Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 501: It's Not The Right Time

Chapter 501: It's Not The Right Time

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"Ning Jie, are you really going to be absent from the meeting this afternoon?" After lunch, Tangning and Song Yanshu left the hotel together as Song Yanshu followed Tangning and questioned her.

"If we reveal everything now, then we won't see Tang Xuan's amusing expression later on..." Tangning wrapped her coat tighter around herself.

"I never knew that Ning Jie was so good at negotiating," Song Yanshu was impressed by Tangning.

"You don't need to say anything else. Send me home and then go take care of Luo Xing. How has his mood been lately?" Tangning asked as she boarded the car.

"He's gotten better at hiding his feelings," Song Yanshu replied. "He has received quite a lot of jobs lately and his album is about to be released. Going forward, it seems he will be too busy to think about other things."

"Yanshu, even though Jingxuan hasn't forgotten that woman, he is like me, he will never turn back. So, his future is in your hands," Tangning explained. " My stomach is growing and it's getting inconvenient to travel around. As a result, I will be making less appearances in front of the public. I hope you can take good care of Luo Xing."

"I understand..." Song Yanshu looked at Tangning and nodded her head. "By the way, I heard that 'The Lost Relative' is about to be released..."

"Really? Time sure has gone by quickly," Tangning fell silent as she remembered all the memories from filming.

"You are going to go viral again..."

Tangning touched her stomach. Thinking about her past persistence, she was relieved by her efforts.

"Let's solve the issue with Tang Corps first."

Song Yanshu smiled and nodded her head, "OK."

From the look in her eyes, it wasn't hard to tell that Song Yanshu admired Tangning. But, this admiration was different to the type of admiration that she felt for a man.

However, Tangning did not end up returning home. Instead, she headed to Hai Rui and walked into Mo Ting's office.

The couple looked into each other's eyes before Mo Ting stood up from his seat and hurried over to wrap Tangning in his arms, "I heard what happened; my expert negotiator."

"I didn't embarrass you."

"How could you possibly embarrass me?" Mo Ting sighed as he rested his chin on top of Tangning's head. "I'm certain, as long as you are willing, you could easily manage Hai Rui if you wanted to."

The couple understood each other's level of black-bellyness, so there was nothing that needed explaining.


That afternoon, just before another board meeting was to be held, Tang Xuan received a phone call from Assistant Leng. Elder Tang had asked her to join them for the board meeting. Tang Xuan once again assumed that Elder Tang was going to hand the company over to her.

"Baby, mom will be depending on you. You need to work hard," Tang Xuan said happily as she held onto her stomach.

However, just before Tang Xuan was about to head to the meeting, Xia Yuling's secretary knocked on the door and said, "Miss Tang, the people from Switzerland are here. They said they are here to talk about signing a contract."

"Really? Are you sure you heard correctly?" Tang Xuan jumped up from her seat and smiled joyously.

"Yes, they came here to sign a contract..."

"Let's go and​ meet with them then."

Tang Xuan had no idea that Jean and the other representatives had been convinced by Tangning. She simply thought she had gotten lucky. It was luck she deserved for her long-term endurance.

Of course, Jean and the others had no idea who Tang Xuan was; they simply thought she was Tangning's secretary. So, their conversation was quite light-hearted.

In the end, to gain trust from the shareholders, Tang Xuan requested for Jean and the other representatives to appear at the board meeting. Although Jean found it quite strange, he still nodded his head. Afterwards, he asked one of his subordinates to give Tangning a phone call.

Tangning explained the situation to them and Jean expressed his understanding before he headed to look for Tangning's new secretary...

Tangning's new secretary was called Qiao Yusheng and was a rare talent. Tangning had already spoken to him, so, when Jean arrived, he immediately greeted him politely.

"What has Miss Tang got planned? We are willing to help her in whatever way necessary," Jean said to Qiao Yusheng.

"You don't need to do much. You simply need to speak the truth at the board meeting and say that you came to an agreement with our new CEO," Qiao Yusheng replied calmly.

"Doesn't Miss Tangning intend to make an appearance?"

"It's not the right time," Qiao Yusheng smiled.

Jean considered his options and agreed to help Tangning with the favor, "Miss Tangning has great charisma, I truly admire her. We are more than happy to help her with this favor."

After the representatives discussed amongst themselves, it didn't take long before the board meeting started.

As all the shareholders arrived, Assistant Leng appeared at the board meeting on behalf of Elder Tang.

Assistant Leng glanced briefly at Tang Xuan before looking away...

He then pulled out his phone to allow Elder Tang's voice to be broadcasted through the room, "Because of my health, it is inconvenient for me to attend the meeting in person. That's why I have asked Assistant Leng to announce an important decision on my behalf. His every word is legally bound, so I hope everyone will treat him with respect."

The shareholders did not care about who was making the announcement, they simply wanted to know who would be taking control of the company.

"That's fine, don't leave us hanging. We simply want the company to be stable. So, go ahead and announce it."

"Before everything, I would like to share some great news!" to ensure that the shareholders would be convinced, Tang Xuan suddenly stood up and stopped Assistant Leng from speaking. "I have once again secured the collaboration with Switzerland and their representatives are currently sitting in the guest room."

"Is this true?" the shareholders immediately burst into excitement.

"If this is true, then my opinion of the Big Miss has definitely been changed!"

"What speed! She managed to fix the situation so quickly. It's hard not to be convinced."

"Look at the Big Miss. Is this something that the entertainer can achieve?"

The shareholders all began to praise Tang Xuan and Tang Xuan accepted them happily. But, Assistant Leng took one glance at Tang Xuan and asked, "Are you all sure that the Big Miss secured the contract with Switzerland? Has it been confirmed?"

"Assistant Leng, what are you trying to say?"

"Oh, it's nothing," Assistant Leng remained calm.

"I know that Assistant Leng holds a prejudice against me and refuses to believe in my abilities. But, that's fine. I can ask them to come in and you will see the truth," Tang Xuan sneered arrogantly.

"OK, if that's the case, please bring them in. Since we will be cooperating with them, it's only right for us to give them our warm welcomes," Assistant Leng smirked.

"I will go get them right now...personally." After speaking, Tang Xuan stood up and walked out of the meeting room.

The shareholders waited patiently for her return. A moment later, Tang Xuan re-entered the meeting room with Jean and the other four representatives...

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