Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 507: Acting CEO

Chapter 507: Acting CEO



After hearing the news, Elder Tang suddenly realized why Tang Xuan had left Hai Rui so willingly to rest at home. Because this way, no one would be able to draw a relation between her and the incident and she would be able to walk away without anyone doubting her.

But, to the Tang Family, no matter what she did, she could not hide her true self. Because her disgusting mask had long been torn to shreds in their hearts.


"President Tang, how should we handle this matter?" Qiao Yusheng called Tangning for instructions. "The news has made many VIP members quite upset and there is a lot of resentment going around."

"That's expected."

All VIP members spent a lot of money. So, why were some given priority over others?

"Information was leaked via the planning department. At the moment, we can't find any conclusive evidence. But, over the years, these VIP members have become the foundation for the company. Now that they have been stirred up, I'm afraid you might be faced with some trouble."

"I will think of a solution." Qiao Yusheng was a bit surprised by the way that Tangning remained calm when faced with a crisis. To him, this was an extremely difficult situation that wasn't easy to resolve.

But, Tangning's reaction...

...was indifferent...

Plenty of VIPs made phone calls to Tang Corps to question them and some even directly called Tang Xuan. At this time, Tang Xuan simply replied innocently, "Apologies, I am currently on maternity leave and have no involvement with what's happening at Tang Corps."

"This was a decision made by the Acting CEO. I have no right to interfere."

"The Acting CEO picked the top 20 highest spending VIPs. What kind of decision is that?"

"What a rubbish Acting CEO. Tell her to come out and explain to all the loyal customers."

"If Tang Corps doesn't show some sincerity this time, who would continue buying their perfume? What a shameless way to seek profits!"

As a behind-the-scenes manipulator trying to deepen the conflict between consumers and Tang Corps, Tang Xuan played a role that could not be ignored. As a result, Tang Corps began to receive an influx of canceled orders.

All because of a simple VIP list that had been leaked!

This time, they had truly shaken the foundations of Tang Corps the way that Qiao Yusheng predicted.

Tang Xuan couldn't wait to see how the Acting CEO would clean up this mess. It seemed, Lin Shaoyuan was indeed more meticulous and ruthless than she was. In fact, he effectively damaged them with one strike.

The board of directors once again got into a heated discussion. This time, Tang Xuan wasn't present, but as one of the shareholders, Lin Shaoyuan requested that the Acting CEO show herself and provide a satisfactory explanation. Although the issue with Switzerland was resolved, it didn't mean that they'd maintain their trust in her forever.

"This time, we don't care even if the chairman shows himself. We won't settle until we see the Acting CEO."

"Tang Corps has never leaked anything as big as this. We've well and truly offended the VIPs this time. Everything that Tang Corps has worked so hard to achieve will suffer all because of a simple name list. How frustrating and ridiculous at the same time."

"What has the Acting CEO done? How did something so important get leaked?"

Although the guests would have been revealed at the product launch anyway, at least when they appeared on cameras, those watching would simply feel like they could have gotten a chance to try the new perfumes if they attended, instead of feeling like they weren't a part of a list.

Where was Tang Corps' conscience?

Where was their character?

"I don't want to listen to anything. I just want an explanation from the Tang Family. Whether it's from the chairman, the Big Miss or the mysterious Acting CEO. We just want an answer."

"I've already contacted the Big Miss. She will be here soon. As a shareholder, it's best if we hear what she has to say first," Lin Shaoyuan said in dull voice with his arms crossed.

In reality, this was something he had planned beforehand. He was going to let her solve the problem in front of everyone and once again gain their trust.

"But, does the Big Miss have the right to talk on behalf of the company?" one of the shareholders doubted.

"At least she is a part of the Tang Family," Lin Shaoyuan laughed, "Unless, you have someone else in mind that is more suited."

No one else said a word.

A moment later, Tang Xuan arrived in the meeting room. Her eyes met with Lin Shaoyuan quickly before she looked away and acted innocent, "What is this all about?"

"Big Miss, what is the chairman doing? Tang Corps is such a mess and causing a commotion every few days. Doesn't he want the shareholders to be at peace?"

"Grandfather has asked for me to rest at home, so I'm not too sure what is happening," Tang Xuan replied.

"Aren't you family? How could you not know anything? I'm starting to understand the chairman less and less..." the shareholders began to express their displeasure. "We just have one request. The chairman or the Acting CEO better show themselves today and stop wasting our time."

"I think the chairman is getting old..." Lin Shaoyuan's voice was husky and deep, "If he can't make suitable decisions anymore, he should step aside and give his position to someone else."


"Would Director Lin dare to say such words to the chairman's face?" one of the shareholders deliberately questioned; his serious smile had a sense of provocation and disdain.

"Of course..." Lin Shaoyuan replied firmly.

The man did not ask for no reason. He directly picked up his phone, dialed Elder Tang's phone number, put it on loudspeaker and placed the phone on the meeting table, "Chairman...we are in the middle of a board meeting."

However, Elder Tang was currently fishing, "If you have any issues, speak to the Acting CEO, I am busy at the moment."

"Chairman, Tang Corps is in the middle of a crisis. How could you be in the mood to go fishing..."

"What? You don't trust the person I selected? She is already on her way to the office and will meet with all of you soon. If you want someone to take responsibility or anything else, you can speak to her!" as soon as Elder Tang was finished talking, a dial tone echoed through the room. Everyone's expressions turned serious, but they at least received one important piece of news...

The mysterious Acting CEO...

...was actually on her way...

In other words, whoever she was, she was about to reveal herself.

"Since that was all the chairman had to say, then we will just have to wait. I would like to see what game this Acting CEO is playing..."

Lin Shaoyuan and Tang Xuan looked at each other. This was something they had not anticipated. After all, it wasn't like their enemy based their every move on what they had planned...

However, Lin Shaoyuan still looked at her comfortingly.

The more of a mess Tang Corps was in, the better their chances!

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