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Chapter 513: Isn't She Attending?

Chapter 513: Isn't She Attending?

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Tang Corps' Annual Product Launch was fast approaching, but the public had not received word of whether Tangning would be attending.

After solving the issue with the leaked VIP list, Tangning had once disappeared from everyone's sight. Even as an Acting CEO, she barely made an appearance, so the staff at Tang Corps barely got to see her.

3pm. Guests began to gather in the waiting rooms of the Crown's Star Hotel, where Tang Corps' Annual Product Launch was to be held. But, Tangning was still nowhere to be seen.

Inside one of the waiting rooms sat Tang Xuan. Her outfit and makeup was ready as she looked at herself in the vanity mirror. Beside her stood Lin Shaoyuan and her makeup artist. The makeup artist scanned her eyes in detail across Tang Xuan.

"Mr. Lin, she's ready," the makeup artist put down her tools and retreated behind Lin Shaoyuan.

Lin Shaoyuan looked calmly at Tang Xuan. The woman in the mirror was no longer like an evil rose...

Her makeup was light and her expression was gentle; she looked like a completely different person.

"Remember my words: smile more and talk less."

Lin Shaoyuan clearly knew the schedule for the Product Launch, and he of course knew that Tangning had designed a creative way to reveal the new perfume. So...

...he instructed someone to tamper with that segment of the event.

He assumed that Tangning didn't make an appearance yet because she was going to appear at the finale. After all, she was a model, how could she possibly miss out on an event like this?

But, Lin Shaoyuan was wrong. Tangning did not intend to appear, because she had no interest in creating a publicity stunt. She had already entered the venue early on and was already seated amongst the guests disguised in simple clothes to not draw any attention.

Below the stage, Tangning and Mo Ting sat amongst the guests in a slightly hidden spot. Mo Ting had a hat on as he protected Tangning. Their clothes made them appear like they were a part of the staff.

"You've really decided to not go on stage?" Mo Ting leaned into Tangning's ear and asked. Tang Corps was hosting such a grand event and Tangning planned most of it. Although he was used to Tangning's low-profile personality, he did not want his wife's hard work to be claimed by someone else.

"Our baby is more important!" Tangning rubbed her stomach. "When have I ever cared about a little bit of glory?"

Mo Ting smiled warmly and did not say another word. Reality proved that the more capable a person was, the more of a low profile they kept. Plus, Tangning did not lack praise and applause.


Meanwhile, over at the Tang Family, after the night that Tang Xuan asked Elder Tang to split the assets, she suddenly fell into silence and no longer caused a commotion. Her mood was also abnormally calm.

Elder Tang was finding it harder and harder to understand her temper. He began to suspect that she had so many tricks because there was someone giving her ideas behind-the-scenes. In the past, it was Mother Zhong, but who could it be now?

It didn't take long before famous people from a variety of industries arrived at the scene of the Product Launch. Amongst those that were invited, there were also a few celebrities. After walking down the red carpet, they made their way to their seats. Because of these guests, the Crown's Star Hotel was surrounded by a variety of fans.

Amongst them, the majority of fans belonged to Tangning and Luo Xing.

"Luo Xing...Luo Xing, a sparkling star that casts a thousand beams of light on the Earth..."

"Luo Xing, you're so handsome! We will always support you and your family's perfume..."

"Other members of the Tang Family are attending. What about my Ning? She wouldn't be absent from such an important event, would she?"

Outside the hotel, fans erupted into a heated discussion. As per Tangning's orders, the hotel arranged a shelter for the fans to avoid the cold weather so not to catch a cold.

As a part of the Tang Family, not only Tang Jingxuan but also Tang Yichen also put aside her work and attended the Product Launch.

So, the good-looking young men and women from the Tang Family were seated in a row amongst the other guests. However, Tangning was nowhere to be seen. The guests were quite surprised. They had originally wanted to experience a taste of Tangning's presence.

A moment later, the host appeared on the grand stage and started introducing all the guests. Inside the packed venue, professionals from a variety of industries were filled with curiosity towards Tang Corps' new product.

"How come Xiao Ning isn't here?" Tang Yichen turned to ask Tang Jingxuan while the host was talking. "Isn't she going to attend such an important event?"

"I'm not sure either," Tang Jingxuan shook his head. After all, he could never guess what Tangning was thinking. Plus, Tang Xuan was seated next to him, so he quickly scanned his eyes across her and scoffed.

Tang Yichen understood what Tang Jingxuan was annoyed about, so she gave him a slight nudge, "At least give grandfather some face. Don't cause trouble at a place like this."

Tang Jingxuan did not say anything, so Tang Yichen also relaxed. Meanwhile, sitting beside them, Tang Xuan smiled indifferently like an elegant socialite as she stared at the stage.

"We have once again reached the date of Tang Corps' Annual Product Launch. As a perfume empire, Tang Corps has consistently kept our city, country and even the world fragrant."

"Before we reveal the newest addition to our collection, please welcome our chairman onto the stage to provide a few words..."

Elder Tang was dressed in a white suit, looking lively and noble. He walked onto the stage supported by his walking stick and turned to face the guests, "This will be the last time I attend Tang Corps' Annual Product Launch. This world now belongs to the young people..."

The young guests weren't as sentimental as the old man, so they began whispering amongst themselves, "I only see Tang Xuan, is Tangning staying away because of Tang Xuan?"

"To be honest, if we don't take intelligence into account, Tang Xuan is actually very beautiful. Look at all the guests present. How many of them have the same presence as her? Of course, this is only the case if she keeps her mouth shut..."

"I bet you didn't know that Tangning is her jinx. Think about it, Tangning's legs have been named as one of the ten most beautiful in the world. If Tangning makes an appearance today, Tang Xuan would be left in one corner and ignored."

Tang Xuan listened to the discussions behind her and gritted her teeth as she endured her feelings of envy and anger.

"Don't you think that Tangning is amazing? No matter which industry she steps foot in, she manages to perform spectacularly."

"Keep your voice down. I agree she is better than the person in front of us..."

The sounds of laughter and ridicule did not cease, but Tang Xuan remained silent.

"Why should I keep my voice down? Are you afraid that she would hear us? Which part of what I've said isn't the truth?"

"That's enough!" Tang Xuan couldn't stand it anymore as she stood up from her seat interrupting the entire event. "Everyone, I have something to say."

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