Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 517: Tangning, You Sure Are Ruthless

Chapter 517: Tangning, You Sure Are Ruthless



Tang Xuan was forced into a panic as she slammed her hands on the table and stood up, "Don't go too far! I already have nothing left. What do you want to do to me?"

"I don't want to do anything to you, I simply want you to tell the truth," Tangning remained calm. "Why is it so difficult to get the truth from you?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," Tang Xuan denied without considering the circumstances at all. At this time, one of the shareholders couldn't mind his own business and started criticizing Tangning.

"Third Miss, I know you currently hold a lot of power in your hands, but you don't need to force a pregnant lady into a dead end. I believe, no matter how bad she is, she would never have the guts to play with someone's life."

"But you're right, my intention is to force her into a dead end," Tangning admitted straightforwardly. "This has nothing to do with whether she is pregnant or not."

"Because to me, she can not be considered human..."

The disgust in Tangning's eyes were obvious. She did not hide her hatred for Tang Xuan whatsoever.

"Forget it, even if you do admit to your wrongdoings, I wouldn't be used to it anyway." After speaking, Tangning signalled to the doorway by clapping her hands. Secretary Gao was seen quivering as she stumbled into the dining room. "Secretary Gao, I'll let you explain everything."

As soon as Tang Xuan realized the truth was about to be exposed, she immediately yelled at Secretary Gao, "If you dare to say a word, I'll get someone to cut your tongue off!"

Hearing this threat, everyone was shocked...

Her response made it seem like she had something to hide.

But, Secretary Gao wasn't someone who couldn't determine the seriousness of the situation. Tangning had complete control over her fate, so she of course listened to Tangning, "The truth is, President Xia wasn't actually kidnapped by criminals. She was taken away by people that the Big Miss had paid and I'm not sure whether she's currently dear or alive."

"The Big Miss wanted the position of CEO. She thought that if she got rid of President Xia, then her wish would come true. But she never expected..."

"You're lying!" Tang Xuan yelled angrily, "Tangning must have paid you to say this."

"Big Miss, it's best you stop denying. I have plenty of evidence in my hands. You won't be able to get away with it."

Tang Xuan's eyes grew big. Her reddened eyes couldn't hide her fears and emotions, "I didn't do it...This wench is framing me..."

However, at this moment, no one trusted Tang Xuan's words anymore.

Tang Yichen hated seeing her family fight, so she stood up to leave. After she was gone, Tang Jingxuan took the opportunity to shuffle over next to Tangning, just in case Tang Xuan wanted to do something extreme. After all, she had a history of playing tricks.

"Tangning, will you not settle until I die?"

"Didn't I tell you before that it was just the start? This does not compare even a thousandth of what you have done to me in the past," Tangning said coldly before pulling out Secretary Gao's phone. "This phone has a record of all the calls you made to Secretary Gao and includes evidence of how you planned the entire incident. I even got the names of a few other people who were involved. Do you want me to report it to the police?"

Tang Xuan wanted to argue back, but no words came out.

"Big Miss, just admit defeat. Otherwise, both of us will have to go to jail."

"President Xia isn't around anymore. This could be considered as murder. Think it over carefully..."

Tang Xuan didn't say a word as she clenched her fists. Meanwhile, Tangning had no intention to continue waiting, so she directly pulled out her phone and called the police.

Secretary Gao was so frightened that her entire body trembled. All she could do was plead Tang Xuan, "Big Miss, Big Miss...please."

At first, Tang Xuan did not budge. But, just as the phone was about to be connected, she finally said in a raspy voice, "Tell me your conditions?"

Tangning hung up the phone and handed it to Mo Ting. She then stared into Tang Xuan's eyes and said, "Give me your shares for Tang Corps!"

"Haha..." Tang Xuan suddenly erupted in laughter, "Tangning, you sure are ruthless."

"You simply need to exchange Tang Corps' shares for your freedom. I think it's a pretty good deal," Tangning did not back down as she remained unfazed.

"Fine..." Tang Xuan unwillingly nodded her head. "I'll give you what you want. You just want my shares and for me to be left with nothing. I'll satisfy you!"

"Words mean nothing. I've brought over a transfer certificate. Sign it."

Tangning said these words coldly without an ounce of emotion; it was like she was talking to a stranger.

From the moment that Tang Xuan schemed to hurt her baby and her mother, Tangning had lost all sympathy and mercy towards her.

Tang Xuan had no choice but to sign the certificate. From this point onwards, apart from bearing the name of 'The Big Miss of the Tang Family', she had nothing left.

"Xiao Xuan, this is for your own good. From now on, stay at home and take care of your pregnancy. After your child is born, nurture him as he grows," Elder Tang found the right timing to speak up. Of course, his tone was a lot gentler and subtle than Tangning's.

"I don't need your fake kindness!" Tang Xuan said as she raised her head. Even at this point, she refused to put down her pride. "So what if you've won this time, Tangning? Your mom's still not around, haha..."

"Who told you she's not around?" Tangning was originally drinking the soup that Mo Ting had prepared for her, but after hearing Tang Xuan's words, she put down the bowl and looked at Tang Xuan with a dull expression, "When did I ever tell you that?"

The shareholders looked at each other uncomfortably, especially the few that often went against Xia Yuling. They finally realized that Tangning didn't only know how to show justice and mercy, she also knew how to punish someone to set an example for others.

"Over the years, my mother has suffered a lot in the Tang Family. She has never wanted the position of CEO, but she decided to accept it because of me..."

"So, when my mother was in trouble, I couldn't help but feel that I was to blame."

"Throughout the years that I've spent in the entertainment industry, I've experienced multiple obstacles. In the end, I decided on a life motto: I won't attack those that don't attack me first."

"If someone thinks that my mother and I are easy targets, then go ahead, show me what you've got..."

"I have clearly given you my standpoint. Next time something happens, I will not show any mercy."

"Today, Tang Xuan has become a nobody. Tomorrow, it could be someone else's turn. Where there is money to make, we should make it together. If there is no money to make, we should provide our resources and work together. Simple. Don't play tricks in secret, I despise it..."

"Lastly, I may need to destroy your hopes, Tang Xuan, because..." Tangning gestured for everyone to turn around. They didn't realize how long she had been standing there, but there was an elegant woman watching them from the stairs dressed in comfortable home clothes...

Xia Yuling...?!

How was this possible?

Tang Xuan watched as Xia Yuling approached and her hairs began to stand on end...

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