Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 511: I Don't Scheme Against Others Behind Their Backs

Chapter 511: I Don't Scheme Against Others Behind Their Backs

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Lin Shaoyuan had nothing to say.

Tangning wasn't a two-faced person; if she hated someone or were disgusted by them, it would be directly displayed on her face.

The sisters had never mixed, so Tangning did not need to hide her true feelings.

Tangning was obviously trying to kick Tang Xuan out of Tang Corps. Plus, according to her usual methods, it was possible that she would completely uproot her and destroy any power that she still held within Tang Corps.

Faced with Tangning's bold attitude, the shareholders couldn't help but feel convinced by her. Two victories in a row was something they had to acknowledge.

So, after the meeting ended, Tangning directly instructed for Tang Xuan to be dismissed, not even leaving a simple role of secretary for her.

Tang Xuan stormed into the CEO's office, but Tangning was nowhere to be seen.

"You won't even let your own sister off. Tangning, aren't you afraid of retribution?"

In the end, Qiao Yusheng couldn't stand being hassled anymore and replied, "President Tang said that she is in charge here. Dismissing you is her basic right."

"Tangning...Tangning, come out here and explain yourself..."

"Miss Tang, I think it's best if you go home and focus on your pregnancy. If anything happens to your child, we can't take responsibilty," Qiao Yusheng said as he blocked the office door.

"Tangning, don't assume that you can kick me out of the company like this."

Inside the office, Tangning was seated on the sofa resting her eyes. She had no intention of showing Tang Xuan any mercy.

"President Tang, I've finally sent her away."

"Clean up the staff that are involved with Tang Xuan. Deal with them the way that they should be dealt," Tangning replied with her eyes closed.

Qiao Yusheng nodded his head and took a deep breath, "I hope Tang Corps would be at peace from now on."

"Peace?" Hearing this word, Tangning sat up and laughed, "Tang Xuan still has a bargaining chip in her hands; the child in her stomach. Plus, did you think Tang Xuan managed to plan the leaking of the VIP list, all on her own?"

"What President Tang is trying to say is...'

"Let's not talk about it for now and focus on preparations for the Product Launch instead," Tangning did not continue. They were both smart people, so there were some things that did not need to be explained in detail.

Like this, Tangning used her lightning-fast methods to take control of Tang Corps. And because of her two spectacular victories, she went from appearing on the entertainment news headlines to appearing on the financial news headlines.

The only thing that Tangning was worried about, was the fact that her pregnancy would become harder and harder to hide.

After all, the baby in her stomach was growing bigger every day.


Everyone quickly found out about Tang Xuan being kicked out of Tang Corps. This was the second time that this had happened to her. The first time was when Elder Tang kicked her out, this time...

...she was actually kicked out by Tangning!

Tang Xuan's reputation had long been destroyed. It was originally expected that, after experiencing a fall, she would change for the better. But, seeing Tangning kick her out of Tang Corps so resolutely, it was obvious that a leopard could not change its spots...

As soon as Elder Tang heard that Tang Xuan had been dismissed, he immediately put down his fishing rod. This time he was in trouble, the person at home was going to be hard to deal with, "Couldn't Xiao Ning have been gentler?"

But, for the sake of the child in Tang Xuan's stomach, Elder Tang calmed down and packed away his things to return home. Just as Assistant Leng drove in through the driveway of the Tang Household, Tang Xuan could be seen kneeling on the ground soaked in rain water.

"Assistant Leng, hurry," Elder Tang immediately gestured for his assistant to bring Tang Xuan an umbrella.

Assistant Leng seemed to have predicted this scene as he hurried over and covered Tang Xuan with an umbrella.

"What are you doing? How could you torture your body like this? You don't know how to act like a mother at all," Elder Tang helped Tang Xuan off the floor, "Follow me into the house."

" your heart, am I never comparable to Tangning?" Tang Xuan's face was pale as she asked. Although she was putting on an act, she was actually filled with anger and resentment.

"Come home with me first," Elder Tang dragged her into the house before he instructed the maids to help her get tidy up.

"Chairman, I'm afraid the issue hasn't ended," Assistant Leng said as he watched Tang Xuan walk away.

"Of course I know it hasn't ended," Elder Tang sighed as he put down his walking stick. "But, I also understand why Xiao Ning did what she did. Tang Corps has long needed a clean out."

"What should we do now?"

"Apart from comforting her, what else can I do?" Elder Tang said before he went into his bedroom. After changing into a set of comfortable clothes, he walked over and entered Tang Xuan's room.

However, Tang Xuan was dangerously standing on the edge of the balcony.

"Xiao Xuan, come here, what are you trying to do?"

"Grandfather, I'm divorced now and have no family. On top of that, when I went into the office, I was kicked out. What reason do I have to continue living? I've been kicked out by my own sister, can't she show mercy based on the fact that we are related?"

Elder Tang sneered inside; it wasn't like Tang Xuan showed mercy when she schemed against Tangning.

"Tell me, what do you want then?" Elder Tang didn't want to go around in circles with her. After all, he was bound to be put in a difficult situation in the end.

"I want to get my split of the family assets. I want my shares and everything I deserve from having worked so hard over the years..."

She wanted to split the assets...

She wanted to walk away with a piece of the Tang Family right now...

It seemed, she was dreaming about branching off and starting her own company.

"Come over here for now. Let's have a good chat," Elder Tang took the opportunity to grab onto Tang Xuan's hand and pulled her to safety. "I know you must think that Tangning acted too ruthlessly. But tell me Xiao Xuan, don't you think you've also done something unfair to Tangning? Logically speaking, she would never go this far."

Lying was already embedded in Tang Xuan's genes. How could she possibly tell the truth?

"Grandfather, although Tangning and I have been at odds for many years, I'm not the type of person to scheme against others behind their backs."

"How about this, let's talk about it after the Product Launch is over, OK?" Elder Tang comforted. "You will need to endure it in the meantime."

"Grandfather, it's not that I am trying to ask for too much, but the Tang Family no longer has a place for me."

"I understand. Hurry and get some rest. Don't forget, you are still a part of the Tang Family, so you also need to attend the Product Launch."

"Grandfather, am I really still a part of the Tang Family?"

After saying these words, Tang Xuan returned to her bed and covered herself with her blanket.

While Elder Tang thought to himself: they only considered the child a part of the Tang Family...

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