Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 506: Leaked

Chapter 506: Leaked



President Mo was finally mentioned!

It wasn't just any normal person, it was Tangning's husband, the CEO of Hai Rui, Mo Ting.

Thinking of this, Mother Zhong felt a cold chill down her spine. It turned out, the plan that she thought was flawless had long been discovered by President Mo.

Meanwhile, the Zhong Family had been playing into the palm of his hands with no ability to fight back. If she had known that Mo Ting was this frightening, she would not have provoked Tangning. It had been so long since the incident with Tangning, yet they had been lured one step at a time into Mo Ting's trap...

Although after being with Tangning, Mo Ting was known as a wife-doting husband, it did not change his ruthless nature.

His gentleness was left entirely for Tangning.

"Mrs Zhong, let me remind you, if the Zhong Family decides to do anything else..."

"I wouldn't dare," Mother Zhong immediately shook her hands. She had already been warned by Mo Ting in such a way, how could she dare to provoke Tangning again?

"In this entire world, the Madam is the one that our President loves the most. Yet, someone had to hurt her. Our President has always stuck to his words. If anyone dares to provoke him, he is always ready to play with them. But, if someone dares to provoke the Madam, he would completely destroy them. I wish you all the best." After speaking, the young man left holding his briefcase while Mother Zhong stood dumbfounded in disbelief.

Oh God...

Only now did she know how scary Mo Ting was.

Most importantly, Tang Xuan was still planning to challenge Tangning. If Mo Ting knew about everything at the hospital from the start, then Tang Xuan was definitely in the palm of his hands as well. Could she still dream of sitting in the top spot of Tang Corps?

Tang Xuan, let's just wait and see your fate.


After the matter with the Zhong Family was resolved, Mo Ting was merely notified of the result. As soon as he found out that everything went smoothly, he simply said to the young lawyer, "As soon as we have their shares in our hands, sell it directly to their biggest competitor."

This type of torture was bound to drive the Zhong Family crazy!

For the sake of his child, he held back a little.

Mo Ting felt that he had already gone easy on them...


If the Zhong Family found out that this was what Mo Ting considered as easy, they wouldn't no whether to laugh or cry.


A few days passed and there was still no news of Xia Yuling. Meanwhile, with the Acting CEO leading the way, Tang Corps remained stable. At this time, Elder Tang returned from 'Switzerland' empty-handed.

Seeing the exhausted old man enter the house, Tang Xuan immediately latched onto the opportunity to kneel quietly before him with tears in her eyes.

"Xiao Xuan, what's wrong?" Elder Tang immediately bent over and asked.

"Grandfather, I accidentally went overboard at the board meeting again. I didn't actually want to be the Acting CEO, I was simply anxious about the crisis that we were facing. Grandfather, please don't blame me for what happened," Tang Xuan apologized sincerely.

"I know that you are worried about Tang Corps, but be careful not to hurt my grandson," Elder Tang said as he helped Tang Xuan up. "Leave Tang Corps for someone else to handle. You just focus on keeping your body healthy, don't worry about anything else."

"But...I embarrassed myself this time," Tang Xuan was referring to the humiliation she suffered from the people at the office.

Elder Tang shook his head and waved her off, "That's nothing, don't take it to heart."

"But, grandfather, am I really that useless? Can't I make any contribution to Tang Corps at all?"

Elder Tang tried to understand the intention behind Tang Xuan's words. Suddenly, he found that he couldn't quite predict what she was planning.

"Grandfather, can I join the planning department to get some experience?"

Join the planning department?

Elder Tang contemplated for a second before he used her pregnancy as an excuse to reject her request, "After you give birth, you can go to whatever department you want. But for now, you better stay at home and take care of your pregnancy."

Elder Tang expected Tang Xuan to be persistent with her request, but she surprisingly nodded her head, "OK. Since grandfather thinks I should get some rest, then I will stop worrying about other things and take good care of my baby and I."

Elder Tang analyzed Tang Xuan for a second, but did not say another word. He knew, underneath her innocent mask, was a heart as vicious and poisonous as a snake.

"By the way grandfather, I've gotten a divorce!"

"What?" Elder Tang was surprised by the news. Although he knew the Zhong Family weren't great, it was also the family that Tang Xuan had desperately tried to join. She had persisted with them for so many years and got nothing in return, yet now she suddenly decided to get a divorce in such a calm manner.

This was not normal for Tang Xuan!

"The Zhong Family are currently hanging by a thread and pestering me for money. I couldn't stand it anymore so I requested for a divorce."

Elder Tang did not respond as he quietly turned around and walked into his study room. Not long after, he made a phone call to Tangning and told her everything about Tang Xuan.

"Xiao Ning, I feel like something isn't right."

Tangning also felt that something wasn't right. Not only was it unusual for Tang Xuan to get a divorce, even if she had the courage to do it, the Zhong Family weren't easy to shake off. At least, it wouldn't have come to such a simple and peaceful end.

"Grandfather, be careful," Tangning warned.

"I know what to do, don't worry."

After hearing Elder Tang's reassurance, Tangning put down her phone in a daze. If she let Tang Xuan escape her troubles so easily, then she wasn't the ever advancing Tangning!


"According to our sources, the CEO of Tang Corps, Xia Yuling, is reported to be still missing. It seems, Tang Corps is destined for quite a crisis."

"In other news, the disaster film starring Tangning, 'W.H.', is due for release on December 4th. This film is already a hit before its even been released and is highly anticipated by film fans!"

"I hope that Tangning will find her mother soon and return to the film industry. I'm sure everyone already misses her."

Tangning no longer appeared on the big screen, but, she was still the hottest topic on a variety of news sources.

After all, this atypical woman always seemed to always use her own unique methods to pave her own path.

"We just received another piece of news regarding Tang Corps..."

"A few days before Tang Corps' Annual Product Launch, a list of invited VIPs have been surprisingly leaked. It is still unsure who revealed this information, but this list will definitely ignite displeasure amongst consumers and the VIPs are expected to be especially upset by this."

"Up to this point, Tang Corps has not given a response, while the seriousness of the incident has continued to escalate..."

The VIP list had been leaked!

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