Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 514: Turning a Blind Eye

Chapter 514: Turning a Blind Eye

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Lin Shaoyuan watched as Tang Xuan stood up with a trace of disappointment. Back when Tangning was wrongly accused of killing Han Xiner and was scolded by the entire nation, what did Tangning do?

She did not make a single sound!

He had been wrong!

Tangning's endurance was what put her well ahead of Tang Xuan. Tang Xuan wasn't worth teaching.

"Xiao Xuan, if you have something to say, let's wait until the Product Launch is over and we can discuss at home," Elder Tang understood Tang Xuan's temper. She had suffered a bit of provocation, so disregarded everything and ignored the importance of the situation they were in.

"I can't stand it anymore!" Tang Xuan yelled, "Ever since I was a child, I was always the one that put in the most effort. I knew, as a part of the Tang Family, I had a responsibilty to uphold. As a result, I treated my work seriously and never slacked off for a second."

"Over the years, I've dedicated myself to the Tang Family, and in order to pass on our family's perfume, I've put in my best efforts. But, the thing I never expected was, not too long ago, I was actually kicked out of Tang Corps by the Acting CEO..."

"I mean, for the sake of the Tang Family, I can endure it, but grandfather, can you not hear the discussions that are going around? Do you really feel that you have been fair? I've worked so hard, but you've never praised me once. Yet, Tangning made one simple gesture and you immediately treated her like Tang Corps' only hope. Don't you think you are being a bit bias?"

Elder Tang could tell that Tang Xuan had wanted to say these words for a long time...

The provocation she just received had merely ignited her fuse.

The entire venue placed their focus on the aggravated Tang Xuan. This included the frustrated Lin Shaoyuan...

Was she crazy?

Didn't she consider where she was?

It seemed, all the wrong buttons in her brain had been pressed.

"Since you insist on getting an answer today, then I will say a few words regarding this matter. From the time you were a little girl, you had always been arrogant. Plus, you constantly compared yourself to Xiao Ning."

"You thought you could do anything and that you were invincible, but you didn't realize it was only because Tangning went easy on you and hid her true abilities out of a false sense of guilt."

"When you were little, you went to the same school. To keep your pride intact, Tangning held back on her scores and never got higher than you. Have you never wondered why?"

"Eventually, Xiao Ning had no choice but to leave the family home and take on a career which I was against - she became a model!"

"Xiao Xuan, don't tell me you still haven't figured out where you stand."

"But, I've worked so hard for the Tang Family for so many years. How many drops of perfume has Tangning created for the family? How many times has she gone down to the lab? And how many experiments has she done? She practically knows nothing about perfume!"

Tang Xuan was aggravated and emotional...

She actually made people feel like the Tang Family had wronged her and that the Tang Family and Tangning owed her.

If someone else had caused trouble, the issue would have been easily handled by security, but she was a Tang Family member and she was also pregnant. So, they did not dare to act recklessly. After all, everyone knew that Tang Xuan wasn't someone that was easy to deal with.

Tangning and Mo Ting were sitting not too far away as they watched the scene playing out in front of them.

Amidst the darkness, Mo Ting held tightly to Tangning's hand as a source of comfort.

He was well aware of how Tangning's life used to be in the Tang Household, but he never knew she had gone easy on Tang Xuan to this extent.

"How many days has Tangning spent with the Tang Family over the years? Not to mention, she's already married, grandfather..."

"If you guys hadn't acted too ruthlessly, I wouldn't have made things difficult for you at a place like this. But, my heart is seriously in pain and I feel extremely wronged."

A normal Product Launch had suddenly been turned into a family warzone and Tang Xuan had clearly expressed her viewpoint. If Elder Tang didn't give her an explanation today, then they would be an embarrassment together.

It seemed, Tang Xuan felt she had nothing to lose.

"I don't understand. No matter how I think about it, I don't understand..."

The host originally wanted to step out and end the event, but at this time, a voice suddenly resonated from the crowd, "What do you not understand?"

Everyone looked around for the owner of the voice before they finally spotted Tangning sitting amongst the guests.

After removing her cap and coat, all she wore was a loose-fitting dress. As usual, she hid her stomach all...

Everyone watched as she walked towards the stage.

"Who would have thought, Tangning was here all along..."

"It seems like Tangning never intended on revealing herself. But, I guess she couldn't continue watching what was happening."

"What should Tang Xuan feel unfair about? Look at Tangning's presence. She is indeed a million times better than Tang Xuan..."

Because of Tangning's appearance, the venue erupted with noise. After all, everyone wanted to discuss what was happening. Tangning made a hush gesture and the room fell into silence. Everyone looked at Tangning seriously, except for the crying Tang Xuan.

"You've always been sneaky like a mouse. You hide amongst the shadows and jump out when you see an opportunity to snatch something away from me."

"Do you really not know the reason why you were kicked out of Tang Corps?" Tangning was not in the mood to play around with her as she jumped straight to the point.

"What other reason could there be? It's because you turned​ a blind eye to injustice!"

Tangning laughed and asked in a cold voice, "Can I ask you a few questions? If you manage to answer them, then I'll give you the position of Acting CEO."

"You said that I don't understand perfume, but who created 'Night Spirit', the perfume that you won an award for in Switzerland?"

Tang Xuan froze as a shocked expression appeared on her face.

At the same time, Elder Tang was also shocked. He never expected that the perfume that made Tang Xuan famous all those years ago, didn't actually come from her hands.



"Don't you remember that you took the recipe from my notebook? If that was too long ago, then let's talk about something else. Just before I left the Tang Family, I discovered an issue with the longevity of that year's perfume, but somehow you took the credit for it and became quite famous in Tang Corps... Don't tell me you also forgot about that?"

Tangning brought up one old incident after another.

"I also discovered an issue. Why is it solely your credit?"

"You still won't admit defeat? Fine, let's just say I don't understand perfume. I don't want to linger on it, so let's talk about something else..."

How could she be considered as someone that didn't understand perfume?

Everyone felt shame on behalf of Tang Xuan...

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