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Chapter 502: Tang Xuan is Humiliated!

Chapter 502: Tang Xuan is Humiliated!

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As soon as the shareholders saw Tang Xuan walk in with the representatives, they started cheering and applauding. With everyone's praise, Tang Xuan's confidence lifted and her gaze turned arrogant.

It was like God was helping her...

"Assistant Leng, now that you've seen it with your own eyes, you believe me?"

Assistant Leng walked over and shook hands with the representatives.

"They've agreed to sign a contract and the contract has already been prepared."

However, Assistant Leng acted like he did not hear Tang Xuan talking as he asked Jean and the others to take a seat, "My purpose here today is to announce the decision made by the chairman. Regarding the incident with the Madam in Switzerland, we need to pick a suitable person to take on the role of Acting CEO."

Tang Xuan clenched her fists excitedly. She was already prepared to take control of Tang Corps.

"I will now announce the chairman's decision..."

As soon as Assistant Leng finished talking, Tang Xuan stood up automatically and bowed to everyone, "I won't disappoint everyone's expectations. I hope you can all put your trust in me."

"I would like to welcome the Acting CEO's secretary, Mr. Qiao Yusheng," Assistant Leng completely ignored Tang Xuan as he clapped his hands and looked towards the door.

Tang Xuan did not look impressed. At the same time, the shareholders were a bit shocked by Assistant Leng's announcement.

Qiao Yusheng!

This man was famous in the secretary world. Alongside Lu Che, the two of them were held in high esteem within the industry.

Qiao Yusheng walked into the room dressed in a suit and holding a document in his hands. As he walked he greeted each of the shareholders in a professional manner.

"So, does that mean the chairman has decided to employ Mr. Qiao as the Acting CEO of Tang Corps?"

"Of course not," Qiao Yusheng laughed. "I am just a secretary. So, I simply do what secretaries are supposed to do."

"Then I don't understand. Who has the chairman chosen to take on this role? Shouldn't he have picked Big Miss; the person who just showed us results?"

"Exactly. The Big Miss successfully secured the contract with Switzerland, why hasn't she been chosen?"

"Choose the Big Miss instead!"

With the support of the shareholders, Tang Xuan spoke with extra confidence, "Assistant Leng, I would like to know what grandfather is thinking. I obviously helped Tang Corps resolve such a huge crisis..."

"You?" Assistant Leng laughed, "Big Miss, you are much too naive. Nothing comes for free. Did you think that the representatives from Switzerland would have suddenly changed their minds and come all the way to Tang Corps to sign a contract with you?"

"Shouldn't you admire my luck?"

Assistant Leng sneered before glancing over at Jean. Jean understood his gaze and immediately stood up. He then said in English, "I think this lady may have had a misunderstanding. I was flown here on a private plane by your Acting CEO. We even had lunch together yesterday. She used her personality and charm to convince us. That's why we decided to reconsider collaborating with Tang Corps. We directly came to Tang Corps today because she said she was busy."

"We actually thought that you were her secretary."

After hearing this, Tang Xuan's face burned red with awkwardness...


It turned out, they only treated her as a secretary...

How was this possible?

The shareholders that supported Tang Xuan were rendered speechless, like they had been given two big slaps across the face...

They thought Tang Xuan had actually done something great...

Who would have thought, she embarrassed herself in front of everyone!

"Tang Corps is a century-old perfume empire. Don't tell me management relies on luck to keep the business running," Assistant Leng pointed out. "Considering the fact that the Big Miss is pregnant and can't work too hard, the chairman has already arranged for another more suitable person to take over. Everyone saw how quickly she saved everyone from making a loss, so I'm sure you all know how capable she is. I don't think any of you will have any objections?"

"Let's put our opinions aside for now. You still need to tell us who it is, first."

"All I can say is, it isn't the Big Miss," Assistant Leng laughed before leaving everything else for Qiao Yusheng to handle. He then escorted Jean and the others back to the guest room to rest.

Tang Xuan was humiliated. Her face was so red in embarrassment that she wished she could dig a hole to hide in.

"The Acting CEO's identity is quite special, so for the time-being she won't be revealing herself to all of you. But, in regards to the progression of Tang Corps, she has already written up a detailed business plan. Please have a look."

"How could we trust someone who isn't here?"

"Please have a look at the plan first," Qiao Yusheng patiently insisted.

The shareholders unwillingly opened up the documents in front of them. At first, their gazes were full of disdain; they had no confidence in this unknown CEO. But...from the second page onwards, after they saw the potential for profits, they were dumbfounded.

"Let me ask you, is Tang Corps going to take on all these projects?"

"Didn't you read that all of them are already in the start-up phase?"

"Then, I have no objections...although I don't know who she is, as long as she can help me make more money, I can disregard everything else," one of the shareholders expressed. "As for the Big Miss, I think it's best if you go home and take care of your pregnancy. Think about the time when you were previously in charge, you had no foresight nor did you have any plans, let alone any projects to show."

"This is the reason why I had supported Tangning over the Big Miss from the start. Even though Tangning wasn't selected in the end, it's better than allowing the company to be dragged down by 'someone'."

"Didn't the Big Miss act like she had no interest in the position. Yet, towards the end, she finally revealed her true intentions."

"Since the new CEO has already saved Tang Corps from a crisis, we have nothing to say. We will go with the chairman's decision."

This time, Tangning's supporters spoke with confidence. Especially after seeing the look on Tang Xuan's face, they felt like they had practically won the lottery.

"The chairman isn't blind. He can clearly see a person's heart."

"I want to see grandfather. Who has he given the position of Acting CEO to?" Tang Xuan asked angrily as she grabbed onto Qiao Yusheng's arm.

"The chairman has gone to Switzerland. You have a family member in danger, yet it seems the Big Miss only cares about fighting for power," Qiao Yusheng responded. "I'm simply in charge of helping the Acting CEO with her daily work. If you want to see the chairman, you will need to fly to Switzerland."

After speaking, Qiao Yusheng retrieved all the documents and left, leaving Tang Xuan and a few of the shareholders​ in the room.

"Big Miss, I suggest you stop wasting your efforts. Your competition is too fierce..."

"That's right Big Miss. Even though the chairman has made things difficult for you, I must say that his decisions have always been right."

Finally, a 30-something-year-old shareholder was the last to leave the room. Seeing Tang Xuan was about to start crying, he leaned over and whispered in her ear, "If you have time, come to my place. I can help you."

Tang Xuan's face turned red as she looked away. He knew she was having a difficult time, yet he was saying these words to her. Wasn't he deliberately mocking her with ridicule and sarcasm?

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