Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 121: My Lover

Chapter 121: My Lover

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"Thank you, Mr. Blair for your understanding. Because of my mistake, Miss Lan Yu has been hurt, I feel a bit guilty about this."

After hearing Tangning's response, Blair smiled, "If that's the case, why don't you pick out a present for her? While someone is trying to take advantage of the situation to boost themselves, I'm sure your tolerant nature will help relieve the awkwardness."

Normally, the fact that Tangning didn't attend the event, was her own personal matter. But, Lan Yu's agency amplified the matter to shamelessly create hype. Just because the angry fans couldn't see what was really happening, it didn't mean Mr. Blair hadn't already seen through it all.

After all, he trusted his own judgment.

Tangning...a person that knew how to cater to other's interests, was definitely someone who understood how the world worked. On top of that, although he made Tangning wait for 2 hours, she did not get angry. This was proof that Tangning wasn't the type of person to abandon work over a simple nickname.

So, with the perfume that Tangning had gifted him, Blair's favoritism was naturally directed towards her.

"How about this...since you gave me such a special perfume, I will also give you a gift. Recently, EH has released a new aromatherapy fragrance called 'Charm'. There are only 10 bottles in the entire world. I'll ask my assistant to wrap it up nicely and send it to Star Age on your behalf."

"Mr. Blair, that is too expensive," Tangning did not feel she deserved it.

"In regards to this matter, we at EH were also wrong. If the staff were detailed enough to contact your manager before the start of the event, then this would not have happened. Truthfully, it is unfair for you to take on all the responsibility. Treat this as a token of my goodwill; since we are friends, you shouldn't be so polite."

"Thank you, Mr. Blair."

Blair looked at Tangning, at the woman that had remained calm the entire time. He had a slight admiration towards her. He had witnessed too many chaotic scenes in the past, so Tangning's calmness was a precious commodity.

To be in the presence of a smart person was an extremely enjoyable experience.

From the moment Tangning mentioned Lan Yu had been hurt, Blair played along and suggested Tangning to give her a gift.

It's not that Tangning hadn't already considered doing this. But, she couldn't present the gift to them personally, in case Star Age had a trap waiting for her. So, Blair made the suggestion to send a gift on Tangning's behalf...since the present didn't come from Tangning's hands, if Star Age were to play any tricks, they would fall into Tangning's trap instead...

Of course, Blair wasn't going to help her without getting anything in return. As the perfume Tangning had given him was no ordinary perfume and Blair had been long searching for a formula to release to the Western markets, he finally realized who he wanted to collaborate with - The Tang Family!

After chatting for a while, Blair's assistant appeared, asking for instructions on what to do with the present. Blair asked him to send it out with only Tangning's name on it...

"Tangning, can you tell me the real reason why you did not attend the event?"

It seemed, Blair didn't believe she was deliberately absent from his event.

Tangning thought for a moment before replying, "'s because I just signed on with a new agency and haven't made contact with my new manager. There were a few issues with communication. I am sorry about that."

"So it turns out, you weren't even aware of this event...yet you decided to protect both your agency and your manager?"

Tangning raised her glass of red wine and gently tapped it against Blair's, "It only worked because Mr. Blair is understanding..."

The two continued to chat like good friends for quite some time. As night hit, however, Tangning received a phone call from Mo Ting, "Where are you? I'll come pick you up..."

"I am still at EH..."

"OK, I'll be there in 10 minutes," Mo Ting hung up the phone as soon as he was done talking. He did not instruct Lu Che to drive him, instead, he decided to go pick up his wife personally.

Seeing Tangning speak softly on the phone, Blair smiled, "Boyfriend?"

Tangning shook her head and gently twirled her hair. With a gentle voice she responded, "My lover."

My lover...

The words came naturally out of Tangning's mouth, because she had said before, she wasn't going to avoid it. Of course, her words surprised Blair for a moment. It was rare for a famous model to reveal their personal relations to others, let alone admit they were married.

"Aren' afraid I'll reveal it?"

"Nope," Tangning replied straightforwardly. "It doesn't benefit you in any way to reveal it, so I'm sure you won't do it."

"You are indeed smart," Blair praised her sincerely. "But my wife is smarter than you..."

Tangning smiled without refuting him, because she understood, in each person's heart, their lover...was like a God. Just like how, to her, no one compared to Mo Ting.

10 minutes passed quickly. Mo Ting arrived downstairs at EH. Upon his arrival, he was immediately escorted into the VIP room. Blair could finally come face to face with Tangning's lover.

In all honesty, he was quite shocked...

He was shocked that even as someone from outside of the entertainment industry, he knew, the man before him was like an unreachable king. He was a bachelor that all the female celebrities swooned over, yet here he was, as Tangning's lover...

Mo Ting looked at Tangning who was lying on the table and glared at Blair questioningly. Blair laughed as he explained, "Your wife's alcohol tolerance isn't very good...don't worry, my secretary was also in the room with us. I thought I'd explain in case you misunderstand anything."

"But...I'm curious...are you really her lover?" Blair was suspicious. Since Tangning had admitted it so openly, how was Hai Rui's CEO going to respond?

What was his attitude towards Tangning?

"A while ago, I asked her who she was talking to on the phone and she said, her lover..."

After hearing Blair's words, Mo Ting's tensed up forehead finally softened a little as he gently brushed his hand across Tangning's head. In a calm voice, he responded, "I am...her lover."

"I hope you can protect her."

Mo Ting gently nodded his head at the man before carrying Tangning in his arms out of EH.

This woman really has no alcohol tolerance at all. Let's see what would happen if she gets drunk in front of an unfamiliar man again.

Maybe because Tangning could sense Mo Ting's displeasure, she slowly opened her eyes and wrapped her arms around his neck, "Ting..."

"If you do this, how am I to drive? huh?" Mo Ting's heart completely melted, how could he be angry?

"I'm not drunk...I was only pretending. I know my own tolerance."

Mo Ting smiled without her knowing and helped her sit up straight, "If there's something you want to say, then let's chat about it at home...we might get photographed here."

Tangning was silent for a while before suddenly speaking up, "Today...I planted a trap for Lan Yu. I feel it may have been a bit too cruel."

"You've already been too generous towards her," Mo Ting responded.

"I'm afraid one day I will have no sympathy at all."

"That is a consequence she should face...even if she is 16-years-old, she still has to take responsibility for what she has done!"

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