Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 515: No Matter What, This Position Does Not Belong to You

Chapter 515: No Matter What, This Position Does Not Belong to You

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"When grandfather was in charge, Tang Corps grew steadily. So, under grandfather's protection, you were allowed to stay in a position of power. But, if you were to say that you dedicated yourself to the company, then what contribution did you make? Can you give us an example?"

"On the contrary, during the time that you were CEO of Tang Corps, the company's shares continuously plummeted and the family was surrounded by scandals. It was my mother, Xia Yuling, that led the business back onto the right path."

"Hard work is not equivalent to good work. The auntie that cleans the office is also dedicated to her work, does that mean we should let her be the CEO?"

"To put it simply - you are hopeless!" Tangning pointed out Tang Xuan's flaws with one strike. "I've never studied management and I come from a modeling background, yet grandfather put his hope on a complete outsider like me. It's obvious to see that all you have done over the years is not enough to gain trust from the head of the family."


The guests once again felt shame on behalf of Tang Xuan.

If Tangning was considered an outsider...then there weren't many people in this world that could be considered as truly skilled.

"How are you going to refute against this?"

Tang Xuan wasn't willing to admit defeat, but...there wasn't​ anything she could say. Even when she searched through her memory in detail, she indeed could not find a single example for when she had made a contribution.

"You relied on grandfather's protection to get through each day, whereas, I used my abilities to save Tang Corps from a crisis. No matter how I look at it, this position does not belong to you."

"'re talking rubbish!"

"Tang Xuan, even you're doubting yourself," Tangning smirked. "Tang Corps has been through so much whilst upholding a responsible attitude towards its business and consumers. When met with something unsuitable for the company, we need to get rid of it as soon as possible. This is something that grandfather has always believed in."

"That's why we hold a new product launch every single year..."

"Tang Xuan, people have self-awareness. We should deal with our own private matters in private. Today is a big day for Tang Corps. I'm sure the guests are here to see our new perfume and not to see you..."

Everyone laughed.

The topic of discussion was easily diverted by Tangning back to the main theme of the event, saving the situation. Mo Ting reacted quickly by gesturing for Tang Jingxuan to remove Tang Xuan from the audience and the atmosphere quickly returned to normal.

"Sorry for making everyone witness a joke."

Tangning apologetically bowed to everyone. She was like a different person to the intimidating Tangning just a moment ago.

She understood the weight of a matter and when to advance and retreat. So, everything she did today, received praise from the guests.

If someone still suspected that Tangning relied on Mo Ting to handle a crisis, then after this incident, they were completely convinced by Tangning's high EQ. She managed to twist an argument and divert everyone's attention to the introduction of their new perfume. She suppressed Tang Xuan fair and square and destroyed her dreams, while promoting the professionalism of Tang Corps. This was her way of acting responsibly towards everyone.

"As everyone can see, Tang Corps' perfume appeared in front of everyone after many difficulties. In the end, we used a strict approach to place the finished product in front of all of you."

"When faced with problems, we always resolve it quickly."

"Let's welcome the newest addition to the Tang Corps collection!"

In the end, Tangning faced the guests in her most elegant state. At this moment, she wasn't a model nor an actress, she was merely the CEO of Tang Corps; the Tangning that took her work seriously...


Above and below the stage, Elder Tang and Tang Yichen both took a deep breath. Neither of them expected that the Product Launch would be able to resume as normal, but Tangning managed to make it happen. She saved Tang Corps once again...

Meanwhile, Tang Xuan was desperately trying to free herself from Tang Jingxuan's restraint as he dragged her out of the hotel. However, there was no use.

"Brother Four, let me go."

"Let you go so you can go back there and continue to embarrass Tang Corps?" Tang Jingxuan asked. "I'm sure you know that Sister Three went easy on you today. If she revealed all the dirty things you've done, did you think you could still remain in Beijing?"

Tang Xuan looked at Tang Jingxuan and sneered, "I'm your actual sister...yet, how are you treating me?"

"You've finally remembered that you're my sister?" Tang Jingxuan sneered back. "Since we were young, when have you ever upheld your responsibilty as an older sister?"

"Whether it was when I was small or now, whenever I faced difficulties, the person to step out and shield me has always been Sister Three, not you..."

"What right do you have to request for me to treat you sincerely?"

Tang Xuan was rendered speechless.

"Don't you know what a failure you are as a person? Don't even dream about taking over Tang Corps anymore, focus on your child instead. At least, for the sake of your child, grandfather can still provide you with a roof over your head. Otherwise, who do you think you are?" After speaking, Tang Jingxuan released his grip on Tang Xuan's wrist, shoved his right hand in his pocket and turned to leave the quiet corridor, leaving Tang Xuan all alone to face the long red carpet in a daze.

At this moment, Tang Xuan couldn't explain her emotions. She simply felt a burning at the back of her throat.

Was she destined for failure?

She still had a Tang Family descendent in her stomach, so she wasn't completely empty-handed! She wasn't willing to accept anything that Tangning had said that night because she was the eldest.

No one was allowed to destroy all the effort she had put in - not even Tangning.


In the end, Tang Corps' Product Launch ran smoothly. As for the tricks that Lin Shaoyuan wanted to play, he didn't get a chance to play them because Tang Xuan was an idiot with a pig's brain.

If she had been a little less hopeless and endured for a little more, she would not be in her current predicament.

By expressing her displeasure at the Product Launch, she was pretty much telling everyone that she couldn't continue staying in Tang Corps.

More importantly, Tangning's words clearly told everyone that Tang Xuan had no ability to lead Tang Corps...

She had practically closed the door on Tang Xuan's dream to seize control of the company.

So, what use did Lin Shaoyuan still have for Tang Xuan? All she had left was the child in her stomach...

After what happened, Lin Shaoyuan grew interested in Tangning. He refused to believe that a woman could be so powerful that even a man would have to bow down before her.

But, that was because he had never experienced the methods of the man behind her.

Of course, the game wasn't over yet for Tangning. The show today was merely to prevent Tang Xuan from ever entering Tang Corps again...

After what happened, Elder Tang could finally let out a sigh of relief.

At the same time, he couldn't help but praise Tangning. She wasn't just the average kind of powerful person...

If she could continue to be in charge of Tang Corps, how good would it be?

Too bad, all Tangning was currently thinking about, was how to make Tang Xuan pay back for what she had done to Xia Yuling.

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