Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 516: A Fatal Trap!

Chapter 516: A Fatal Trap!

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After Tang Corps' Annual Product Launch, the new perfume produced by Tang Corps became a hot selling product. It seemed, the commotion caused on the night, was not enough to effect the operations of the company. In fact, it allowed the consumers to see the strict approach of Tang Corps' management as well as their intent. Most importantly, they witnessed Tangning's capability.

After Tangning gave Tang Corps a cleanse, investors and clients felt a lot more confident in the company. At the same time, the shareholders were given an indirect warning: the Tang Family wasn't useless!

Meanwhile, Xia Yuling's secretary wanted to take advantage of the messy situation to make her escape.

In reality, from the time she returned from Switzerland she had continuously been in a frightened state. She originally thought that their plan was a success, but who would have thought that Tangning would end up taking the position of Acting CEO.

She knew that Tangning was extremely capable, so she didn't dare to stay in Tang Corps for much longer. She secretly got news of the situation in Tang Corps and waited for the moment when she thought Tangning had her guard down to leave Beijing. Unfortunately...

...her every move was within Mo Ting's grasp. As soon as she stepped foot into the airport, Mo Ting's people immediately took her away.

In an instant, she was delivered to the CEO's office of Tang Corps. As she looked at Tangning, she guiltily took a few steps back, but was stopped by the security guards behind her.

"What are you trying to do? Tangning, what you've done is illegal."

"Illegal?" Tangning lifted her head and looked at the secretary with a slight coldness. "Did you think of the legalities when you schemed against my mother?"

The secretary trembled as her hands began to sweat, "President Xia was kidnapped by criminals...What has that got to do with me?"

"Then why didn't they kidnap you as well?" Tangning asked back. "Secretary Gao, we are both understanding people, so let's not go around in circles. Since I knew your every move, it's obvious that everything that you and Tang Xuan have done, has been under my observation..."

"Even if you don't tell me what happened, I can investigate the truth. But, I'm afraid that won't be very beneficial to you."

"Of course, it simply means I need to do a bit of extra work. So, I'll leave that for you to decide."

After speaking, Tangning lowered her head and continued working. But, the less noise that Tangning made, the more Secretary Gao trembled in fear. She was well aware that the woman in front of her wasn't Tang Xuan. She wasn't the Big Miss that could be easily fooled into giving her money.

"I will only give you one minute."

Secretary Gao swallowed nervously as she clasped her hands together. After struggling with her thoughts for a while, she finally gave up, "I'll tell you everything. But, you need to promise me that you won't send me to the police."

"I can do that, but you need to do something for me."


Tang Xuan continued to live in the Tang Household; apart from this place, she had nowhere else to go. After all, Elder Tang had previously proclaimed that no matter what mistakes she made, she was still the Big Miss of the Tang Family and this would forever be her home. In reality, he merely said this to keep her grounded and not to cause anymore troubles in case she hurt the child in her stomach.

That night, light snowfall fell upon Beijing.

Elder Tang instructed his housekeeper to prepare a big feast as Tangning would be hosting a dinner at their house.

It had been a long time since Tangning had last returned to the Tang Household, so Elder Tang joyously made preparations. But, while the household was filled with glee, Tang Xuan was the only one that felt like she was trapped inside a torturous cage.

It didn't take long before the guests invited by Tangning, began to arrive. The shareholders originally thought that the Tang Family were treating them to a new year dinner in advance.

But, as the elders sat down around the dinner table, they looked at each other and felt something wasn't quite right.

"Chairman, the Third Miss invited us here for dinner, but why isn't she here yet?"

Elder Tang touched his walking stick with a joyous smile, "She's on her way. The weather is cold and the roads are slippery, so I told her to be careful."

Tang Yichen and Tang Jingxuan huddled together to chat, treating Tang Xuan like she was on another planet. Meanwhile, Tang Xuan supported her back as she sat in her seat looking down at her protruding belly...

At this time, the housekeeper approached and whispered to Elder Tang, "Chairman, the Third Miss and Third Master are here."

Afterwards, everyone looked towards the entrance and watched as Mo Ting walked in with his arm around Tangning. The couple had a suppressing and dignified presence, like the human equivalents of a Dragon and Phoenix with a unique aura.

"Sorry for making everyone wait."

"Hurry, the food's ready..." Elder Tang said as he pointed to the two seats beside him.

Tangning smiled as Mo Ting's eyes deepened. Of course, he was merely here to serve as a backdrop for Tangning, but this backdrop was much too striking and hard to ignore.

"I've invited you all here today to serve as an apology for any disrespect I may have shown over the past few days," Tangning said as she lifted her teacup. "I shall toast you with tea in instead of wine as a token of goodwill."

"Child, you sure are made for the business world. You've never studied management, but you know the tricks to being a good leader; you know the balance between justice and mercy," one of the shareholders praised.

Although the other shareholders weren't completely convinced by Tangning, they couldn't express their true thoughts at a time like this, so they simply smiled.

"Thank you for your praise. When it comes to management, I am just a rookie. However, I have invited you here today not just to apologize but also because I have another matter to deal with in front of everyone."

"Third Miss, if you have something to say, please go ahead."

After hearing these words, Tangning lifted her head and looked at Tang Xuan. Tang Xuan responded with a mocking smile, "In what way have I upset you this time? Are you going to do something to me again?"

"Tangning, I never thought you'd cling onto a sewer rat and not let go," to emphasize her pitiful state, Tang Xuan squeaked like a rat, "Speak, what is it this time?"

"I've heard news about my mother," Tangning said calmly.

Tang Xuan's expression changed in an instant.

"Although we haven't located her just yet...I think the Big Miss can explain the situation to all of us."

"What does the Third Miss mean by this?" one of the shareholders asked. "What does President Xia's kidnapping have to do with the Big Miss?"

Tang Xuan's face was stiff, but she wasn't willing to admit defeat, "Tangning, I know I'm a failure, but don't implicate me with every single issue. Xia Yuling went missing because she was down on her luck, what has that got to do with me?"

"I knew you wouldn't admit it," Tangning revealed a mocking smile. "I also know that all those seated here today had previously caused a lot of trouble and difficulty for my mother, so I've gathered you all here today to lay the cards on the table."

With Tangning's words, everyone finally realized that they weren't merely here for a dinner. They had been lured into a fatal trap!

And Tangning's motive was simple: she was going to make them pay!

"Tang Xuan, think it over carefully. If you leave this issue for me to expose...your child may have to grow up in jail."

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