need to remain humble and keep a low profile," Song Yanshu advised, assuming that Tang Jingxuan wanted to slack off.

Tang Jingxuan listened to Song Yanshu as he put on his clothes. Although he wasn't happy on the inside, he had no intention to expose her.

"Ning Jie's film is about to be released. Should we spend some money to treat your fans to a screening as a form of support?"

"I'll leave it with you to decide," Tang Jingxuan stood up and headed for the bathroom. He felt upset and dejected by Song Yanshu's cold attitude.

He didn't understand why he was reacting like a woman. Inside, he felt like he had been abandoned.

How could they just let this pass like nothing happened?

"Luo Xing, keep your eye on the time. You only have 40 minutes."


Over the past few days, because of Tangning and Bei Chendong, 'W.H.' was a huge hit before it was even released. In Beijing alone, it had attracted a huge amount of attention. But, because it was nearing the end of the year, there were also a lot of 'new year' themed movies. So, it was still a matter of luck whether 'W.H.' would actually perform well. After all, to compete for the Fei Tian Awards, there were also plenty of other movies that were left to be released at the end of the year.

Above all, the thing that confused everyone the most was the fact that the cast of every other movie was desperately doing promotions nationwide, whilst the two leads of 'W.H.' were either missing in action or had retreated from the industry. Not to mention that the director was a complete rookie!

Could it be that they were that confident?

"President, the judges for the Fei Tian Awards this year aren't simple and the actresses that are competing with the Madam are all very impressive. Should we..."

Mo Ting understood what Lu Che wanted to suggest. He wanted to ask if they should meet with the judges beforehand.

"When has Hai Rui ever used such dirty methods?" Mo Ting asked. "Especially when it comes to Ning. If she was to find out that she received an award because of Hai Rui and I, what would she think? Plus, the judges of the Fei Tian awards aren't easy to sway. Not even if Hai Rui is involved."

"President you're right. It's just...there's only one chance at the newcomer award. If the Madam misses out, there is no next time. I want to do something for her!"

These words came from Lu Che's heart. To him, no one else deserved the award more than Tangning.

The Fei Tian Awards were domestically held in the highest esteem and was something that every actor and actress dreamed of receiving. It was a symbol of recognition from professionals in the industry and was the most meaningful award.

"All you need to do is manage the promotions for 'W.H.' well."

Mo Ting understood the pressures that Tangning was about to face. But, he also felt happy that she was to meet some true competitors. He knew, even if Tangning was to lose, in the end, she would not be upset.

Late at night, Mo Ting returned home to find the lights in the living room were still on. His heart immediately warmed up.

It seemed, no matter how complicated the outside world was, he would be able to find peace at home.

As he entered the bedroom, he noticed that Tangning was having a bath in the bathroom. Amongst all the steam, he could just make out the outline of her back.

Mo Ting looked at his beloved wife and couldn't help but hug her from behind as he placed his hands on her protruding belly, absorbing the energy from the little life inside.

"We won't be able to keep this a secret for much longer. Let's find a chance to announce your pregnancy."

"I'll do as you please..." Tangning leaned back as a fiery passion ignited inside her. It was a passionate feeling of worship for her man.

"What should the baby's father do if he wants to say 'hi' to the baby?" Mo Ting whispered seductively beside Tangning's ear. This had become a secret code between the couple.

Tangning​ turned around and buried her head into Mo Ting's chest, "I'll greet you on its behalf."

They had been married for so long. How could Tangning not feel desires for Mo Ting as well?

As soon as he received his answer, Mo Ting lifted Tangning in his arms and gently placed her onto the bed. He then dried away the droplets of water on her body with a clean towel. His actions were extremely gentle.

Tangning took the opportunity to hook her arms around Mo Ting's neck and leaned against his chest, "I'm cold..."

Mo Ting leaned over with his uniquely pleasant scent and pressed his lips against Tangning's...

Those that thought that Tangning would never bear a child, would have no idea that she was currently 4 months pregnant. How many people would be shocked beyond belief this time?

As for those that still dreamed of entering the Mo Family and hoped for Tangning to be abandoned by the Mo Family, they would never get what they wished for...

"This year's Fei Tian Award might not end up in your hands. Are you afraid?"

After their moment of ecstasy, Mo Ting hugged Tangning as they calmed down. The promise he had previously made her, still lingered in his mind. He had once promised that he'd place all the best things in her hands.

"This isn't something you can decide," Tangning replied as she leaned into his embrace. "I've actually expected it long ago. It's pretty easy to assume this just by looking at the films that are getting released. Plus, all the actresses that have been nominated are truly talented. Even if I don't receive the newcomer award, it doesn't matter. I will simply feel like it's a bit of a shame."

Just like the time she was one step away from becoming an international supermodel, her influence had already exceeded that level, but she still did not receive the title.

Mo Ting tightened his embrace, "I won't let you feel any regrets."

Tangning trusted that Mo Ting wouldn't act recklessly, so she simply smiled and slowly fell asleep in his arms...

'W.H.' was about to be released. Although Tangning had announced that she'd retreat from the industry, she had put a lot of effort into this film. Just like 'Stupid', how could she not care about her own creation?

Everyone should like it, right?

Most importantly, the film also involved An Zihao's future in the industry...

With this thought, the nervousness in her heart once again increased.


On the way home from their event, Tang Jingxuan observed Song Yanshu secretly. It wasn't hard to spot marks left from their intimate activity the night before. But, the more she acted like this, the tougher it was on Tang Jingxuan. What was Song Yanshu thinking?

Did she treat him as a one-night-stand?

Tang Jingxuan couldn't accept this fate. So, he gathered his courage and decided to ask for an answer. But, just as he stepped out of his bedroom, he heard Song Yanshu talking on the phone.

"He isn't like you."

"If you want to scheme against him in secret, I won't play nice with you."

Tang Jingxuan had been traumatized by what previously happened with Xia Jingyi, so he hated not having answers, "Yanshu, let's talk."

Song Yanshu looked at him in surprise as she covered her phone. She then nodded, "Give me two minutes."

Tang Jingxuan agreed as he walked into the living room and sat down on the sofa. There were some things he had to clarify.

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