Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 504: Do You Think My Wife is a Pushover?

Chapter 504: Do You Think My Wife is a Pushover?



"If you want to die, then die. Why are you dragging me down with you?" Tang Xuan's eyes turned red as she hung up the phone. After lowering her head and calming herself down, she endured the embarrassment and walked out of the office.

As long as Tangning wasn't sitting on the top spot, Tang Xuan did not consider herself truly defeated. There was always a way.

For example, Tang Corps' annual product launch was just around the corner. That would be her chance.

She refused to believe that she would never sit on the top spot of Tang Corps.


In the past few days, Hai Rui had been prioritizing the promotion of 'W.H.'. Although they had already released a 10 second trailer in the past, this time, they released 3 more versions, each one lasting 30 seconds.

This time, no matter if it was the cast or the theme of the film, everything met the expectations of the curious audience. Because of what she had achieved from 'Stupid' with her stunning performance, the audience had increased expectations for actors and felt they could trust her.

"I've already watched the trailer for 'Stupid' over 20 times. I hope the actual film will be released soon."

"Seeing Tangning and Bei Chendong acting together, makes me feel like I am watching a European or American blockbuster. This is because neither of them are idol actors. They become whatever character they are acting; it's so gratifying. I'm definitely going to watch this in the theatre three times!"

"I hope that 'W.H.' will be able to set a new benchmark for disaster films in China. I also hope that Tangning can return to filming as soon as possible."

The scene of Tangning's retreat was still etched into everyone's memories. So, the release of 'W.H.' ignited the passion of film fans.

"Have the people that slandered Tangning given their apologies yet?"

"They must have been crazy to force such a great actress to retreat. Just because they aren't capable, they teamed up against her. How disgusting!"

"Ever since Tangning announced her retreat, I've turned into an anti-fan of every name that was on the list that was released. I would never be a fan of a bunch of disgusting people."

In the end, 'W.H.' was confirmed for December 6th. A situation like this where a film was a hit even before its release was not unheard of. For example, many Hollywood films were often sold out on opening night, but 'W.H.' was actually comparable.

Under these circumstances, the distribution of the film did not need to take calculated steps like 'Stupid'. After all, even without Tangning, Bei Chendong was enough to guarantee ticket sales.

It was because of this situation that Tang Xuan developed a misconception: she believed that Tangning still had her entire focus on the entertainment industry and had no interest in Tang Corps.

But, the more famous Tangning got, the more envious Tang Xuan became.

They were both from the Tang Family, but why did Tangning receive so much love and adoration?

This only made Tang Xuan even more ruthless. At this time, Tang Xuan received another invite from the 30-something-year-old shareholder who had previously offered her help. She thought the man was still mocking and teasing her. But, when the man asked if she wanted to win, her heart followed these words into the abyss, led by her desires...

So, she accepted the invite.


3pm. Hai Rui's CEO's office. Mo Ting was working on some business matters while Lu Che stood beside him reporting about the Zhong Family, "News about the Zhong Family being investigated has been released. They shouldn't be able to last until the end of this month."

"I want to see them go bankrupt," Mo Ting sneered.

"Don't worry, President," Lu Che guaranteed, gesturing for Mo Ting to relax. "The only problem is, if the Zhong Family goes bankrupt, the Tang Family may be implicated."

"Do you think my wife is a pushover?"

Lu Che looked into Mo Ting's eyes and laughed. He was right. With Tangning around, what issue couldn't be resolved? Not to mention, the President was supporting Tangning from behind. The couple were both so ruthless that no one could provoke them.

"By the way, in regards to the Fei Tian Awards, should I nominate the Madam for Best Supporting Actress in 'Stupid' or Best Newcomer in 'W.H.'?"

"Do you still need to ask me this?" Mo Ting asked as he lifted his head.

"I understand."

Mo Ting always placed Tangning first. So, for the Fei Tian Awards nominations, he of course wanted to help her aim for the Best Newcomer Award. Although Tangning's performance in 'Stupid' was also spectacular, she was just a supporting character. So, even though it meant a lot to her, he hoped to help her achieve the best...

That night, it was cold and windy. Mo Ting arrived home shivering from the cold to find Tangning sitting inside the study room supporting her head with one hand as she sat in deep thought.

As soon as Mo Ting came into sight, Tangning looked pleasantly surprised. Her momentary look of reliance made Mo Ting's mood immediately lighten. This was the Tangning that he would be happy to sacrifice his life for.

"You're finally home."

"What difficulty have you come across?" Mo Ting immediately walked over and wrapped his arms around her.

"I need to invite a selection of VIPs as special guests for the upcoming product launch. But, Tang Corps has been in operation for so many years and it has so many VIPs, I don't know who to choose."

"Are you afraid of offending people?" Mo Ting smiled as he picked up the list of names and had a look. "Wifey, don't be afraid. Rank them according to how much they have spent this year and pick the top 20. Not only will they be able to attend the product launch, they will also be amongst the first people to try the new perfumes."

"That way, the lower ranked VIPs will try harder next year and spend more money," Tangning smiled. "I've definitely got a baby brain to not have thought of that."

"Running a business has never been easy. Although you are very capable, you have no experience competing in the market. So, you see a lot of things only on the surface," Mo Ting comforted. "Don't be afraid, I'm here. Let's leave it at this and get some rest, OK?"

Tangning wrapped her arms around Mo Ting's neck and nodded her head, "I only listen to you."

Mo Ting revealed a warm smile and carried Tangning into the bedroom. He then reconfirmed, "Are you ready to reveal your identity at the product launch?"

"No rush. The time isn't right. I enjoy seeing Tang Xuan think that her plans have succeeded. I haven't played around with her enough yet."


Late into the night, Tang Xuan appeared in the corridor of a certain hotel. She covered herself tightly as she sneaked into Room #3436.

"You're here..." the man was holding a glass of red wine as he turned and stared at her. "I knew you'd come to me sooner or later."

"Can you really help me?" Tang Xuan asked cautiously as she stood by the door.

"It's not that hard," the man laughed before he put down his wine glass, walked over to Tang Xuan and pulled her into his arms. "The Zhong Family is in a complete mess. You must break all ties with them. This includes...getting rid of the child."

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