Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 499: Not Just a Model and Actress

Chapter 499: Not Just a Model and Actress

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Deep down, Tang Xuan was actually aware that if she truly wanted to gain trust amongst the shareholders, she had to show them results. If she couldn't resolve the problem in Switzerland this time, even if she got the position of Acting CEO, things would be just like before and no one would be convinced by her.

As for Tangning, she had already been in the entertainment industry for almost ten years and had no idea about business. So, Tang Xuan did not need to worry that Tangning would produce results before her.

Regardless of everything, she had already been in business for many years. She wasn't someone that Tangning could easily compare with.

"Thank you Xia Yuling for your sacrifice and for fulfilling my wish!" Tang Xuan thought inside.


10pm. The flight that Xia Yuling was on, arrived in Beijing airport right on time. The people that Mo Ting sent, protected her flawlessly. Even though they walked directly out of the airport, no one noticed a thing.

After 40 minutes, Xia Yuling entered Hyatt Regency. As soon as she saw Tangning, she stretched out her arms and wrapped her in a tight hug.

Although she knew their plan was flawless she was still frightened at the thought of it.

"Mom, you sure have guts," Tangning had heard about the entire incident and knew that Xia Yuling had taken a huge risk.

"Aren't I fine in the end?" Xia Yuling removed her jacket and spun around in front of Tangning to show that she was unscathed. "When Mo Ting is involved, could you possibly not be rest assured?"

Tangning took a deep breath and dragged Xia Yuling over to the sofa.

"How's the situation with Tang Xuan?"

"She seems to think that grandfather will give her the role of Acting CEO tomorrow. She's probably wracking her brain at the moment, trying to think of a way to make a contribution by saving the collaboration with Switzerland," Tangning replied calmly.

Xia Yuling looked seriously into Tangning's eyes. Her eyes appeared to have a life of its own, making those that looked into it feel like their true self would be revealed right in front of her. She was too good at judging people. In fact, there were many times when she'd see through someone, but not reveal it.

"What do you plan to do then?"

"Grandfather has recommended a secretary for me. I think it's best if I get her to temporarily represent me. When the time is right, I will make an appearance," Tangning explained thoughtfully. "As for the collaboration with Switzerland, I've already given them over 40 phone calls. Although they haven't picked up once, I will continue to try."

At a time like this, sincerity was the most important thing. And it just so happened that Tangning was a persistent person.

"Are you confident?" although Xia Yuling believed in Tangning's abilities, after managing Tang Corps for so long, she still hoped there was no chance of failure.

"Mom, trust me. Sleep here tonight. I've already prepared the guest room for you."

Xia Yuling had experienced so much in 2 days that she was left in a tired state, so she had no energy to refute as she headed for the guest room.

Tangning watched as Xia Yuling disappeared into the room before she picked up her phone to attempt another call. However, the other party still refused to pick up. She kept trying until 2 hours later when she fell asleep because her pregnancy made her lethargic. Mo Ting walked out of the study room to find Tangning huddled up on the sofa. He immediately straightened out her body, picked up her phone and continued to help her call.

Xia Yuling was sensitive to the movement in the living room, but it was already 3am. So, she was a little worried. Hence, she got up out of bed and tiptoed over to the living room. Just as she reached the living room, she spotted Mo Ting keeping Tangning warm as she slept. He was propped up against the sofa as he pressed the phone in his hand repeatedly.

Xia Yuling was a little surprised as she stood in place. She felt Tangning had made a huge gain by marrying a man like this; she was very fortunate.

Although Tangning also loved Mo Ting, compared to what Mo Ting did for her in secret, Xia Yuling felt her heart ache for her son-in-law.

Mo Ting attempted a few more calls before someone finally picked up on the other side. Using a mouth of fluent Italian, he conversed comfortably with the man. After roughly ten minutes, he put down the phone and carried Tangning towards the bedroom.

Halfway there, Tangning woke up. She sleepily looked at the side of Mo Ting's face and mumbled, "Hubby...I'm still making phone calls. You go to bed first."

"If you continue to work 'til this late at night, then don't think about taking over Tang Corps!" Mo Ting warned.

"Fine, it doesn't matter if I don't take over. But, there's something that's bothering me."

Hearing this, Mo Ting fell silent. He was well aware of what Tangning was referring to...

Tang Xuan wanted to remove Tangning's uterus and almost made her lose her baby. If she didn't make her pay for what she had done, Tangning would not be able to live in peace.

"Whatever she wants, I will take it from her."

"I will always be here to back you up," Mo Ting assumed that Tangning wanted him to be a spectator as usual. "The guys in Switzerland finally picked up the phone and I've already arranged for Lu Che to make arrangements. We've sent a private plane to bring their representatives here to meet with us."

"You always know what I am thinking."

"But, this is the limit to what I can do for you."

Tangning opened her eyes wide, straightened her body and placed a kiss on the corner of Mo Ting's lips before she said seductively beside his ear, "Our baby wants to greet his father..."

Mo Ting's gaze immediately deepened as he increased his speed towards the bedroom.

He then gently placed Tangning on the bed and leaned over to kiss her...

"The doctor recommended a safe...position. When I went for my checkup, she taught it to me," Tangning's ears turned red as she spoke gently. Perhaps it was because she was pregnant, she had an extra womanly aura around her.

"So?" Mo Ting teased.

"I want you," Tangning bit Mo Ting on the ear...

"As you wish..."

Tangning mustn't have known that during the time that she was pregnant, her skin had gotten more supple and her body had gotten closer to being perfect. So, she of course did not know that everytime Mo Ting hugged her to sleep, he had the urge to be intimate with her and to kiss every inch of her body...


The next morning, the family of three had breakfast in the dining room. After taking one glance at Mo Ting, Xia Yuling began to nag her daughter, "You should take better care of Mo Ting. He was making phone calls for you until 3am last night."

Tangning was a bit surprised. Although she knew Mo Ting had made phone calls, she didn't know he stayed up 'til so late for it.

"It's fine. Let's eat," Mo Ting reassured Tangning. "The representatives from Switzerland will arrive this morning and the board meeting will be held in the afternoon. So, you have plenty of time to re-secure the deal with them before you hand your victory to your secretary and get her to take it to the meeting on your behalf.

"OK," Tangning nodded. "But, if we come across a similar situation again in the future, I hope you can ignore it and come to bed with me. Nothing is more important than you."

"Are you confident about re-securing the deal? The representatives from Switzerland won't be easy to deal with."

Tangning knew what Mo Ting wanted to ask and also knew that he was trying to change the topic, so she replied with a smile, "Your wife isn't just a model and an actress."

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